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Bring back gamers club unlocked

Status: New
by logiestovie on ‎05-18-2018 10:28 PM

The community outrage is evident. Gamers club unlocked is bringing customers to stores to buy other things then just games, and a lot of customers are going to be lost if no action is taken. Please, bring back gamers club unlocked.

Revive Gamers Club Unlocked!

Status: New
by Thetanaman on ‎05-18-2018 10:01 PM

To whom it may concern,


I think I speak for thousands of Best Buy employees and customers across the United States/Canada who depend upon Best Buy for our gaming necessities. As a best buy employee I even found enthusiasm in offering Gamers Club Unlocked to my customers. We as a community of enthusiasts implore Best Buy to re-institute Gamers Club Unlocked or an updated membership with similar benefits. Without this membership to unite gamers to Best Buy, I see no link to keep gaming customers purchasing from Best Buy. Thank you.


Status: New
by FatalUsmc on ‎05-18-2018 11:26 PM

I have been a member of Gamer Club Unlocked for years since it was first created. I bought all my games and gaming consoles at Best Buy. I am gamer who spends easily a thousand dollars a year on gaming. My savings of 20% off meant that I was able to spend more money on more game purchases from Best Buy.


Now that Gamer Club Unlocked it being terminated I have no other choice then to take my business to Amizon where I will be able to retain my 20% discount on gaming that allows me to purchase more games.


I hope the Gamer Club Unlocked becomes reinstated.

Bring back GCU at the original price

Status: New
by lumiere on ‎05-19-2018 12:14 AM

I've been a GCU member since the $120 days, and I happily renewed at $60. As a gamer, I buy a lot of games. GCU made me buy 95% of my games from Best Buy, instead of the original maybe 5%.


Like a lot of people discussing today, I ended up buying just about everything from Best Buy as a result. I went something like buying nothing at Best Buy for 5 years, to dropping Amazon and Gamestop almost entirely. You guys are clearly underestimating the loyalty it brought.


While clearly, giving it away for free with a phone trade in or making it $15 a year wasn't feasible, there has to be a price point where both parties are happy. I for one would be happy to pay $60+ a year for, since it's something no one else really offers.


I hope Best Buy reconsiders offering some sort of program, whether it's higher priced memberships, lower savings and broader categories, something. Because there will be zero reason for me to pick you guys over Target/Amazon/Gamestop after GCU.

Please Bring back GCU

Status: New
by TonyT1 on ‎05-18-2018 11:15 PM

This is one of the most utilized programs your company has ever produced, you shut it down without even warning anyone. You dont announce a replacement plan, Your own employees dont even know its shut down in stores. You got so much traffic to your website and store. If the program needed to be optomized, than do so, maybe even gather feedback from your customers on what they would be comfortable with. I think its a huge mistake, unless you have something even better planned, in which case it would have been much wiser to let your customers know first so they have something to look forward too, now everyone is upset with you guys and taking their business elsewhere. Bring back this program or give us something better please.

Resurrect Gamers Club Unlocked

Status: New
by Booton on ‎05-19-2018 12:27 AM

I've been a member of Gamers Club Unlocked ever since I first heard about it. Before GCU I never shopped at Best Buy, but because of it I've bought almost all of my video games from Best Buy ever since, even buying other media to gain further Best Buy rewards. Since the bulk of my purchases are video games, when my current GCU ends I'll no longer have an incentive to shop at Best Buy over just using Amazon Prime.


Hopefully your company will consider reinstating the program, even if it needs a higher membership price. I'd be willing to pay it to maintain the current program I am a part of right now.


GCU: i would have paid more.

Status: New
by BigKurz on ‎05-19-2018 12:01 AM
I would have paid more to keep GCU around. But instead you’re just unceremoniously letting it fade away.

I feel like the bean counters making this decision are truly underestimating how much other business this program drove. I’ve spent thousands of dollars and become an elite plus member these last few years, driven primary by loyalty (due to GCU) and just routinely coming to the store more often.

But since my loyalty isn’t valued, I’ll take my business elsewhere. I’d prefer to keep my money in brick and mortar retailers, so I’ll stick with target for my electronics. And yea, I’ll probably go with amazon for their game discount (for howevrer much longer that lasts).

I think you underestimated your customers. Many would be willing to spend more on GCU. We’d like to help keep a b+m retailer on business.

But if you’re not gonna value my loyalty, then i won’t shed a tear in a few years when you’re borrowing the “going out of business sale” signs from toys r us.

GCU for elite and elite plus members?

10% off for elite and 20% off for elite plus?


GCU brought me in the door, now I have no reason to go to best buy anymore.

I have spent prolly over 10 grand at Best buy since I added GCU 3 years ago....up from maybe a hundred or two a year.


Just a few recent large purchases I made in the past year thanks to GCU bringing me in the door:

$2200 IMac 5k

$1400 Washer and Dryer

$1000 Sony 4k TV


Countless other TV's, Consoles, accessories, Movies, apple products (airpods, apple watch, etc), and of course plenty of games I would not have otehrwise bought.


I can understand plenty of people abused it, but those of us that dont will be lost as customers. I never even look at walmart, target, amazon, gamestop, etc anymore for anything game related since i bought GCU.

Bring back GCU at 2-4x the price

Status: New
by enixbelmont on ‎05-18-2018 11:20 PM

Sounds crazy, but 60 dollars a year is reasonable and worth it to the hardcore game buyers who buy a lot of games, and will ensure their business. As is, I'd be lying if I said once my GCU expired I wouldn't be shopping at gamestop instead, with 9PM game launches and no longer a price difference, as well as more convenient locations for me personally, or amazon, who currently still offers some sort of discount as well as having many other things available.


