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Ever since I can remember, the item page (before you add to cart) will show that an item is "Available for Pickup Today at X store" and then when you go to actually select a store when you add it to your cart, it says the item is either unavailable for pickup or takes 3-5 days for them to ship it.  This seems to be due to the fact that the store only has 1-2 of an item rather than 3+.


Generally speaking, most people should only be looking for 1 of an item, so wouldnt it make sense to let the locator see stores that only have 1?  I understand that there could be the very slim chance that the last item is a damged/open box clearance, but giving people the ability to at least get the "Store pickup could not be fulfilled" email is better than them going to another retailer because they were just told it was Unavailable because the store only had 2 of them.


I've included an screenshot of what I am referring to with the Item Page showing pickup today & the store selector showing only available for


Status: Acknowledged

While I am a frequent shopper at Best Buy, some other game shoppers may not be and many of those people may not know that your stores now sell pre-owned games. Aside from a small section in one or two of the circulars since the inception of the used game/game trade programs at BB I haven't seen very much marketing regarding it.


If you guys want to try to take a chunk of Gamestops' business away you're going to have to do an advertising blitz to get the word out. However, this may not help due to the disproportionate numbers of some games stores are being shipped back after an apparently lengthy processing cycle.


I've noticed 7-10 copies of some older PS3/PS2/360 titles that have been sitting on the shelves since they first arrived 3-4 months ago. They include copies of Two Worlds II for PS3 and Enter The Matrix for PS2.


Unfortunately another thing that may be lagging behind is price drops on these games and even if they are implemented quickly the price tags are not always changed on the products themselves.


Moreover, Best Buy really should get their lawyers looking at how exactly Gamestop skirts local pawn laws and is able to put out traded in products immediately after taking them in. I say this because the one month or MORE turnaround time from when items are traded in till when they are finally shipped back out to stores to be resold is hurting pre-owned game sales just as much as the lack of marketing dollars being spent on it.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input on this idea
One of the main weaknesses in the used game dept. of BB is that overall stock is very hit or miss. A way to increase stock & increase GCU subs would be to offer some more innovative promos outside of just the 50%/100% bonuses. Offer an extra $2, $3 or $5 per trade on titles that have at least a $2 or $3 base value on trades with a total of 3, 5 or 7 total games. Or offer an extra $10 per trade with 8 or more games.

And the system needs to adjust accordingly when the customer has enough games to warrant additional promotional credit. So if I trade in 17 eligble games then I`d get the $10 promo twice for a total of $20 extra credit.

You also need more targeted game promotions, meaning when your stock is lacking of certain titles say Mario Kart 8 then print promotional materials specifically designed to get people to trade Mario Kart 8 in. Do this at least twice a month with a list of 5-10 games & market it as "BB`s most wanted trades". You`re gonna make a higher profit on reselling used titles than new ones so this should be a no brainer. You already have the used game deals of the week socross promote the two for the benefit of the entire used game dept.

The only downfall with these added promotions is that the staff needs to be on the ball completing trades faster & correctly.
Status: Acknowledged

We will not be moving forward with this idea.

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Back in January, Apple announced a "SIM-free" unlocked model that their retail stores would be the sole, exclusive carrier of.  I think there's a large opportunity (especially in the southern U.S. markets) for Best Buy to sell Verizon iPhones without a contract. Verizon iPhones are shipped unlocked and can be used in countries where carriers use GSM-based SIM cards. At present, most Best Buy stores will refuse to sell iPhones without a contract or comparable NEXT, Edge, EasyPay plan because the stores don't profit as much on the back-end; However, I'd be willing to bet that Best Buy is leaving a lot of money on the table in terms of revenue from customers that would otherwise shop at Apple to get this device. Another plus for Best Buy is that Best Buy easily outnumbers the total number of Apple Stores by at least 3x the volume. If you put this in markets where there are no Apple stores, you fend off online sales of this model and redirect those customers into your stores (especially if you take into consideration that on a large purchase like this you get rewards at Best Buy whereas at Apple you don't).  

