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Please update On Display info for Google Pixelbook

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by AlvinChin on ‎12-08-2017 09:59 AM - last edited on ‎12-09-2017 12:20 PM by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist

Two weeks ago I went to my local Best Buy in San Carlos CA.


Was surprised to see a Google Pixelbook on display.


Product web page shows no Pixelbooks on display in the SF Bay Area.


Please update product webpage to reflect true On Display status in all Bay Area stores.


I'm a big Google Chromebook fan.  Check UR records.  I have purchased two so far and may buy

another one next year !



Alvin {removed per forum guidelines}

Foster City CA

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I had a terrible experience with a recent TV purchase- the customer service does not help at all. they give me the same response as available on the website which i can easily see. In addition they were not willing to listen and very rude. I spoke to the manager and he gave the answer as teh representative. So leading to no where. 3 weeks now since my purchase and there is no sign of my product  - Worst Experience Ever

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Best Buy in INDIA

Status: New
by srikvic on ‎12-06-2017 01:19 PM
I have an Idea to share with you or rather to check with you if BEST BUY is going to be expanded in different countries.
I am a citizen of India working in US in FORD.I worked in United Health Group also in MN for a couple of years. That was the best time I got connected to Best Buy as MN was its headquarters.
If you have some plans of expanding your business in INDIA I have some innovative thoughts to share with you on set up and expanding with low marketing and advertising costs.
A store like Best Buy is much more necessary in a country like India where we have population close to 1.2 Billion and temperatures in most of the states ranges from 95 - 110 F in summers.
Recently IKEA also has expanded its business in INDIA. why not I can see BEST BUY stores in my home country.
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I want a refund

Status: New
by Justrude19 on ‎12-05-2017 01:58 PM

The first Best Buy I went I didn't have a problem. They was going to change a 55in LG tv I bought for my little cousin for his 17 birthday... they did have it so they send me to another  best Nd I had bigger problem. The said there police  is the dont trade  and give refunds back on a tv. I told them i bought the tv 9 days ago and they said it's not there problem. I refuse to believe I lost money on buying a tv. I promise my cuzin I was buying him a tv so i bought another one and mad them open the box to make sure it's not broken. I lost money on that item..

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Did not recive my item

Status: New
by Jmg021 on ‎12-04-2017 09:27 PM



i did not recive my item i ordered on black friday it says ups delivered it to my local post office who said they delivered it witch they did not i would like my item 

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improve your online customer service

Status: New
by acermon on ‎12-03-2017 09:45 AM

I have never felt like a worthless customer untill i had issues with your online team.  Every time I want to speak to someone I have to wait for over an hour and no one cares.  My last orders have honestly been horrible.  I am elite plus status and I am extremely angered that I still to this date feel like no one cares what I have to say. 


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scan codes / threads

Status: New
by wingle69 on ‎12-03-2017 04:42 AM

Many in-store retailers have started to use a shopping app to help aid their customers. Some of them even give their customers the exact location of the item they're looking for (isle, shelf, etc). 


Here's my frustration with the in-store employees. I can completely understand that sometimes I'll come across a new associate who is new. He/she may not know the latests promotions going on. I've been misquoted 3 times in the past year. That's not terrible, but they've all revolved around a high ticket item. When I call or go online to see if what they said could be honored, I get directed to the online site. That's not helpful at all. As a customer, I'd expect the associate that I see face to face to know what they're talking about. Again, sadly that's not always the case. I also don't have the time to fact check your own associates everytime I'm told something. I always see the disclaimer that your online promotions are subject to change, while supplies last, etc ... so I'm really depending on up to date info.


So, here's my suggestion. When signing in to the app, it acknowledges that I'm an elite plus member. That's half the battle. You already have scan codes for pretty much all of your products on the shelf. 


1. incorporate ALL up to date promotions in those scan codes. If I scan it as a regular member, show me what I'm getting. If I'm an elite plus, show me what I'm getting. It's neat that I can see an itemized break down of points, but it's currenlty after purchase. If I saw how many bonus points I'd get for a particular product I'd be more likely to buy it right there and then rather than go home, mull it over, and sometimes just buy it on Amazon to prevent me from having to drive back to the store if I feel like I'm not getting any added value. 


2. add a reminder in the app. There's been many times I've looked at multiple items online with the intent to check them out in person. Then I go to the BestBuy store, find a few items only to get home and realize I forgot to look for xyz. Same thing will happen as above. If it's a small item like a DVD or something I'll just order it from Amazon or go to a closer store like Target.


