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It seems like for some devices (i.e. the Galaxy S7) they were up for pre-order the same day the item was announced but for others (i.e. the new iPad Pro) Best Buy kind of drags their feet. If Best Buy wants to be on the cutting edge, they should fix this and the new iPad Pro is probably going to set new sales records, so it would be a good time to start. 


Additionally, offering a trade-in spiff would also be nice and wise at the same time because, from experience, there are a lot of old 9.7" iPads out there that are well overdue for upgrades, but most people hold onto them because they figure they're only going to get $20 for them.  


PS: if Smart Keyboards are going to be as hard to get as they were for the 12.9" model, pre-orders should also be done for those so people aren't waiting and having to check stores weekly to see if they've come in.  The way the Pro (12.9") accessories were handled was terrible (on the supply and demand side).

Offer a promotion for Mario Kart 8

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by on ‎04-10-2014 07:37 PM
This game will be a major seller no doubt but probably not at BB unfortunately considering there`s currently no existing pre-order offers. Granted there could be a weekly ad deal but that seems unlikely based of past history with Nintendo 1st party titles. Currently, Kmart has offer $25 & now $20 pre-order credits advertised in their weeky ads so even the 20% GCU is less "value" plus this is a title that will move major units on release week.

A $10-$20 istant giftcard offer like what was provided for Dark Souls 2 or $10 pre-order credit would be enough to put BB back in play along with GCU.

Status: We Did It!

It looks like we are now offering a $10 Gas Cash Pre-order bonus for this title. Thanks for the input on this idea.


When shopping online, the "Narrow your Search" options force shoppers to pigeon-hole themselves into small searches.


If there were checkboxes instead... we could pick RANGES of options, like $101-200 ...and... $201 to 300; OR we could pick specific vendors, like HTC and Samsung (and leave out Blackberry).


Most of the time, I want to shop for a price range which is nowhere near the selections offered... like I might want 'under $500' but all you offer is 0-99, or 100-199, or 200-299, or 300-399, or 400-499, etc., etc.   I don't want to have to do multiple searchers in each pigeon-hole so that I can see them all.


Oftentimes, I want to OMIT a vendor... like all smartphones EXCEPT Blackberry... instead, I'd have to search EACH vendor... SO I DON'T EVEN PICK ANY.


And not just price and vendor... but checkbox ALL the 'narrow' options... because I might want either an i5 or an i7 CPU, but not an i3... so I have to do two searches.


Aggravating.... so I just don't.   So you lose a sale.

Status: We Did It!
As we've changed the selection options on over the years we have implemented this.

There are many like I that do not get involved in many ways just to buy items to get points and in the process are trying to build up there points for more expensive items.


In the process as example I am not rich but did manage to get to Silver membership, had a hard year and could not spend 2500 to keep my membership status and was reduced back to standared member.


Same applied with trying to save my points and they were taken away within a year.


I like many have used Best Buy for years with a loyalty to this store instead of doing online shopping elseware for the majority of our electronic shopping.


This is very cold hearted on Best Buy's part.


This needs to be changed to no expiration on our points or memberships of whatever statusit mightsit at that time.


I have lost many points and my now now longer membership of silver. I am so disgusted with this store that I am about ready to go elsewhere if this does not change soon!!!!


Granted hey have a great geek squad and black tie warranty  unlike any other store but this does not make up for the losses of many points and membships for many of Best Buys members over the last few years dues to not all can afford to keep up the $2500 spending limit over a calender year.


This needs to be changed!



Status: We Did It!
With the recent changes to our rewards program, that is now called My Best Buy, we no longer annualize member’s points each year. Members, regardless of level, keep their points as long as they remain an active member of the program.
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The LG UltraFine monitor lineup are the only ones that really work fully (including charging) the new MacBook Pros. For folks that don't have an existing monitor that can be adapted via USB-C to HDMI or Thunderbolt 3-to-Thunderbolt 2 (for Thunderbolt Display owners), this creates an opportunity for Best Buy to increase revenue per transaction as there is really no other viable USB Type-C competitors. Most are priced more than the LGs and don't have speakers/FaceTime camera and most importantly don't deliver enough power to charge the new MacBook Pros via the display (most seem to be maxing out around 45W). They are also lower resolution (in terms of both PPI, color gamut and resolution -- most are shooting for QHD versus 4k/5k). 