I would assume 15 bucks a year was losing you money, and that's fine, but I'd like to think customers like me - who have been elite members spending 2k~ a year for the past 3-4 years in a row - are still valuable.

Games Club Unlocked - Revise Not Remove

Status: New
by williamrobin on ‎05-19-2018 08:21 AM

To all it may concern,


I strongly urge Best Buy to consider revising and revamping their Gamers Club Unlocked program rather than ending the service altogether.  As a gaming enthusiast, this program has differentiated Best Buy from other retailers by promoting an environment that both respects and rewards their members.  If the program is not currently benefitting both parties (customers and corporate), I would advise management to consider the alternative solutions that are being posed in this forum to keep the program financially feasible (higher activation fee, reduction in discount).  Removing the program altogether will have lasting repercussions that can never be reset and may prove to be Game Over for my business.




A Concerned Gamer

Recently, I've been looking for a media center computer and I've been looking at the Tiny/Micro desktop computers from Lenovo (M9 series), Dell (Optiplex) and HP (EliteDesk).  For consumers there are also the Mac Mini and HP Elite Slice. These are similarly popular in business environments because of how much desk space they save and how easy they are to conceal.  I think it would be adventageous for BestBuy to split these off into their own category when someone navigates over to the Computers & Tablets > Desktop & All-in-One Computers category. I had no idea that Best Buy even carried Tiny/Micro dekstops and had been looking for one directly thru the OEMs because they were buried and only came up after I decided to search for them by model specifically today. 

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I was a Gamers Club member an Elite Plus Rewards member (last year - working on it this year), BestBuy credit card holder and an all around loyal and frequent BestBuy customer.  When people would ask for suggestions for birthday or Christmas, I would always say, "A BestBuy Gift Card".  I've been buying all my games and game hardware from BestBuy for many years (PS3, PS4, PSVR, Alienware game computers, racing wheels, high res monitors, countless controllers...thousands of dollars worth of game hardware and games.)

Today I went to BestBuy to pre-order a game and was told that my Gamers Club had expired.  I didn't know it had expired because BestBuy never sent me a notice.  I said I would be happy to renew it but the clerk said that last Friday (May 18) was the last day to renew and that I would never be able to reinstate it.  I didn't know that I could have renewed last Friday because, again, BestBuy never sent a notice.

The clerk said I could still pre-order the game, if I like.  Sure, I could do that.  But if BestBuy is going to treat me like crap, I'm done.  I really, really didn't want to buy from Amazon, but at least Amazon doesn't treat its loyal customers like crap.  I had other purchases in mind and expected to at least reach Elite status this year, if not ElitePlus, but that's not going to happen now.  I'll go to Walmart or Amazon.  It's not so much just that there is no more Gamers Club.  It's the way you did it.  It's the way you just pulled the rug out and treat *really* loyal customers like crap.  I'm heart broken.  I used to love BestBuy so much.  Now, the best buy is "Good by."


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Return Policy

Status: New
by sshea yesterday

It is not enough to just match pricing. This morning I needed to purchase a projector for my business and my partner is rather picky. So I was looking for a highly rated projector (Epson EX9220) that I think may be acceptable. Best Buy and Staples both have the projector listed for $749.99. However, if my partner is not satisfied with the projector it will cost the business 15% ($112.50) to return at Best Buy. Staples return policy is 0% to return an item within 30 days.


I prefer to shop at Best Buy but you are not always the best choice all things being equal.

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I just noticed that the best buy gamer's club is being discontinued from the forum.  I did not receive a communication email, no explanation as to why or what the replacement would be. This is ridiculous, and so sad. What a poor move in this day and I expected much better treatment from Best Buy. 



I've spent well over 30k over just the past few years as a direct result of this program.  My house caught fire two years ago, and I cheerfully looked forward to retail thereapy at the local Best Buy to replace every single appliance and home theatre and make upgrades.  Now I look at everything in my room from you, and that good feeling has turned into ash.


I would not bother to take the time to write this if I did not care.  I fully expect the backlash to be swift, and the damage likely permanent. Look at the Electronic Arts Battlefront II situation.  Not only did i feel loyal to best buy with the program, but now i feel betrayed and will actively work against Best Buy through negative feedback, poor reviews, and make sure all of my friends and family know that Best Buy does not care about its customers. Reverse this decision immediately, and now i expect an enhancement to the program to make up for this affront, please and thank you.


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Rethink Best Buy 10% Off Birthday Promotion

Status: New
by bobappel1 on ‎05-15-2018 04:03 PM

I have had my eye on an HP All-In-One computer for a few months.  With an upcoming birthday, I was looking at my finances and considering making a purchase for myself. It was great timing by Best Buy to send me an email telling me to make a birthday purchase for myself with a 10% discount promotion. Problem is the item is on sale. Big ticket item on sale -- can't use promotion. Really appreciate the Best Buy good wishes! Reread the terms and conditions again. Wow! what is a birthday present (discount) that you can't use on the perfect gift.  I would hope that Best Buy would revisit this birthday promotion and look at broadening the offer so a birthday boy/girl could use it on that perfect ... must have.. can't do without gift.

If you need to limit the offer -- how about 5% off on sale items?

Please consider


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I had no idea that Best Buy actually has a "Senior Care" devices until now.


Really like how this gives consumers a fair, non intimidating look at technology that can help look after our parents and grandparents without the need to go through pushy sales channels (agressive informercials on television etc)


While I do realize that Best Buy is not in the medical insurance market, etc, it would be nice to see some kind of feature where customers can buy the technology for their loved ones now and have an arrangement with Medi-Care insurance agencies to provide cost reimbursement of these devices if needed. Not everyone has "Weeks" to wait for these devices if ordered off of TV or someplace else so hats off to Best Buy for taking the first step into making seniors lives more safe and comfortable.

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