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It's become clear confirmed by local employees at my local Best Buy Store that they won't be carrying physical game discs anymore because their research led to believe that people download games more then buy them on disc


That is fine, as I don't have anymore room for them to be honest. But Best Buy has potential in their download platform and not everyone can use a credit card online to use your services. I remember back in the day purchasing a new game along with a new computer. Don't think this is possible anymore.


Also, maybe partner up with the digital gaming service STEAM and sell Steam Wallet Vouchers people can purchase in the store and load into their wallet so they don't have to use their credit cards online.


Please continue to be my store of digital technology awesomeness and give more love to PC Gamers.


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Thanks for the idea.

Recycling Vestibule Upgrade

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by autumndavis on ‎09-30-2012 12:41 PM
Best Buy Recycling is great but I have a few suggestions: how about an emphasis stated somewhere that the bins are not for one-time use batteries? This would give the customers more information and better education so that the acidic materials can be handled more properly. Another idea to help improve customer safety is to give the customer directions from the bin regarding where to go with items too large to deposit into the bins. This would help keep the vestibule clear of any abandoned items obstructing the walkway. Additionally, state somewhere on the recycle center that Best Buy does not accept old televisions greater than 32 inches - this will save many customers a lot of trouble loading and unloading unnecessarily.
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Thanks for the idea.

Fix IFTTT Integration

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by gadgeteer on ‎06-21-2015 10:33 PM

I use IFTTT to monitor price changes on certain items that I'm looking to purchase and more recently something has changed on hte back end where it's generating an erorr "Couldn't verify with Best Buy." IFTTT has no way of contacting them to report issues like this but I figured they're probably using some sort of Best Buy API that may have undergone changes recently that is causing this error to occur. Best Buy's developers should partner with IFTTT to get this corrected because A LOT of people use this free service.

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Is anyone else having this issue? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

One AppStore App and Passbook Capability

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by vaan285 on ‎05-20-2013 04:06 PM

I know this subject has been touched upon a couple of times but I hope this time the idea gets picked up!


BestBuy needs one universal application for iPhone and Android systems.  Combine RewardZone, Store, Deals, Game Trade-In & Library and Coupon apps into ONE universal application.  I have noticed that some of the apps do not work properly all the time and crash upon opening.  It's cumbersome to download four to five apps for the same store...BestBuy!  Re-work the shopping experience into one unique one, by providing RewardZone, Store Site, Deals, Game Trade-In & Game Library and Coupons into one awesome application.  


This would save users time from "multitasking" through numerous applications and save the user battery life while shopping on the go, pulling up reward certificates or adding a game to their library.  I have an iPhone 5 and using BestBuy's site and applications are great...when they work!  


One of the great things of having a smart phone is the use of NFC (eWallets) or Apple's Passbook applications.  These applications provide the customer the ability to put their RewardZone Membership card, RewardZone Certificates or store coupons all stored in one place on their mobile device.  This would save a bunch of money by not having to buy so much paper on something that will just be thrown out in a matter of minutes.  Yes, there will be a demographic of people that still use their regular cell phones and not have the above capabilities.  These customers should still be able to print from stores or from their homes.  


The idea of having one application, Passbook/NFC support would be one of the great things BestBuy should do to their applications on the iPhone App Store and Android Market.  I know personally, this would be a great experience and easily view everything in one application and to have the ability to pull my member card from my Passbook application.  I hope BestBuy implements this as soon as possible!

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Mobile Customer Service in Store

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by amarcg on ‎05-24-2013 12:46 PM

This was submitted by one of our Consumer Relations Agents- Customer called complaining on how long it takes to have a mobile phone checked in for repair. The customer also advised me that you have to go to another line to get a loaner phone. I think it would be a great idea to have a ticket dispenser. The customer be called over the intercom when it's their turn.

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Would anyone else like to see our Customer Service desk and/or Geek Squad precinct be run on a ticketed system? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Casio has already pubilished tr150 and tr200 for several months, and they will release the new tr cameras on May 30th, 2013. Lots of my friends really want to buy these cameras, but they cant find them in best buy or any digital store in Canada. Could Best Buy provide this series of cameras? Plz Smiley Surprised

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for sharing. From what I found out in the past we will not be carrying this line of camcorders from Casio.

Make product Q&A's more accessible.

Status: Acknowledged
by gadgeteer on ‎06-16-2013 10:35 PM

I noticed after I left a review for an item on there was a Questions & Answers page that popped up so I started answering some of the questions about the product (in this case a printer) yet I have no idea how to even access this.  Best Buy should add a tab on product infromation pages that includes community Q&A's so people can ask questions about and get answers about prospective purchases easier.   


You have a lot of knowledagble customers out there that would be glad to help out and answer a question or two but it's almost as if this Q&A is hidden.  