It would seem like the gamble would be pretty low for Best Buy to carry these and at the very least they could start out online and make their ways into stores in the long term. In areas where there are no Apple Store (which there's 1/2 as many of as Best Buy stores) this is also an opportunity for Best Buy to attract new customers and get the jump on other large onliners that are going to aggressively try to bring these to their web stores soon (a certain photography and video store on the East coast immediately comes to mind).

Status: We Did It!

@ gadgeteer, thanks for pointing out that we do carry these now.

Submitting ideas

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by Valued Contributor on ‎11-04-2013 03:05 PM

Hmm well...Best Buy what hast thou done to thine site? You can't navigate to the "most recent comments" on the ideax index page now. I think it looked more professional the way it was personally. I literally had to go to a recent idea and look on the right to view most recent ideas commented on.

Status: We Did It!
Hi, AWBrown. This was a simple oversight. I've corrected it and you should see the comments again. Thank you for letting us know!

     Best Buy does not seem to have a lot of Mid-Night releases, but it does for major titles in order to keep up with the competition. Last year I went to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Mid-Night release at my local Best Buy, and all I can say was that it was a total mess. I understand you guys are fairly new to this game, but I believe there are several things that can be done to make this process a little more efficient for both you and the customer.


      First idea would be to allow customers to purchase the game in full prior to the release date. This can be done the day you pre-order your game or the same day you plan to pick up prior to the store closing and re-opening for the mid-night release. I believe this would speed up to whole process when it comes to picking up your game. I tried paying for my game in full last year, but was told I could only do $5. I just don't see how this would hurt any store, if anything it would benefit locking in that purchase.


     My second idea would be to add a line for your Silver Premier Members. We spend a lot of money at your stores and online stores, why not give us preferred service. This would further encourage customers to want to attain that Silver Premier status and those who already have it to want to retain it.


     Some feedback would be very appreciated, and I hope some of this is considered and implemented. What do you guys think?

Status: We Did It!
A customer can now pay part or all of the cost of a game they are pre-ordering in our stores. Keep in mind that if you choose to pay only part of the cost you can't fully pay for the game until it is released.

Allowing @Gamer Coupons to be used online

Status: We Did It!
by on ‎03-03-2012 12:22 AM

I've noticed that there's been a large focus on used games & there's been several @gamer coupons for used games that have resulted in good deals. But the problem for many is that their local stores don't have a large selection of used games which makes the coupons "useless". Also, when there's deals like buy 2 get 1 free on all used games or buy any used game $30 or more get a free Unlocked membership these are also not enticing if there's little to no game to buy. BestBuy is new to the used game market but if your gonna compete with Gamestop in their backyard you gotta provide the same services.

Status: We Did It!
@htz, thanks for pointing this out. It is correct that the coupons in the March 2013 issue can be used online. Thanks for all the input on this idea!

Currently the BestBuy iOS app has an old user interface and does not align well with the new design movement by Apple and other companies. By updating the app to iOS 7 standards, the app should perform better and increase its app ratings and use.


Proposed features:

Update the interface to iOS 7 standards

Scan giftcards with our iOS camera to add them to our My BestBuy account

Allow users to login with their My BestBuy account when first loading the app to personalize user app experience

Incorporate iBeacons in bestbuy stores to promote deals as users approach the store or didn't section within the store

Status: We Did It!

Our app should be updated to the newest version of iOS.

Afterglow wireless headset

Status: We Did It!
by Roth1ap on ‎01-09-2013 10:25 AM
I saw these afterglow wireless headsets at GameStop after asking what was the best universal headset was. They look really cool and I was like sweet this is what I'm going to buy with my best buy gift cards but unfortunately beat buys don't carry these in the michigan area or online. I looked on afterglow own website and they list best buy as an official retailer. So I think this would be a great item for you guys to start carrying
Status: We Did It!

It looks like we now sell some of these wireless headsets here on

Preorder games money down requirement

Status: We Did It!
by amarcg on ‎10-09-2012 04:28 PM

idea is in regards to the price for pre-ordering video games. Through my experience with Best Buy, I have seen many customers complain about only being able to put down $5 for a video game in the store, while being able to pay full price online. My idea is to make it so that customer's can put down however much they want for the video game (minimum $5, maximum full amount of the game).