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. We already do sell the iPhone in our stores for full price without a contract or installment billing plan. The iPhone would still be locked to the carrier, but you would not have to sign a contract or installment billing plan in order to use the phone on the specific carrier’s network.

while advertising for the companies that has the best rep representing the product it also brings i a million or more people in to your place and on top of it you are advertising companies product so that they get the product out, and you both come otu on top of it because they get there product to the right people and you get the people that you need to get in your place to buy all the rest of the products its like killing ten birds with one stone. While your a electronics store you give free products to buyers at your store who purchase products, and than you are making money from the advertisement or building business relationships with no cost that brings tons of more custoemrs that you ne4ed to your store, and you could do it every week and probably be the biggest electronics store again and make more profits than frys electronics. Because every business needs incentives because of the amount of competition and its the only way to get the customers to the store and if the prices are right and good and at the right location you have sold your business to you rcustomer and know they are only going to go to your store, but since you ar giving free products each week , for advertisement for the other company. You are able to sell them stuff at a ok price and still get them back because of the great things you do and offer so either way it goes with the idea you come out on the top of the situation. And since the company that want sto advertise there product to the right people so it spreads like wild fire because it only takes a couple thousand people to spread your business to a million people with a couple months. I think it would be a great incentives, with business relationships, and advertisement idea with other companies and offers a guaranteed customer ratio every week for the business so you now at least it will pull oy uthrough the hard times either way, AS TO SAY IT WILL KEEP YOU RUNNING IN ANY RECESSION. Alright thats my first idea within a year.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea.
This should actually become a staple perk of Gamer`s Club Unlocked(GCU) going forward where gamers can trade their current gen version of a title into a nex gen counterpart. GTA V has been an epic selling title with over 33 million copies sold so being able to secure a larger % of the next gen sales will also be huge for BB. You`ve already done well by offering $10 credit for pre-ordering the next gen version but in order to secure the customers who already have the current gen you`re gonna need more otherwise they`ll just wait for a sale price. Piggybacking a trade in promo directly designed to get the current gen trade in & next gen $10 pre-order will be the best deal going meaning BB will see a huge influx of trades, $10 pre-orders & even GCU subs. Work the marketing out to get GCU in the actual marketing materials which combined with GTA V hype will propel interest in the program. A commercial campain along the lines of what Walmart currently does should do wonders.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the suggestion. We already provide a customer the option to trade-in their old games for Best Buy gift cards.
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Status: Acknowledged
by balajiece15 on ‎06-13-2014 10:31 PM

Hi BB,
I am a great fan of your website at the same time i would like to let you know some thing interesting on your site.
Actually i am trying to apply the filter which is available at left side of the site.
and finally i am trying to list only desktops, but unfortunately i am getting apple hard drives in the list sorted.

check it yourself:

Please take care of this issue.

Thank you.

Status: Acknowledged
The link you provided seems to be working now. I show it goes to Desktops and All-in-one computers.


This commercial will include the well know actor Charlie sheen And will attack Just Because Best Buy Has too Show The World Who Is Boss..  And We are not Scared Of Any One..


Commercial will start out like the End of two & a half men with Charlie in a coffee open casket.


The coffee will have a giant best buy logo on it. All of the people in the funeral home will be bby employees dressed all in black with the men wearing yellow bby ties And the women  yellow flower on their dresses  And Charlie will have a black suit on with a yellow bby tie also.


While an employee is giving their respects over the coffee all of the sudden Charlie will jump up out of the coffee A woman screams  And Charlie says " So you all thought I was Dead didn't you ! "  Then he will run out of the funeral home And outside will be the best buy race car Charlie will jump threw the window of the car And peel off.. The owner of the race car. Matt Kenseth will run after the car with is hands in the air yelling "Stop that's not your car ! " Then he will say " I don't believe Charlie sheen just stole my car" - Well that's the last time I leave my keys in my car" . Next scene is Charlie driving threw the the city And cops are chasing him passed a bby store. And the cops are setting up a road block ahead the road block consists of hundreds of Amazon boxes that Charlie just drives right threw in a dramatic fashion. Then he happens to see traffic ahead And he drives up a parked flat bed toe truck in the angle of a ramp And the car fly's threw the air into a giant Amazon billboard.