3. When looking online/mobile, have the breakdown of rewards for each item. Maybe even have a projection of points that shows where we'd be after we purchase the item. There's been a few times I wished I purchased something else just to get me to my next reward ... but aready left the store. I no longer go to BestBuy as often as I used to, so I forget about how close I am. 


4. Bring back the one free Geek Squad visit for Elite Plus members (or however it was set up) so we feel like there's more to it than just points / bonus points. I didn't always use it, but it did make me feel valued knowing it was there. I apologize if this is already a part of the program, but as of last week I was told y'all "never had it" ... despite me utilizing once a few years back.


The technology is there. You have the foundation. You really need to polish the mobile app, but once it's cleaned up I'd use it a lot more. Use it to your advantage. I know it may not be much, but I probably buy $500-$1000 worth of electronics a year from your competitors because of this.


Lastly, please take a look at your moderators capabilities. 


1. empower them to be able to help your customer more. Once it involves money/points it seems like they freeze up and alot of the times have the same response - everything's current. A great example would be Nordstroms. They really can't say no unless it's bubbled up. If it's farfetched, perhaps, but reading through a lot of these threads it's apparent that it's more and more the case. 


2. please take away their capability to just lock a thread. You take away the entire value of a forum when they can just lock a thread anytime they feel like it. Or maybe have them bubble it up first. For example, if Johhny Senior Moderator wanted to lock a thread, have him email the customer and CC his (moderator's) manager. This way, they're in the loop and can both make an informed decision to still lock the thread ... or perhaps the manager may have a creative solution instead of telling the customer no. In the many years I've spent in management, I've seen many "senior" associates feel like they know everything and always know what's right for the company. Many of those times, it wasn't. In fact, many of those times, the senior associate acted more out of spite rather than realize the primary reason they're employed : the customer. 


3. If there was more of #1 there would probably be less of #2. You'll always have an associate who makes poor decisions and acts out of passion, but if management stepped in I'm sure that could be corrected.

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Trying to place an order - complete fail

Status: New
by JacklynArzio on ‎12-01-2017 11:49 PM

First you tried to make me sign in but couldn't find an account.  I tried to set up an account but you didn't care for my password, tried to sign in as guest but when I wanted to provide a gift message with my purchase you insisted I give you the recipients email.  I am not giving you their email, ergo I couldn't place the order.


What I am not doing is purchasing 3 Sprocket Printers and paper from Best Buy.  


FYI You even screwed up allowing me to sign in using my Facebook account.

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Make sure your website works globally

Status: New
by Imbenw on ‎11-28-2017 12:35 PM
You lost a very large (to me, small in the big picture until you consider customers other than me.) number in sales for cyber Monday and other sales that feature a "Sale ends in xx hours xx minutes." timer on your website. I try very hard to give best buy money each year by doing a fair amount of my Christmas shopping there. This year I happen to be in the Pacific timezone. Your cyber Monday page informed me that I had several hours remaining to purchase sale items. Imagine my surprise when items in my cart reflected the sale price with 2 hours and 1 minutes remaining on that timer and reflected no sale price at 2 hours remaining on the sale and then the timer disappeared from the page completely. Bad CX actually does cost sales! And given that the central timezone does not contain your entire customer base I would wager I am not the only sale you lost last night. I would have emailed this to customer service as it is not a pressing issue for me as a customer at this point, but you also currently do not have a customer service email or contact form.
Provide a customer service contact form and email address particularly for my best buy elite members. I don't need another web forum in my life and not everything is a call on the phone or live chat issue. Customer service is first and foremost about service, and not being available via a standard method of communication like email sends a message that service is not a priority. Just a thought.
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Live 24 hours agents

Status: New
by MyraChinaHsuPerez on ‎11-27-2017 03:01 AM

Why doesn't a tech company such as this have LIVE AGENTS 24 hours a day? Especially during times where you KNOW there's bound to be TONS of traffic from possible customers???? I'm BEYOND frustrated trying to place an online order and neither online nor via telephone,  am I able to TALK to someone to assist me!!!! This is TERRIBLE customer service! Ughhh

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Blockbuster Store Sales

Status: New
by rbassett1673 on ‎11-23-2017 06:29 PM

I think is totally unprofessional when you have an item (50 inch Sharp TV) carried in an add at a price that is exceptionally good and only support the add with 15 TVs. People wait in line for several hours only to find out none are available. This happended on Thansgiving Day at the Topeka Kansas Store. There were probably at least 100 customers turned away. I figure the plan was to get people into the store and then try to sell them anothher item! As for this customer you have lost my business for good. Even if I have to pay a litte more I will now shop at your competitors. I know that several of the customers I talked to feel the same. The store (company) should have allowed the customers to order the item at the sale price and have it delivered. 

