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Changing the return policy a little.

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by Aggression on ‎10-02-2012 06:41 PM

I think that, as long as the original item purchased is unopened, and the buyer still has the original receipt, the item, like a DVD, can be returned for a refund. I say this because I fear that a DVD box set I purchased a while back may be defected, but I haven't opened it yet to confirm if it is.

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Thanks for the input.

Best Buy Field?

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by Retired: Community Analyst on ‎03-30-2012 04:30 PM

If and when the MN legislation passes a new Stadium Bill for the Minnesota Vikings, Best Buy should try purchasing the naming rights to the new stadium to have a marketing property to promote products and services, promote customer retention & increase market share.


Smiley Happy

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There is an ongoing discussion on the warranties board started by a former employee whose protection plan is essentially worthless now that he is no longer employed with the company. The problem is that the plan only covers up to the original purchase price, and now that he no longer gets an employee discount... that amount is not enough to cover a full replacement of the defective product.


Similarly, customers who buy a protection plan on sale items are going to face the same problem... a voucher or credit for the sale price will rarely be enough to replace the defective item with an identical or comparable replacement.


Long story short, it is impossible for the current protection plan (which is based on "purchase price") to make customers whole on sale items.


Why not just assess the cost of purchasing the BTPP based on the regular pricing of that item?





Past Due-Show Love for PC Gamers

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by on ‎06-08-2012 01:14 AM

I love the direction that the gamers club is headed & have been supporting it from day 1 but there's a severe blind spot that BB has towards PC gamers. The @gamer coupons need to be edited to include PC titles along with the console versions too. And there should be more total coupons/deals focused on PC gamers. BB is to be THE place to buy games so service ALL types of gamers & enjoy the sales across the board.

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Thanks for all the feedback on this idea.

movie rental/to own

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by mailjavier on ‎04-03-2012 01:46 PM

renting movies on line and if people like them, they can come into any store and get them at a discount

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Thanks for the input
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I am only writing this because I care about stores.

It is a real plus for shoppers to window shop at your expense. I do not know how you can keep your doors open.

Why not charge a membership fee to "window shop" and refund it as things are purchased?


Maybe charge a $20 annual fee to come in-- like REI., and give people twice the fee back when they buy. There are lots of schemes for this. I went to REI and go a $10 discount, and had not bought for over a year. Will I be back there to buy? Yes.


Why not let customers shop online while IN the store, and give a 2% discount or something-- for the gasoline expense or whatever.


Why not provide some services at a reasonable expense, or live mini-classes on how to use APPS, or to be more efficient, or fixing wi-fii problems at home, or comparing cable TV providers- saving people time and money?


I do not go often to Best Buy because I feel treated like crap-- a second class citizen -- when waiting in the check-out line. Who wants to feel like a watched criminal? I guess I do not go shopping much anymore anyway because of this. (Now you have what you deserve, perhaps.)


I KEA sells FOOD. It is FUN to go there, usually.


I hope you survive, but as long as those creepy check-out lines are there, I probably will not be back.


Did any human read this? please reply.






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Thanks for the input

I can save Best Buy!!!!!

Status: Acknowledged
by amer8550 on ‎07-25-2012 11:27 PM

When I don't purchase at best buy, I buy on eBay or Amazon. SOOOOOO ..Offer online auctions similar to eBay for local open box, clearance and end of life items. Offer store pick up and have a consultation counter to get the item instantly. Offer an Iphone/ android app so you can bid on the go or in the store.  Also, take a giant 70" and put it next to said consultation counter and have an "ending soon list" where people can get the app, do upgrade checks Smiley Wink, and have them bid on the spot. It would create the fun atmosphere of an auction. Have you ever seen a Barrett Jackson Auction? It will get more traffic in the doors and offer exclusive items for us silver members Smiley Wink. This way you have the opportunity to upsell and offer more solutions on the spot. You know what they are coming to get so you can have what else they need ready to offer! In return the customer gets to eliminate sketchy shipping, and get the product faster! Lets get best of both worlds (Internet shopping with Buy Buy reliability, knowledge and info) Holler at me if I can help!!!!! - G 