The benefit is that more customers would be willing to pre-order (and eventually purchase) video games with us. If customer's feel they have the flexibility to provide us with an amount they would like to put down for the game they intend on buying upon its release date, then I feel they will feel better about our pre-order process and gain more loyalty with us pertaining to the Gaming section, which potentially can drive in a lot of margin and revenue with different accessories and the games and consoles themselves. I am very interested in being apart of this project as much as I can, as I am a gamer myself. Researching and implementing this plan is a huge interest of mine and I feel very strongly about this idea.
Status: We Did It!
Sorry for not updating this idea sooner. A customer can now pay the full purchase price of a game when placing a pre-order for a game in one of our stores. Thanks for the input on this idea.

Pre-orders for iPad Pro & Apple TV

Status: We Did It!
by gadgeteer on ‎10-05-2015 06:31 AM

I have a rewards certificate burning a hole in my pocket and I would love to be able to use it towards an iPad Pro and/or a newer 32GB/64GB Apple TV; However, Best Buy is not doing pre-orders for either of these items (yet you did for the iPad mini 4 which is just beyond me). 

Status: We Did It!

The new Apple TV was made available for pre-order yesterday 10/27/2015. Both the 32GB version and the 64GB version can be pre-ordered now on

I was trying to find an SSD that I purchase from a near by Best Buy store the same day.  Unfortunately, after fishing around for a while trying to find one that was in stock in a near by store, I gave up and ordered one from Amazon.  I had it the next morning.  If there had been a way to limit my search to only items available at stores near me, I would have just gone to the store picked it up.  I would prefer to support my local store, but it is currently time consuming and difficult to tell what is actually on the shelf at a particular store.

Status: We Did It!

Thanks for the input on this idea. This is now an option on

An Official BestBuy rep joining CAG

Status: We Did It!
by on ‎03-01-2012 03:45 PM

Because of the amount of deals BestBuy has had it can be very difficult to keep up thus I always check CAG(CheapA$$ to see what's going on. I'm a very active member there as I am also active on the BestBuy forums page & I think this would benefit all those involved. So it's a "WIN WIN WIN"


BestBuy Wins

Because the deals are far more visible than just the weekly ad thus more sales more $

Errors/mistakes that occur can be correctly quickly & that will cut down on the number of angry customers that miss a deal

With more sales & more $ generated BestBuy can provide more deals & promotions based off the larger sales base

More site traffic, more visibility

Even though the site is for gamers there's also a section for movies & other electronics


Customers Wins

More deals

Less errors/mistakes to avoid several trips to the store

Easy way to find all the deals in one spot

The CAG community can help with alerting stores that are out of stock & where items can be found


CAG Wins

More site traffic, more visibility

More deal posters = more deals posted

More CAG's helped


The only "loser" is our wallets but hey those are the breaks.


Just take a look at the current March @Gamer thread with deals that include $10 for Batman Arkham City, $5 for Rage & $5 for Mass Effect 2


The CAG will also be speaking on a rep joining hopefully we can make this happen sooner than later. The 2011 fall deals from BestBuy were unbeatable & even I was overwhelmed trying to keep up, keep everyone updated & get in on some of the deals but that's where a Official rep comes in.


There have been/are other retailers that have reps. there & they have been rewarded with more sales.


Sound off below lets get a BestBuy rep to CAG in time for the 2012 fall gaming blitz

Status: We Did It!

Good news! Thank you, Enuf, for posting this idea on IdeaX and to all the Community members who commented on this idea.  I am happy to announce that the CAG website is part of the Best Buy Affiliate Program.  In partnership with CAG, we are now providing them information about our deals and promotion which they can post on their website.  Other ways to receive information about our exclusive gaming offers are by signing-up for our @Gamer magazine, checking out’s gaming offers, viewing our weekly ad or joining the Reward Zone Gamer’s Club.

One great idea from IdeaX and our Gaming Forum boards implemented.  I look forward to the next.  Game on!