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Giving an equal opportunity at the big ticket savings too Online savings for the same items ,Not even close.By one's opinion you could deem it an insult thinking the difference in savings goes unnoticed.Its simple pick the top sought after door buster items compare prices to the identical item online.Compare the savings of the two.The Truth of the Equality can be measured in Dollars.

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Whenever I have a choice on where to buy something, I usually go with Best Buy when possible.  I do make online purchases but I don't like the idea of having my package sit on my front porch all day while I am at work.


Amazon now offers an option where you can pick up most orders from Amazon Lockers located at participating retail store.  This has been so convenient for me.


Best Buy basically has always had this ability (their retail storefronts can act as Best Buy lockers) but they don't fully embrace it.  It seems like you can only pickup online items from stores if they have already it in stock.  There are some items that can be shipped to stores but not all items.


How hard would it be to have anything (except large items like refrigerators etc) that can be shipped to your home also be shipped to the store instead?  It seems like a no-brainer to me.


I can't take advantage of any of the early Black Friday offers because they can only be shipped to my house.


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Having certificates created/used by unauthorized people is a commong problem and if this link were in an email, we would be able to cancel them before someone actually used them to steal product from Best Buy.

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2 factor authentication to create certificates

Status: New
by dewhit on ‎11-20-2017 11:23 AM

I have had certs created/stolen numerous times and I'm seeing this as pretty common problem so it would save you lots of money if you added 2factor to the certificate creation process.

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There used to be Apple Pay integration built into and the Best Buy app and then for some reason during the holiday time period (when people are shopping the most) that functionality was pulled.  So I went from being able to add an item to my cart, Touch ID to sign in, tap Apple Pay and Touch ID to check out to the horrid experience I had today where I had to sign in because Touch ID was not working either and all my billing and shipping info (along with all the cards I had on file with disppeared so I had to manually enter all of that.  So it went from like 2 minutes max to purchase something to 10 and both Touch ID and Apple Pay support were randomly dropped without any good reasoning.

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When I was younger, companies would use wooden nickels to promote their products. The nickels were printed with company info on one side, and a give away on the other. They were usually not worth much, but they brought people into the business. Geek Squad could take advantage of a newer, updated version of this. No-one uses a Tech Nickel to advertise, as it is my idea.

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These are product development or enhancement requests or suggestions.

1) I want to be able to dim my television screen as a visual option comparable to pressing 'mute' for temporarily removing the sound on a television.
The reason is that I experience sound and visual input as a barrage of signals from which I need to take momentary (or longer) breaks.  I often mute our television, especially during commercials and other particularly loud or fast tempo, overly-excited sound occurrences and the video is sometimes 'flashing' with activity and variations in contrast that are distracting or annoying (casino commercials, police lights, etc.) but if I were to turn it off, I would miss the opportunity to pick up where I'd like in the program.  Dimming would be a nice alternative to pausing, recording or otherwise just not watching.

2) In the mid-1990's I owned a television that was advertised as being able to modulate the sound so that commercials or programs that had volume or settings like treble set higher and seemed louder would be controlled at the television set automatically.  I recall having set volume thresholds and it seemed that the function made it less likely that any occurrences of sound higher than those thresholds would jar the listener.  Could you please offer the same function?  I have excellent hearing to the extent that sometimes watching and listening to the programs and commercials is physically painful (and I do not always have the remote control).

Stop putting stickers on online orders

Status: New
by yespick on ‎11-15-2017 10:53 PM
Multiple times now, I have purchased an item online, both for shipping and for in-store pickup. Every time, a large sticker is placed on the box. They are not easily removable and cannot be removed cleanly. On multiple occasions, these were gifts that had to be given with a big ugly sticker on it, or with the paper/adhesive left behind from trying to remove the big ugly sticker.

I’d this sticker is necessary, I’d like to suggest that your warehouses and stores be required to use removable adhesive. Thanks!
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