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Geek Squad "My Account" page

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by keto3000 on ‎10-07-2015 06:36 AM

Geek Squad is awesome for all my computer/Cell phone/ TV tech support needs, HOWEVER, why can't an "uber tech" company, like yours, make billing info easier??


Customers need to be able to simply go to the Geek Squad website and view 'My Account' listing of all of my current service plans/warranties (with links).


We shouldn't have to wait to call/chat 1-1 with an agent to get this very basic service!





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Would anyone else like to see this as an option on Geek Squad's website? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

The Retron5 retro console is in such high demand pre-order are sold out at your competition already


The Steam Machine will most likely become the premier PC console for years to comes.

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Thanks for the suggestion, and I admit these look really nice. Would anyone else like to see us carry these? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

It has been made clear that Best Buy wishes to expand the Geek Squad name to be more globally recognized and to utilize the brand for increased profits.


I believe Best Buy/Geek Squad is missing out on an opportunity to get into the competitive gaming scene. Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends is pioneering the world of competitive gaming and legitimizing it as a real sport. The United States government already recognizes it as a legitimate sport, providing travel visas for professional players.


Best Buy/Geek Squad should invest in sponsoring a professional team and/or creating an official Geek Sqaud team to put the face of Geek Squad in the competitive gaming scene. Not only would this give an incredible boost for advertisement and marketing but Geek Squad would have the potential to developer their own brand of PC Gaming gear to be sold.


In case you aren't aware of what League of Legends is, you can visit their official site at and you can visit the League of Legends professional gaming site at


Just to give you an idea of how big the competitive scene is for gaming, League of Legends sold out the Staples Center in California for the World Championships with a prize pool of over 1 million dollars. With thousands viewing the event live and hundreds of thousands viewing it via online streaming at



If any company higherup wishes to discuss this further in a serious matter, I encourage you to email me back.



Thanks for your time.




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Intriguing suggestion. Would anyone else like to see us sponsor a competitive gaming team? Why Geek Squad instead of Best Buy? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

There`s a large segment a customers who get stuck with large amounts of unwanted giftcard credit to other stores that they don`t shop at or don`t want. I know BB previously had a temporary promotion with one of the bigger card swap companies but I think BB could expand it into something bigger & more profitable.




Maybe install a kiosk that would accept the unwanted giftcards & issue a BB giftcard on the spot or a voucher receipt which can be spent in-store or redeemed at the register for a BB giftcard. Obviously, there would be a cost associated with the kiosk so a flat % fee on the transfer would be needed BUT allow a customer to process multiple different giftcards in 1 transction. Too further increase the volume of card transfers offer mybb points on the FULL amounts of each giftcard transferred especially since the customers won`t get any points by using the recieved BB giftcards.



To further enhance profits/revenue associated with the kiosk print coupons/offers on the receipts based upon the amount of the BB giftcard recieved. Allow additional offers to print based on what that specific wants to promote to further increase the value & volume of usage per kiosk.



If the kiosk can be programmed to provide other services that would also allow for additional ways to add revenue/profit per unit obviously go for it too. Maybe try to get sponsered promos on the receipts for products sold in BB.

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Would anyone else like to see some version of this idea? Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

There are over 23 million small businesses in America account for 54% of all U.S. sales. Small businesses provide 55% of all jobs and 66% of all net new jobs since the 1970s. The 600,000 plus franchised small businesses in the U.S. account for 40% of all retail sales and provide jobs for some 8 million people.


Best Buy is missing out on a very large opportunity to cater to this crowd.  If a small business customer comes into Best Buy today, the only point of sale solution that is offered in-store is the Square reader or Square Stand.  If a customer does not already own an older iPad the Square Stand is useless as it only operates with an embedded 30-pin connector.  


The solution is for Best Buy to become a Lightspeed POS reseller.  Best Buy would be able to demo how a small business customer could use a Mac and/or an iPad to run their retail store.  If you have ever priced out an actual point of sale system they are incredibly expensive (typically in excess of $4,000 each for a full setup with computer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, etc.) and Lightspeed allows customers to create a feature-rich, scalable point of sale solution for as low as $300/mo for TWO full iPad POS terminals with barcode scanners, thermal receipt printer, cash drawer, credit card attachment and all. Not to mention customers could use a Mac mini ($599 or less) as a back office machine to be able to pull sales reports, manage employees or inventory, etc. (this could also be done from another iPad to keep expenses down).  


Outside of having an in-store demo, it would be beneficial for Best Buy to have knowledgable people around how all of this operates and how to set it up and I think this would present an opportunity for Geek Squad services as most small business retail owners have a lot of on their plate and tend to just care about the solution working more than the actual setup and installation process.  Just a thought. 

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I don't know enough about Lightspeed vs. Square to really make an educated comment to this idea. I would be curious to hear from other customers on this. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Best Buy,


Please make the return policy so it is standard and one clear policy for everyone regardless of membership status.


