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Online Card Entry - In Store Dial-In ISSUES

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by nasheridan on ‎08-20-2017 08:15 PM

I just had one of the worst experiences of my retail life trying to fix a Best Buy pre-order issue both online and in store.



I pre-ordered an item online after receiving an email from Best Buy saying the item was now available for pre-order. I had a Best Buy gift card and a pre-paid VISA gift card. I wasn't entirely sure of the VISA gift card amount so I entered the Best Buy Gift Card and the VISA Gift Card information. When I hit submit, the order said it had been completed. I expected a further notfication if there was a balance due or an issue with using a pre-paid card. Instead the screen said my item had been successfully pre-ordered. I received a second email shortly after saying there was a problem with my payment information. When I called the Best Buy phone number to resolve it, they instructed me that I could use my credit card to pay the balance if I went to the nearest Best Buy store IN PERSON. So off I went.



Allow for multiple gift cards and/or credit cards to be used in online purchases. Best Buy sells large ticket electronics. I can only imagine how many gift cards are used to make these purchases.



So off to the nearest Best Buy I went. Once the customer support team was able to pull up the order, they were only able to release the "hold" on my order and not accept or change payment information. They said they needed to call their employee help line. They were on hold for 23 MINUTES until I couldn't wait anymore so I suggested I would just cancel my first order and just use my regular credit card to re-order. I wanted to use the prepaid VISA and Best Buy gift cards but it was not worth waiting any longer. However when I went to cancel my order online, I hit the cancel order and literally nothing happened. I was now unable to cancel my order or confirm payment online. I showed the customer service rep that it wasn't letting me cancel so they said they would need to call the help desk. AGAIN. This time we waited until the help desk finally picked up 27 MINUTES later. After a brief discussion with the help desk, the rep was told he needed to be transferred to another help desk to assist with this pre-order. After another 5 minutes on hold, I said I had to leave. I asked him to please just find a way to cancel my order. He was able to cancel my order on his terminal. I then just re-ordered online with my credit card, unable to now use my Best Buy gift card as it would take 48 hours to be credited back.



Hire more people at the Best Buy employee help desk. Or give them more capabilities in store. Two employees spent nearly 50 minutes sitting on hold trying to assist me which meant they couldn't assist anyone else in the store for almost that hour. 


And of course I now went past my first hour of free parking. And they don't validate and couldn't even give me a credit for the amount I now had to pay for parking. It was only $2 but it was the point of it all. I've never left more frustrated with a customer service experience in my life.



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Make it so Best Buy card works on website

Status: New
by Wisnim01 on ‎08-17-2017 11:44 PM
My idea is to make the website be able to process the BestBuy card I can use at the store. That way I could buy things and have them shipped to me, or pick them up at a local store. I know you are saying, "they must do that already" but, no, they don't. Seriously, there is no payment form that accepts the BestBuy card. Credit card or PayPal only.
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Allow changing of address at

Status: New
by Dweller7777 on ‎08-15-2017 07:31 PM

Here's the situation. I'm at Best Buy, purchasing an item. The cashier asks me, "Please verify this information is correct."


I look at the kiosk, and, of course, my address is wrong. I say to the cashier, "No, it's incorrect. My address is several years out of date."


"Oh, you can change it at I can't do it here," says the associate.


I'm a logical person. If there's no way for the cashier to change my address information, then why do they ask me to "verify" it's correct? That makes no sense. There's even an "accept" button on the bottom of the display. No, sir, I do *not* accept this address. It's wrong. But I can't change it. What, exactly, did I verify?


Moving on, I decide to go home and visit to update my address. Only to find out it's not possible. I'll repeat that: It's not possible to update your own address at your account at You can update your shipping address, but this is not the same as your account address.


I guess I should be thankful that Best Buy doesn't have my correct address as it saves my mailbox from being stuffed full of worthless advertisements, but it's still very annoying that every time I make a purchase at a store, I'm asked the same asinine question. And then an incorrect address appears on the screen. "No, it's not correct..."


Then I rage silently to myself. I even asked one associate, "Does it matter if it's correct?" His jaw dropped.



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