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Thanks for the input on this idea.
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Company wide CPR/BLS training

Status: Acknowledged
by CLB on ‎05-16-2012 11:56 PM

I am a paramedic/AHA instructor by trade in Louisville, KY.  In addition to that job I am part of the product process team at #440 in Bowling Green, KY.  After several conversations and unofficial polling, I have learned that as a company we have failed to give our employees the training to recognize and handle medical emergencies.  While I would never expect a Best Buy employee to know how to handle every emergency, it is both alarming and disheartening to know that there is no opportunity for employees to be trained at even the most basic levels of medical response.


My idea is simple.  As it stands, the American Heart Association offers a computer based training program for CPR and basic life support.  This program is not timed and can be completely at your own pace.  The best part of this this training is that upon its completion, the only requirements to complete it is a hands-on skills check off that can be completed any time as long as an AHA instructor is present to grade you.  The skills portion only takes 30 minutes and can be done anywhere.


To implement this idea, Best Buy would only need to offer the on-line course via learning lounges.  The training costs $65 but in the event that bulk licenses are purchased, a discount is given.  Employees would only need to log in as usual and then complete the course at their leisure.  Upon its completion the skills portion would be scheduled and when done, the employee would be trained in CPR and BLS.


This program would give our employees an added tool to not only use should the need arise but also would give them the ability to be able to save a life of someone they know or love.  Even if Best Buy did not officially sanction this training to be offered while at work, simply buying the licenses for employees to use on their own time would do wonders.


My goal beyond this project is to make Best Buy a leader as a corporation and have AED's in every store.  There are very few places outside of many malls that have an AED and by making them a common sight, hopefully others would follow suit and deploy them as well.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the feedback

As a former strategy consultant for a large Atlanta based retail consultancy, I can see a real potential for BB and Lowes to form a marketing/sales partnership.  Lowes has been struggling as has BB with market conditions, and BB would be a natural to manage a smaller footprint consumer electronics/appliance store with Lowes.  Lowes gets to offload some of its overhead costs, while taking advantage of BBs supply chain on the appliance side.   There also may be some synergies with the on-line operations to benefit each other.  


I like both companies and have been a good customer of both, although less in the last couple years as service and product availability has faltered.  Both companies can continue to be successful although through revenue growth and not from further brick and mortar expansion.  The solutions are out there if you choose to change.   

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Thanks for the idea
I for one do not like having to print out my reward zone certificates in order to use them in the store. New Process When I am at the register and the cashier scans my card or looks up my information, the system should be able to tell the cashier how many certificates I have, the amounts and the expiration date. At that point I can tell him/her if I would like to use any of them or if would like to save them. If I want to use them him/her would select the specific certificates and it would then apply to my total. I think this would be something that would increase customer satisfaction as it relates to the reward process.
Status: We Did It!
Thanks for all the comments and insights into this idea. I am glad to report that Reward Zone members can now automatically redeem their reward certificates at the register without having to print them out in advance. Members would still need to generate their certificate in advance, from the points they have acquired, but do not need to print them out. Thanks again!

A lot of places like iTunes and Blockbuster allow people to pre-order things they want before they come out. Actually, for Blockbuster, you get to add stuff to a queue because they allow you to rent online, so you can basically put movies that haven't been released yet into a queue and they will be sent out when they are available. I wish Best Buy did this for music and movies as well because then people can order them ahead of time without having to wait for them to come out. 

Status: Acknowledged
User Dval is correct that we do provide the ability to pre-order Music and Movies on

Digital distribution

Status: Acknowledged
by Rev on ‎08-26-2012 07:07 PM

Its a simple idea that countless other venders use, make your processing for digital media downloads faster! Steam, origin and others offer instant download of their products. I was absolutely appalled that it took over 24 hours to process my order on a digital download. Make it happen captain.

