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Veterans discount

Status: New
by Cobra23 on ‎02-17-2018 09:05 AM

Recently I was informed by a Best Buy cashier that they no longer offer veterans discounts. I was told the program was being abused not by veterans but by Best Buy employees granting veterans discounts to their high school buddies or to their non veteran friends. Instead of disciplining Best Buy employees for their indiscretions, management decided to punish the veterans by curtailing the program altogether. As a veteran I am appalled by the way we are being treated by Best Buy. Rather than taking care of this issue internally, management sought the easy way out and decided to turn their back to unscrupulous employees and simply abolish the program. I have spoken to some of my friends who are mostly veterans and we are astounded by Best Buy’s behavior towards veterans. It is our hope that Best Buy reconsiders their stance they have taken towards the veteran community and that you reinstate the veterans discount. If you have a handle on granting student discounts why is it so difficult to properly administer veterans discounts?

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Paternal leave

Status: New
by Rmars89 on ‎02-12-2018 02:43 PM
I think Best Buy should offer some sort of paid paternity leave, other big box companies are offering. If something happens to the mother during labor or what not, I think father's should have the same rights as mothers, to spend time and bond with their child. Especially now since pto and sick leave are the same and everyones situation is different. I think 3 weeks is very generous considering mothers get 5 weeks of paid leave.
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Make Open-Box Items Search EASIER

Status: New
by cjules on ‎02-12-2018 01:30 PM

Most other websites will tell you exactly in what city/store an open-box or floor model, etc. item is located.  On this is not the case.  You have to randomly guess zip codes and cities, and maybe you'll get lucky and find the city/store where the item is located.  This takes too much valuable time.  It gets even more tedious and annoying when you want to check several different brands of the item.  My brother travels a lot.  He can pick up the item for me, but I can't tell him where it's located unless I spend all day trying to find which stores have the item.  As stated previously, I have to search random zip codes or city names and cross my fingers. Ugh!


Please change this ASAP!  Even Sears will tell you where the open-box/floor model item is located.  You can do better than this Best Buy.

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Product Request

Status: New
by cs9262 on ‎02-12-2018 08:50 AM
At a certain point in time we sold “Power A” as a product for gaming consoles. Specifically the product that our competitor ( has is the Power A Xbox One X vertical stand. We have some for the Xbox One S but our new latest and greatest technology is the One X and I was hoping we can somehow get some of that product on our shelves. As a Best Buy employee who is asked this question multiple times; I believe it’s important to seek out a way to resolve this demand.

Elite Plus Status Rollover

Status: New
by Dagirlgenius on ‎02-05-2018 07:13 PM

I spent over $8000 on my Best Buy card last year, which is twice the amount needed for Elite Plus status, however, I have to spend another $3500 this year to keep my Elite Plus status. Due to the fact that I spent over the $3500/yr quota for Elite Plus status in 1 year, I think it would be a great idea to have it roll over, so that I get a year of Elite plus status for every multiple of $3500 I spend in a year. Maybe this could be a perk specific to Elite plus members or you could also apply the concept to Elite members. Thanks for listening Smiley Happy

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So, over the past few weeks i have been noticing that there are new wireless charging pads for cell phones. However Most wireless mouses dont have a mousepad that will charge the mouse while it is in use.


I am thinking that a Charging station built into a mouse pad so that your wireless mouse would be charged while you are using it would be an amazing million dollar idea.

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Twice now, I've had local Best Buy stores butcher what should be a pretty simple experience of me purchasing an item online and being able to pick it up in-store.   Both times, I waited and waited for a pickup notfication that never came.   Unfortunately, both times I also used reward certificates and it's really pouring salt in the wound to make me have to wait a few days to get these back because now the item I was expecting to pickup today (on my day off) I won't be able to get until next week on my next day off because the rewards have not been credited back to my account yet.  


Also, I try to be loyal - lord knows I do, but how many orders can stores butcher?!  It should be a very simple process for employees to get a notication that an item has been purchased, go find said item, scan it and put it aside.  Yet, last time and this time my order sat "processing" and when I finally got fed up with waiting and went to the store last time, they had JUST THEN started looking for the item.  The order was placed around 8-9AM and it was 2PM.  What in the world takes you so long to go pull a single item?!  Same thing this time - a pack of batteries - order placed last night at 10PM and around 2PM today I finally just cancelled the order because I can go to so many other places and get batteries and not have to wait 16 hours to actually get them into my hands.  