Electronic items such as digital cameras with memory cards included in this due to the nature of memory cards, computers and tablets and other things should have a 45 day return and exchange period. Must have a picture to prove it is you returning and exchanging the item.


Non electronic items: The kind of the items that are low dollar such as cords and cables, wall chargers, camera cases, computer cases, tablet cases and other types of things that people buy and use, should also have a 45 day return and exchange period. With no picture needed as proof to return and exchange.


Please make it one clear policy for everyone. One standard policy no matter what your membership status is.


It needs to be a set standard for everyone.


You might even gain back custumers and gain new customers.


Status: Tell Us More
I very much doubt we will ever move forward on this idea, but I would like to hear more feedback on it. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

I know Bestbuy is "new" to videogames trades but you've been doing it long enough. The two main issues that have haunted the program are

1- Not getting the 10% bump during ALL trades

2- Not getting the 10% discount on ALL used games in a transaction

It is UNEXCEPTABLE that the "trained" staff denies even trying to correct the issues via override and/or multiple attempts citing "double dipping" when it`s clearly stated that these are PERKS. Even worse, perks of a PAID PROGRAM which is currently failing to live up to your promises and our expectations.


I know for sure you`re aware of how the program works(should work) but at this point it`s clear that it`s not being correctly addressed on the frontlines to the detriment of the program. Since it`s taken this long please give the customers the ability to show the staff where they`re wrong. That way the only remaining issue is resolution vs resistance. A promo board wouls alos show non-members what they`re missing not being unlocked thus serving two purposes.


A game trades in for $10 base, $15 during the 50% bonus and GCU members get another 10% totalling 60% thus $16

A game trades in for $10 base, $20 during the 100% bonus and GCU members get another 10% totalling 110% thus $21

Give out GCU cards that actually state "Don`t forget the 10%" or even better start a where`s my 10% promo.

The 10% not applying to all used games in one transaction or promo already has an unresolved ideax thread. I don`t think the problem is being ignored but it certainly hasn`t been corrected.

Requesting for what we've paid for should not be taken lightly nor should it be okay for store managers to shoulder shrug the problem.

Status: Tell Us More
Since our trade-in of used merchandise is governed by local laws it would be impossible to give general examples for every area of the country. I would like to hear from other users on this idea. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Hello, my name is Ariana and I have an idea for a new service for the Geek Squad. I recently went to a Best Buy and I was hoping to get my scratched DVDs cleaned and fixed, but unfortunately I was informed that the Geek Squad didn't provide such services. But I did make a suggestion to one of the top managers to take my idea into consideration and he told me to also talk about it online (here) so it could have a chance to become a reality.


I just got off the phone with a very kind woman from a customer service line in relations to the Geek Squad and she thought my idea was very good and believes it should be a provided service like it is in a good number of video stores. Although I am very well aware that I can just purchase the cranking device that can allow you to do it yourself at home. But I, like many people, don't need to clean my DVDs and/or CDs that often and I would rather leave it in the hands of a professional than to run the risk of damaging my discs even further if I don't know what I'm doing. And there's only so much the classic Peanut Butter trick can do before you have to leave it to a professional.


Before visiting my local Best Buy, I thought about asking a friend where I could have my DVDs and CDs repaired and I thought to myself that they would more than likely tell me Best Buy's Geek Squad. It felt like a no-brainer until I visited a store and found my idea to be incorrect.


I'm sure I'm not the only one here who feels like there should be a place to have our precious DVDs and/or CDs cleaned instead of tolerating the damaged areas that takes us out of our movie and/or music experience, so why shouldn't the Geek Squad be that place that saves our treasured discs?


Thank you!



Status: Tell Us More

This is an interesting idea. Would anyone else like to see us provide this service? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

Personal Shopper

Status: Tell Us More
by Valued Contributor on ‎11-12-2013 09:45 AM

I know there used to be this email


at bestbuy. The email was to somebody who would suggest items for you to purchase when you gave them a specific item  to research. I was going to use them again (I've actually used this service several times as they do a decent job of helping you out)


So anyway I found out today that they stopped using this. I assume this is a change with the new November 1st policies. I am suggesting that at least the personal shopper be re-added as this was an item that was used by myself a lot and I'm sure others used it as well!

Status: Tell Us More
Until now I had never heard of this email address, but I'm glad you found use for it. I'm not really sure why this email address is no longer valid, but would be interested to hear if other customers liked using this service? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Would be great to see this item on the long list of pre-order requests.  this would be great for fans of the series and to receive the desk calendar as well.  please add this to the website as soon as possible!  i will cancel my pre-order from another vendor to go with best buy.

Status: Tell Us More

Who else would like to see us have this available for pre-order? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

It's a 'Best Buy' brand, so why can't we use our gift cards or store trade in credit with them. Same company, right?

Status: Tell Us More

I hear where you are coming from on this, and would love to see if others would like to see this happen? Make sure you vote for this idea if you like it.