Then the car lands on a race car track during a race And he is driving next too a Amazon race car And dives pass the checkered flag just passed the Amazon car And their is a close up of Charlie And he says is famous line " WINNING" .. End of commercial. Or so you think ..


Next scene Charlie is sneaking around near a Amazon helicopter in the middle of the race track that is about to take off Charlie is putting yellow bby labeled grenades pulling the pins out And putting them under the helicopter's rail. Then Charlie runs away And the helicopter starts to take off And it EXPLODES!!  Now That's the real End of the commercial..

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the video suggestion.

I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting this to happen. It just seems like some games get the $10 MyBB certificate after those who pre-ordered it purchase it at launch and occasionally movies will have a $X amount of movie cash to go see the movie while it's still in theaters with a pre-order.


But RARELY do I ever see a pre-order bonus like, let's say the small artbook and CD soundtrack that the game Catherine received at Amazon and Gamestop. I actually had that game pre-ordered at Best Buy but when release date came and I saw that you guys didn't get the same consideration from the publisher as other retailers and the artbook/CD was missing, I'll admit that I cancelled my pre-order and went somewhere where I could get those items.


Why? Because while a $5/$10 or sometimes $20 certificate is nice and will generate loyalty amongst some gamers, some of us sometimes would like a nice little physical bonus on TOP of those loyalty rewards to further entice us.


So how about it? Tell publishers you guys are serious about trying to out-Gamestop Gamestop and want the same pre-order goodies they dole out to the big boys of game sales.

Status: Acknowledged
We should already be providing physical pre-order bonuses when provided to us by the vendor. I know we have in the past and should continue to do so into the future.
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I wanted to see reviews for a recently discontinued product, is there a way to see them?  I was specifically looking for the questions and reviews for this Dell PC - Model: I7368-0027GRY SKU: 5216602, the item description and picture come up online but I can't click thru to the reviews (per a google search there are 729 reviews).  We are now having a wifi connection issue with it and I recall some of the reviews had the same problem along with some solutions to try.  Thanks for the help. 

Status: Acknowledged

There just isn't a way for us to provide this information. Sorry.

Please Carry Pentax DSLRs

Status: Acknowledged
by Kyder99 on ‎10-20-2012 12:18 PM

Recently, the Pentax K-30 was featured on Pop Photography magazine as a top consumer pick, praising the camera's sub $1,000 price point, weather sealing against dust and water, incredibly quick autofocus and impressive low light capability. The editor was so impressed the review was on the cover of the magazine. It is available only on


The Pentax K-5 ($1250), which obliterated the Sony A77($2000) in a high ISO torture-test by, has a successor, the Pentax K-5 II and the Pentax K-5 IIs. With a newly redesigned autofocus system promising low-light performance down to -3EV autofocus (rivaled only by the forthcoming Canon 6D), 77 weather seals, and a new LCD panel that is without an air-gap between the panes of glass, leaving a sharper, higher quality screen, it looks to be a very high quality follow up. The "S" model of the camera is without an Anti-Aliasing filter just like the Nikon D800/D800E which results in sharper images for certain types of photography. The sensor benchmarking company, DXO Mark listed the older Pentax K-5 at a score of 82/100 which sounds low but actually is 11th in their rankings of all the cameras they have ever reviewed- The top 10 is dominated by medium format monsters and full frame professional cameras. These two follow up cameras are not even on the website- yet and are already shipping units.


These cameras are performance driven cameras. They have special triats designed for different tastes and currently Best Buy isn't even carrying the best that they have to offer. At least have them on order from the website, I want to use the financing, I want to get Rewards points and most importantly, I don't want to go to Amazon to have to get what I want. Please see what can be done to get the products better in stock on the website, but also maybe even test them in stores.



Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the suggestion.

Video Game prequels

Status: Acknowledged
by dknasty on ‎10-28-2012 12:35 AM

Its kind of dissapointing when I go into Best Buy, before the new video game season, and I can't find prequels to any of the new games. It would be cool if they carried more of those or even threw a coupon or two in the @gamer magazine. One good example is hitman this year. I really wanted to pick up a copy of blood money before absolution came out, and they're were none to be found, not even online. I had to settle going to gamestop and paying $23 for a fairly old game without a case. 

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the suggestion.