RZ Points for reviews on purchased items

Status: We Did It!
by mspitler2 on ‎09-05-2012 10:22 AM

    I love looking through Best Buy for items that I’m looking to purchase. Its a great way to find out information on the product itself before it gets to my hands but I also like looking into the reviews to see if it lives up to its expectations.

    I was thinking if you could integrate the store survey with item reviews for a small number of reward points. For example, a tablet, case, screen, and stylus purchased in store or online. After receiving points for the initial purchase, they can go online and tell us how the experience on the survey with their customer PIN. From there, they can continue on to review the products and gain more points (let’s say 10-25 per review).

    This would give customers more incentive to review the store, the products, and their service while we gather service information, RZ loyalty, and an accurate rating on popular products. I wanted to put it with the survey so we limit the amount of fake reviews just to gain points. Its a starting point so I would love to see what this can evolve into.

Status: We Did It!

We do now give My Best Buy points to members when one of their reviews is selected. Keep in mind that a member can only have a maximum of eight reviews selected per calendar year.

Other retail sites are offering this for pre-order, can Best Buy get this on the website sooner rather than later for pre-order?

Status: We Did It!

Although these titles are currently sold out we do now have them on

When I come to BestBuy I am looking for bestbuy sold items, not Joe Schmoe,, etc.  It makes it difficult to shop your store when a lot of other companies items are listed in my search results.  To make matters worse many times these other retailers have their items mis-categorized which creates a hodge-podge listing of items that aren't what i'm looking for.  On 2 occasions I ended up going to another store because the search results were so irrelevant.

Status: We Did It!
You can now choose to filter out all Marketplace items from your search on Thanks for the idea.

Sort products by average review star ratings

Status: We Did It!
by trigb on ‎01-17-2012 02:52 PM

Copied from my post on Bestbuy's Facebook Wall: Feedback:

The ability to sort products by average customer review star ratings on your website would be beneficial. Currently, best buy customers are able to sort products by "best selling" products, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the large quantity of individuals that purchased these items were thrilled with their purchased goods.


Melissa's response:


Hi Brian,

Thanks for the great feedback on how we could improve our site and make it easier to use. I often check out the reviews myself when making purchases. I will be happy to forward on your suggestions for review to see if this may be implemented in the future. 

If you'd like we also gather ideas like yours through our IdeaX forum at, if you'd like to share this there as well. There other customers can view ideas that have been posted, share comments on them, and Kudo ones they like the best.


Status: We Did It!
I show customers are currently able to search by the Highest Rated products. Thanks for sharing this idea.
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Unlocked iPhone

Status: We Did It!
by Valued Contributor on ‎04-25-2012 09:30 PM

Pretty self-explanatory, we walk a lot of business of people looking for the unlocked iPhone 4S as we have no choice but to refer them to Apple or one of our competitors. Carrying this item would not only help solidify Best Buy Mobile as the place to get your new cell phone, but it would boost revenue and reduce disappoint from customers purchasing the iPhone outright and believing it to be unlocked.

I love my gamers club unlocked account but I do not agree with the purchase limit of 3 copies of each title. I think that there should be a annual purchase limit of 3 per title per year and not not a permanent limit. Let's say you bought a multiplatform game such as Tomb Raider or Boarderlands. You may buy a copy for your xbox and ps3 then the inevitable Game of the year edition or &quot;definitive edition&quot; comes out for the next gen consoles or they release a handheld version of the game (Boardlands 2 is being released for the vita almost 2 years after it was released on the other systems. There are several more example Rayman Legends and Batman Arkham Origins are perfect examples. Batman still has a Wii U version that is supposed to be coming out but some people may have already played the game on three other systems so they won't get to enjoy the game on the wii u.<br>I am not saying that you are going to buy all these titles on day one but when the game goes on sale or a year or two down the road you pick it up during a Black Friday sale and then best buy closes your account? I think the limit should either be 3 per console per year (same as the video game trade in limit) or the limit should reset annually.
Status: We Did It!

Thanks for all the input on this idea. We have made the following changes to our Gamers Club Unlocked Memberships.


The limits for using your Unlocked membership will be three copies of a New (i.e. not pre owned) gaming software title per platform, per year. Collector’s and Limited Editions count toward that title limit. Game of the Year editions, usually released much later including additional content do not count toward that limit but would essentially start as a separate game and limit.

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