Status: Acknowledged
We are always looking at ways to better serve our customers, and I agree that the faster you receive a digital download the better. As Dval pointed out there could be a good reason why yours took over 24 hours to process, but I can promise you your voice has been heard on this.
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 What do you experience when shopping in Best Buy vs. What you experience when you shop at


I come into this having worked for Best Buy for almost 6 years throughout college. I enjoyed working in the store, made a lot of friends, and met some wonderful people. I believe that with these certain times, the webpage should reproduce what is it like inside of a store.


I know a lot of people shopping online "already know" what they are looking for, but I also know that there are many who have no idea what they are buying/ purchasing, or how to use it, etc.

The experience when you go to a store is friendly, unbiased, and knowledgeable information on the3 subject, product, or service that Best Buy provides to the consumer - this is not matched with the experience.

I feel as though the website is secondary to the brick and mortar store, which it used to be like that, but with the changes in the economy, adding a feature to the webpage to become more useable, as well as unique. And being unique is not only what Best Buy prides itself on, but it would also help pull itself away from competitors online.


The way i could see this being incorporated into the webpage is providing an image of a salesperson on the side of the page saying "Anything I can help you with?" or  "What can I help you find?" or another attention grabber that states "I am here to help you with whatever yo uare doing on the webpage"

This image is then linked to a system that provides a sales representative, by messaging system/ phone system/ email system/ video system. Bringing the knowledgeable consultant to the webpage.

These Online Sales Consultants will ask the same questions they would to the consumer if said consumer was in store, unbiased information provided, with links to items, or if you want to go crazy, even provide external links as sources.


The consultants could work from home, or from a new office, and could be moved from store positions into these new roles.

Only thing is, Best Buy must ensure that they are knowledgeable on all types of products, or have it departmentalized as it is in-store.


I am not saying to give up on your brick and mortar stores, i believe they do have promise in the future and some roles may change in that, but this online update would bring that same friendly, knowledgeable service to web users.

People looking for help can get the help they need, those not looking for help do not have to click the link/ image to speak with a representative, and also don't feel like they are being forced to use a representative.


What does the internet/ Best Buy think of this? Let me know! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Status: Acknowledged
We do currently have chat support for different products. Thanks for the idea.

Solution - Promos w/stock issues

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-01-2012 03:01 PM


There are in-store promos that are available for RZ gamers club members(free & paid)


$40 off Twisted Metal


$40 off Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3(only for paid GCU members)


$25 off Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3


Now I'm glad to see better deals being offered to paid GCU members since this is a well deserved(thank you keep em coming) perk but the issue at hand is stock. I don't believe this is a stock clearing clearance deal since neither of these titles should be on clearance & they're still on the website. Not to mention the @gamer coupons seem to be a better way to clear stock & improve the GCU subscription based all in one move.


But it's hard to find copies of TW even before the deal went live which can be frustrating for people interested to get in on the deal only to find out 4-5 BB's in their area don't have it in stock or stock is so limited already that people just "reserve" a copy thru in-store p/u, then return/rebuy using the coupon.


In cases where this takes place & the stock in area(s) is just so limited we should be able to have the discount applied to online orders vs losing out on the deal altogether. I fully understand that the purpose of these coupons is to increase store foot traffic so it should only be made avail. when local stores are either severely limited with stock or are completely sold out. The larger discount would generate more paid GCU memberships but not if people can't participate in the deal that's actually making them want to join which doesn't help BB at all. And now the customer is unhappy & could loss faith in BB and/or the GC all together.


Same issue applies here too

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input on this idea.

Who hasn't heard of the Nike/Ipod app that tracks your physical movement activity?  This is Cool technology.  Cool technology can also track your blood pressure, blood oxygen level, blood sugar level, heart rate, weight, etc..  As health costs continue to rise, consumers will be spending more on self-management.  So, not only Cool, but cost-effective - a real ROI on the tech spend.  