Stop Carrying Netgear Products

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by wolv67 on ‎03-28-2014 07:59 PM

Here's a simple idea I hope others will back me on. STOP CARRYING NETGEAR PRODUCTS. Their support is flat out aweful. I owned their router for less than six months and it died on me. Their support (via email because they won't let you call if you've owned the product for more than 6 months) told me the error was with the product, not me so it was under warrantly. They had me email a bunch of stuff to support and now 3 days later, nothing. I have written them several times asking for follow up, nothing. 


It's basically a waiting game because they probably know I'll just go buy a new router since I'm not going to continue to go on without wifi. But my point is this, Best Buy prides itself on carrying quality products. Netgear honestly makes you guys look bad. I have read countless other complaints on the same topic of mine about them on the internet. Here's to hoping you lose a bad product and continue with quality.

Status: Tell Us More
I'm fairly certain we will continue to carry Netgear products, but I would love to hear from others on this. Have other people had poor experience with their support? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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Fix your automated 888 number

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by owenstar on ‎11-13-2015 03:10 PM

I had an issue today with an order I placed and it directed me to an incorrect 888 number. It was a strange automated questionaire that doesnt even mention best buy. Very confusing to customers. I cant post a screen shot but I saved it. It directs to 1-888-297 instead of 237.

Status: Tell Us More

I need further clarification on this. So you called 1-888-BestBuy and were directed to call a different number for assistance? What was the exact number you were directed to call? What were you specifically calling about?

I don't like how we have to retype our gift card number plus pin each time we want to use our gift cards for online purchases. Can you guys make a feature that will allow us to add our gift card balance like my best buy certificates automatically to our online purchases at checkout?

Status: Tell Us More

Overall I do like this idea. I am concerned about problems that might arise by situations where a customer has given a gift card associated with their account to someone else. Would anyone else like to see this idea put into place? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Classes for techno-idiots

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by JoyceJoynerWise on ‎11-11-2016 06:53 PM

As a member of the baby boomer generation, I would like the answer to many modern day mysteries.  Such as: "what is an I-Pad?  What is a Tablet?  Do I need one of these?  What do they do?  How do use one of these devices?   What is a "tweet"?  (Isn't this a sound that birds make?)  What exactly is a "smart" phone?  How do I text? How do I get "online". etc,etc,etc.


I have inqired at all the schools in the area and no one offers any kind of training or information in these areas.  It might be profitable for Best Buy to offer (for a fee) various classes to those who are not techno smart and also the opportunity to purchase these items direct from the store.  I, for one, would probably purchase more electronics if I just knew how to use them.  I would imagine that there are many out there of all ages that would love to have the opportunity to learn new skills and to keep up with everyone else.  How about it?  It's an untapped market.

Status: Tell Us More

I believe the Geek Squad does occasionally put on workshops just like this in larger metropolitan areas. Would anyone else like to see this be implemented? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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Electronic Location & Navigation

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by RoBot1925 on ‎11-28-2016 07:39 PM

A Kiosk that helps improve customer service by allowing the customer to get what they need right away.

Status: Tell Us More

Could you add clarification to this idea? How would this kiosk allow a customer to get what they want right away?

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by abdouprof123 on ‎05-14-2015 06:17 AM
Status: Tell Us More

I have no idea what you are specifically asking us? Could you elaborate?

Points need to be assigned for purchase made using Best Buy gift card, not for buying the gift card, since best buy gift card can be purchased from other stores or website other than best buy.

Status: Tell Us More

I can't deny you have a valid point here, and I would be interested if others felt the same way? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

You lost a $100 sale during your Mystery Reward Campaign.  Getting to a Best Buy is a little but of a strectch - so when the stars lined up I made the trek.  The one thing that i did not do was print out my ad.  I had it on my phone, however, your associate could not scan it.  I asked if I could use an airprint printer - he said no.  I asked if you could access the coupon with the account number he said no. His suggestion was that I go home, print it and then come back.


I went to the nearby Target and got what I needed there - I hope this helps in the future....

Status: Tell Us More
Are you stating we should have printers available for our customers to use? Does anyone else have any thoughts on this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Hello all,


Lately I've noticed that more and more employees are being held accountable for their availabilities not meeting company standards, however, the reverse has been untrue. Employees have no ability to push back when they are scheduled outside of their availability! To remedy this issue, employees need to be given the opportunity to accept or decline a shift in TLC before TLC can actually post a shift outside of your availability! Let's face it, Best Buy claims to care about the employee experience however there is an obvious gap between what Best Buy demands of its employee's and what employee's demand of Best Buy and right now, Best Buy has the ability to schedule an employee outside of availability with total disregard for what the employee and Best Buy agreed upon when the manager accepted a given availability. I would love to know what everyone else thinks. Thank you for your time.

Status: Tell Us More
I think the best approach would be for each employee to discuss this with their management first. It's possible the management simply forgot about a particular employees needs when scheduling them. I'm not sure if allowing employee to deny shifts would work, but I would love to hear from other employees on this. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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