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A sitting area for customer's

Status: New
by Patt1st on ‎01-24-2018 09:28 PM

Add a sitting area for customers have installations done ob their vehicles as well as complimentary snacks while you wait. My appointment was at 10:30am & wasn't completed until 3pm..

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Credit cards (CITI)

Status: New
by Chourc2018 on ‎01-17-2018 10:26 PM
CITI is the credit card used when applying for credit at Best Buy, the problem is..... you buy the first time (all’s well), BUT when you buy a 2nd time you cannot allocate the amount you’re already paying for your first purchase and allocate a second payment for the second purchase.
CITI wants you to pay the first purchase first and then after you finish paying the Firts purchase start paying the second purchase.... this way you lose the 0% APR on the second purchase and CITI will charge the high interest on the second purchase when you go over the 6, 12 or 18 months you had for no interest.
This is bad for you and injustice from CITI.
So from now on I’ll go somewhere else for purchasing electronics, games, appliances until I paid off the first purchase.
Best Buy will lose many clients this way......
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Geek Squad Online Delivery Service

Status: New
by PeterStLawrence on ‎01-17-2018 04:44 PM

The current customer is becoming more and more accustomed to becoming fully services without leaving their home. Thanks to services like Amazon that makes anything deliverable in a short amount of time at the click of a button, this has become the new reality, especially with electronics. One service that Amazon does not provide that I believe Best Buy could institute would be deliverable Geek Squad service for certain repairs.


Easily diagnosable problems like a broken screen glass or a broken hardware piece would be sent in to a Geek Sqaud location with a description of the problem through a third party delivery service such as UPS or FedEx. The Geek Squad would then repair the piece and send it back to the customer, with additional service and delivery fees. This could add another revenue stream, increase customer satisfaction, and give Best Buy a large competitive advantage over other repair service providers. This would also provide customers with the same convenience, but a cheaper option than having the Geek Squad come to their home.

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Same-Day & In-Home Delivery

Status: New
by OrenCarmeli on ‎01-17-2018 11:30 AM

I propose that Best Buy were to roll-out a same day delivery option, and integrate it with its website. Best Buy can use a company such as Deliv, that provides a last-mile delivery solution. In addition, August Home has recently partnered with Deliv to offer In-Home delivery if the customer has a digital lock. Both of these can make for a more convenient customer experience.


Overall, it appears that Best Buy is currently testing the economics behind a same day delivery option, and I'm confident that same-day will be an important differentiator, leveraging pre-existing retail locations to out-Amazon Amazon. Thus, I think rolling out the option will help compete in the marketplace where consumers always want things quicker.


Secondly, I believe an In-Home delivery option could integrate very well with same-day. In-Home delivery is very new, thus there isn't a huge market today, but that will likely be a next step in the omni-channel retail experience. For example, both Walmart & Amazon have announced efforts to start deploying such a service to improve convenience and security for the customer. In-Home delivery could help solve two problems. First, customers feeling unsafe if there are valuable packages left on their doorstep. Second, it can help solve logistic costs where the logisitic provider may need to come multiple times if nobody is there to sign for the package (if needed).

I bought the Klipsch Promedia 2.1BT on Black Friday while I was in VA visiting family. Now I'm back home in Massena where the closest best buy is two hours away. After set up and light use, I am having some major issues with these speakers. I just filed my second warranty claim with Klipsch... hopefully, they actually respond this time. The lady I just spoke to from best buy just told me that if Klipsch doesn't help or I am not willing to drive make a 4hr road trip, then I am stuck with these broken speakers. Smiley Very Happy Yall accept the return from online orders by mail or in store... why not expand that policy to offer in-store return by mail... at least for folk like me out here in the middle of nowhere. These speakers I bought from you guys are trash. I've never dealt with such inflexible customer service. Especially after being sold junk product. 

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Keep selling Kaspersky

Status: New
by Alicynx on ‎01-07-2018 05:34 PM

You've lost business with me because you're not selling Kaspersky anymore, and I can't be the only person. They are above and beyond the best AV company on the market and I'm not replacing them with Trend Micro - ABSOLUTE GARBAGE - for convenience. You're not doing yourselves any favors in dropping the best endpoint solution out there because of ridiculous rumors pushed by the current federal government administration and their search for paranoid scapegoats. 

I work in infosec and will continue to use Kaspersky because they've done nothing wrong AND they offer the best protection on the planet right now. You've just pushed me towards paying them directly, and it's possible you're pushing a lot of other people into doing the same. 

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Perhaps something already exists but I've not found a way.  Oustanding service by a store represenative or manager should have a means to acknowledge their contribution to the shopping experience.  