On the other end of the spectrum is necessity.  Baby-boomers are now beginning to deal with the health of their parents.  The wish of the parents and baby-boomer children is to keep the parent's in their home setting as long as possible, but knowing that their health is not compromised.  In-home health technology is only beginning to reach the market, and the market is anticipated to be substantial.  Consider a blue-tooth hub in the home that collects data from a weight scale, a blood pressure monitor, a heart rate monitor, a blood glucose monitor, a monitor attached to a medication dispenser, and makes that data available to a physician and the baby-boomer child.  Consider thet same bluetooth hub supporting a life-alert fob.


The personal health technology market is current fractious and the retailer that consolidates the various apps and capabilities to deliver products and services will be first into this very large opportunity.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input on this idea.

I went to my local Best Buy store last week only to be dissapointed with only one shelf of PC games. There was not much of a selection, and there were some games that were still on the shelf that were about 5 years old, the price never was marked down on it.


BestBuy used to be chock full of computer games for sale, but the variety and availbility has dwindled greatly.


The prices on much older games still don't seem fair and should be re-evaluated.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea.
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My suggestion for Best Buy is to stop wasting time and energy looking for a new CEO right now. Time is money!




1.) Keep closing stores that are dragging down the company. Nothing personal to all affected employees just business. Let's swallow our pride and move on. 


2.) All stores that have a 20% or more Latino Market in their area, restructure the stores to go after the Latino Market. Turn them into Latino Best Buys, since all other markets shop online and use Best Buys stores as their showroom and then buy on Amazon.That means Latino GMs, Latino, Managers, & Latino Employees. Make it easy for Latino Customers to shop and get credit.  

(Note: Latino Stores that offer products and services are still very much in business and turning  a huge profit)



  • The Latino Market had a $1.2 Trillion with a "T" Spending Power for 2011
  • Most Latinos are not purchasing product on-line yet, they prefer to walk into stores to buy products. 
  • Most Latino Businesses that offer products and services are still in business
  • Most Latinos are employed and not unemployed.  
  • Most Latinos pay in cash unless they need to make a very large purchase then they will buy in credit. 


3.) "IF YOU CAN'T WIN THEM, JOIN THEM" Mirror Amazon's format, structures, and procedures. Who cares if they call Best Buy "COPY CATS" if the company is making profits. Right? Best Buy has something Amazon doesn't, GEEK SQUAD!













Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input on this idea

Add Spouse to Reward Zone

Status: Acknowledged
by mdemop on ‎06-24-2012 04:49 AM

It would make my wife and I shop more at Best Buy if we both could shop on our Reward Zone account. As it is now I need to wait to go with her but I would go solo more if I could be added to her account. Ironically most of the purchases are fueled my me but she already had a Reward Zone account so we just started using hers and now we are Silver.

Status: Acknowledged
We appreciate the feedback on this idea.

Over the last couple of weeks, I set up a Reward Zone ID.  Shortly after my recent purchase, I was asked to rate the purchase.  Imagine my surprise when I found that the Reward Zone account would not work as an account to rate my purchase.  The next surprise was when I decided to submit an idea on this forum.  Once again, I was surprised to learn that this was yet a different account.  Not only are they three separate accounts, but they don't even have consistent account name and password rules!  At least one of the sites does not accept special characters in the password, so it can't even utilize an acceptably complex password.


My suggestion is that Best Buy unify the sites so that customers don't have to remember three separate accounts to access Best Buy related sites.

Status: We Did It!
Since the launch of My Best Buy a customer can now log into both their account and their My Best Buy account with the same credentials as long as they have these two accounts linked.

Expanded Best Buy app

Status: Acknowledged
by Avanti on ‎05-30-2012 01:07 PM

    I use my own smart phone with the Best Buy app everyday to scan the bar codes and tell the customer about specs, reviews, comparisons and more.  My main issue is I often "sell" a TV's to a customer that wants it ASAP only to find we have no stock in RSS. 


In my dream world, we'd have access to RSS via a smart app and maybe more.We are due a connected store upgrade, perhaps we'll get something like my idea. The Apple stores do it, and it's a great way to show the customer the connected world.


BTW, the Best Buy app needs to be fact checked. i.e. I sell a lot of Elite TV's at store 163, yet the app does not show we sell them in our Magnolia room.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea
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