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       So, Ive financially reached a position that I can use certain VISA cards to pay for just about anything then go online the next day and pay that amount off. 


       What I would like to see is the pending rewards showing up from the use of the VISA on the bestbuy rewards page. Knowing that different types of purchases along with temporary ones effect the bonus rewards points (example: Grocery or 'Fitness equipment') is great, however not seeing anything can be a bit frustrating. Obviously a person can call eventually if points don't show up; seeing pending points that match the amount that I spend on the card would not only end worry, but may make me decide I'm getting better rewards from your VISA, "I'll use it!"



I spend $88 @ or in Bestbuy store and I almost immediately see pending points for $88 (was a bit more but just dropped from elite plus to elite over $300 bucks).


I Spend $88 Anywhere else on the BestBuy VISA and I see no pending points? Simple fix?


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I hear you on this, but because Citibank has to forward the purchase information from other retailers onto us it is just not possible to show pending points in our systems.

open box search

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by KenBaranda on ‎01-04-2017 06:39 PM



I have been a loyal customer for years and loved the ability to search locally for open box items.  I feel that you have taken the power of your customers to search has negative impact on your customer relations.  Please revive the search option or I will be looking at buying more items with Amazon.




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Help Request Queue

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by FraaaaaaaaaanK on ‎03-24-2017 11:10 PM

I think it would be awesome if you all could place a kiosk somewhere in the store where customers could input their name, phone number, and the department they needed help with. When an associate was available, they could select the next customers name and the customer would get a text saying "Harry is ready for you" in a designated area in that department. This would allow your customers the freedom to browse the entire store, while still being confident that they were on a list for help (customer given 5 minutes to arrive at designated area). This would cut down on customer frustration as they sit there and watch the employees getting swarmed with more agressive customers. This could also provide a valuable metric on the average time a customer has to wait in each department to get help.

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