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In retail, the holiday quarter is always one of the most important as retailers struggle to grow sales over previous years. This often leads to really good sales and price cuts througout the store but it seems like there’s a disconnect in the way retailers think because from October-December its all about moving product, which they do;  However, come January and returns spike as people swap things for different colors, sizes, models etc.  On top of this, you have customers that have gift cards that maybe they don’t have anything specific in mind that they’re shopping for, but if the price is right, maybe they can talk themselves into using that gift card that’s burning a hole in their pocket.


What I’m proposing, is a My Best Buy Rewards Open Box Extravaganza. One night only. Heavily marketed and rolled out nationwide. The major problem I’ve been seeing in a lot of stores is the market downs aren’t really that far off from the sale price of the item (i.e. Apple Watches are like $8 off, TV sound bars are heavily marked down if missing parts and/or damaged but otherwise the discounts are really nothing to write home about).  


For this event, you could offer holiday financing (18 months no interest of 10% back in rewards);  You could also channel the marketing from that gift card give-away promo earlier this year where customers got an email and they had to go in-store to see how much of a savings they got.  Make additional markdown coupons of 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% off the current marked price.  Of course most of these would be 10-15% coupons, but there would be the occassional 20-25% off.  Or you could do it by department or segment (i.e. cameras, camera accessories, phone accessories, etc.).  The main point is the additional markdowns paired with improved financing would drive foot traffic and help clear stores of open box inventory that is only going to keep building as the January 14th last day for holiday returns deadline approaches.  To be most effective, this event should take place after January 14th.  Alternatively, you could do 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x the reward points, but considering that customers that use no-interest financing can’t also do rewards the additional markdown would probably appeal to a wider audience and also allow you to drive credit card apps from people that want the no-interest with a savings incentive as well.

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Best Buy should start carrying the KitchenAid Proline 7 Quart Stand Mixer (model number KSM7586). All items in KitchenAid's Proline come with a 5-year warranty from KitchenAid as opposed to KitchenAid's normal 1 year. To me, that speaks to a higher quality and better durability. After much research, I have determined this is the KitchenAid that suites my needs. 


This is the most expensive mixer KitchenAid offers for consumers and I don't understand why Best Buy doesn't make it available-- at least for order online. While it is available from other sellers, I really wanted to make the purchase through Best Buy where I would be able to purchase Geek Squad and use my Best Buy credit card to earn cash back, 

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Pick my carrier

Status: New
by DanFlabb on ‎12-31-2017 03:56 PM

If you are fowarding mail during the holidays or vacation (and are not putting your mail on HOLD) periods and the BB pkg comes via USPS it will be forwarded to said address, and if that happens as it did this Christmas, your pkg will never meet up with you. Given a short delivery window or in the above case, the customer should have the option to select the carrier, i.e USPS or FedX, UPS even if it means paying more for the option.

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How about shipping with USPS.

Status: New
by CmnSens on ‎12-30-2017 08:39 PM

I think a ship by USPS option would be nice.


Which in my opinion is the safest way to get packages delivered.




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Point Bonus for Reaching Elite Plus Status

Status: New
by vaan285 on ‎12-30-2017 01:43 PM

I have been Elite Plus for about 9 years (including when Premier Silver was around) and with all the competitors now offering free 2 day shipping I'm wondering what my benefits are?  Amazon offers 6% back just like Best Buy for Elite Plus status etc and offers 2 day shipping for an easy $100 per year.  I need to spend $3,500 to receive that perk from Best Buy.  And during the holidays, that perk is obsolete as everyone receives that benefit, which in my opinion shouldn't be an option.  Birthday coupons and some other bonus certificates have also gone away.  So whats my loyalty worth?


What if Best Buy offered point bonuses for those Elite Plus customers who have been in repeated status for numerous years?  It would be a nice "thank you" as the levels of status are only for point accummuliation and Black Friday events.  What is Best Buy going to do to keep it's high tiered customers satisfied??  Personally I would be happy with a point bonus but knowing how slow things take to implement that may fall off the map as well.  I hope other senior high tiered customers who spend beyond the limit of Elite Plus each year feel the same!  Thanks!

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Product Requst

Status: Tell Us More
by donavanbecker on ‎12-22-2017 09:57 PM

IDevice Wall Switch and iDevice Dimmer Switch.


You can go to idevices Website if need be to see these products. You have other products that they make, but not all of them, but amazon has pretty much everything they sell...

Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see us carry these? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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