I am not an employee of Best Buy, nor the most technologically advanced person in the world, but I think that Best Buy needs to better utilize their store employees in order to create a competitive advantage and to differentiate themselves from competitors. Their greatest strength is the knowledge of their employees, and this asset is often not turned into a sale. What if Best Buy was able to bundle this knowledge into a sale? I think that Best Buy tries to cater to highly technological customers, whereby they should also try to reach out to the less technologically advanced consumers? What if Best Buy offered a free half hour individual training session to customers who purchased their product? This would allow customers the opportunity to gain an understanding of their newly purchased product. I think that less technologically advanced customers would choose a product at Best Buy over Amazon, Wal-Mart, or other competitors due to this option. This service would also allow employees an opportunity to teach customers about their products, rather than always focusing on selling the product. This service could also be a new revenue stream for Best Buy by marketing it to people who bought their product elsewhere.  Do people think that this business model could be possible and beneficial for Best Buy?

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input.
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Puting a alarm in the controller, with a button on the Game Consule will allow the controllers to be found instantly, and allot easier to play games and not have to worry about losing things, or having to search every where. Life and the Gaming industry would be at the top of the game once this is established. It should be mandatory for all game consule controllers.



Finding controllers for all game consules has been a ordeal that is overwhealming. It is the hardest thing to deal with , and it happens every day and every other hour.


Status: Acknowledged

Interesting ideas, but these suggestions really need to go to the manufacturers.

Price match online orders

Status: Acknowledged
by Browninggold on ‎11-26-2012 12:05 PM

Price match when purchasing online

Status: Acknowledged already does Price-match under specific circumstances, and only when requested over the phone. To get more specifics on this just go here on

as the subject says, would be cool to have a  Best Buy GeekSquad/Black Tie website to check account/file claim etc =)


Status: Acknowledged
Believe it or not, we already do! To track the status of a repair, simply visit and click on the "Track Your Repair" link in the upper right-hand corner of the page. You can also check the status of your service plan coverage on Simply click on the "Support Plans" link at the top of the page, then on the "Log In & Get Started" link on the following page. International customers can also obtain support for their product covered by a service plan through our international support website:

Employee discount

Status: Acknowledged
by zachm on ‎10-15-2012 03:14 PM

You should offer Premier Silver customers the Employee discount one day a year. Not on a Sunday. Maybe like middle of the week.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for sharing.

zagg extrem full body for iphone 5

Status: Acknowledged
by sweetykvirani on ‎10-15-2012 04:45 PM

Hi why u r not keeping zagg extreme full body for iphone 5 in your store this is the time people can buy 

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea.

Create twitter account for each store

Status: Acknowledged
by dct_zhai on ‎05-23-2012 10:46 PM

Can we have each local BBY store to have their own twitter account.  This give a customer a way to contact store directly for specific store related question.  This account could be handled by C/S rep.  We will extend our POS system to allow specific POS station at C/S area to display customer service related question.


We could also use this twitter account to allow local store manager to broadcast store specific items to people who follow their local store.  It will be also great to announce store specific community based events.  Like Oakdale, MN store did a local reach out event with Skyview Elementary school.  It is great way to be connected with local store.


In summary doing this will:

a.) Increase awareness of special sales event at each store location;

b.) Make store specific customer service issues handled at store;

c.) Increase community outreach awareness in the community;


I can work with our team to work out SWOT analysis.  There are ways for IT, which I work, to consolidate individual store twitter account with central Twelpforce account.


We can bring this idea further when each our floor rep is connected with a handle device, then each person can have an individual twitter account based on role and specialty.  


When customer is in the store, then he or she can reach out to an agent who he can not see but needed help.  This increases responsiveness.


Over time, all of the twitter question and response can be aggregated, then KB can be created to allow Watson like of response from central server to reduce manual work by our floor agents.





Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input on this idea
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Status: Acknowledged
by ngrbnelson on ‎10-26-2012 11:18 PM

iam an employee at one of your stores in maryland i was wondering so that sores can get rid of all the open items by maybe working with an auction website like ebay or potentially make our own to sell the open items alot quicker

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea. As AMP12 pointed out we do already have some partners in this space.
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