Status: Acknowledged
I can't agree more that we have a lot of knowledgeable customers, and we should be doing our best to leverage this asset. Questions and Answers is one way we do try and leverage this, and from what I can see this option is at the bottom of each product page. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

   Best Buy here in Waynesville, NC I have to say is pretty good store. The Location is not the best by any means ,that said I do shop there.  Sales people and Product knowlege in computers I have found is prett good and in camera dept as well. 

       I as in Marketing and Music for many many yrs. We live in very unique demographic here. I moved here fron New Hampshire 13 yrs ago.  The Smoky Moutains here word of mouth sells products and services before any TV add or Yellow Page add. 

       I had a few thoughts here. One is let's say you camera Dept. You have great variety of prodicts the Go Cam and so forth. you have the little Screen you can go watch this produced video. All well and good. 

        My thought is why would you not take some of these products put them into the hands of local people such as Photograpers that might go and cover a Music Festival ( I have one in mind is why say this) that i help produce. Or different events.

Let's use White Water Kayak events for instance which is huge in the Nanahala George. Bring those kind of identafible events  that the product was used hands on and people recognize.

         Have the a live walking talking testimonial that could do an event in the store and take questions talk about the product. Honest reviews. This can could apply to many of the products in store. 

     I have friend who is Photographer and he covers major events and is sponsored by some very excellent organizations and we were talking about the fact it would be nice to have hands on in an actual setting to put products to the test. Same with Computers  This ridiculous Microscam windows product. I would begin loading Linux Operating Systems in a few machines in store. 

          Imagine an affordable computer that you do not need to add a bunch of hokey virus protection programs and can actually use.

    For elderly people to point and click and not have run a bunch ad on programs just to use 

Status: Tell Us More
I've been in a number of stores where the Digital Imaging expert for that store showcased some of their personal work to show what our products are capable of. I've never seen video showcased in this manner, and I can certainly see where you are coming from on this. I do think it would be logistically very difficult to be consistent in this nationwide, and results would vary greatly. Would anyone else like to see this in our stores? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Finding items from BestBuy can be a pain when the item get de-listed from since you can no longer use the site to search local stores. This has been a consistant problem with video games & it happens alot on titles that are specifically part of @gamer coupon promos and/or Gamer's club exclusive coupons.


Yes, you can still call the store but since you have de-listed the item a non-BB savvy customer may not know how to get a hold of the SKU # or the rep who answers the call may have little to no knowledge of the item that is being requested. There's a big difference in the vanilla version and GOTY version but non gamers won't have a clue as to what GOTY means.


I see there's a way to research de-listed items being customer reviews but that only gets you the SKU # not the ability to look it up in stores. As a customer who drops into 7-10 different BestBuy's a month I see how big this issue is and too mahy times some stores have 2-3 stacks of items that are de-listed. Since it makes sense for you to sell them I'd assume allowing a cusomer to find the item would need to be made a priority.


I thinks it's been suggested before but a system update in general is probably past due.

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the input on this idea.

Video Game Beta Codes

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by SwiftNinja on ‎01-31-2016 03:52 PM

There needs to be a better system for beta codes/keys. The email way is more of a wait and see if you preorder close to the launch of the beta. I think moving the codes to the Digital Library after a preorder purchase for online orders is a better and more organized way of keeping track and also to keep traffic down during the time of a beta. Most people have unorganized email accounts and some emails get blocked, moved to spam, or deleted altogether. Moving the codes to the Digital Library almost seems to easy.

Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see this idea implemented? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

To better serve customer service Best Buy should implement a live chat customer support feature on to help handle problems/general questions in regards to orders, adjustments, and price matches.


The phone support system is very dated and always problematic due to constant disconnects when transferred and then several reps not understanding what we are trying to explain in certain situations. And in regards to price matches and adjustments it would make the process more smooth, faster, and less painless for the consumer. There are several pros to having a live chat support feature on the website:


  • It would give Best Buy another option to customer support taking some of the burden being completely on the phone reps decreasing wait time to customers.
  • Customers could reference specific pages or policies on website to the live chat support rep by being able to link the pages in the live chat session.
  • Price matches and price adjustments process would be more efficient and less time consuming by the customer being able to post the best buy item product page and the product page of the store they are price matching much faster and more convenience by being able post the link of those pages inside of the live chat session with the best buy reps.
Status: Acknowledged

We do provide live chat on our website, and these agents can provide policy information and post-purchase price matches.

It seems like Radio Shack is the only brick-and-mortar store that still carries any kind of hobbyist electronics, and even then more of their stores are being pushed towards primarily cell phones and toys.  I think it would be great if Best Buy carried a small selection of development boards and prototyping kits as well as some of the basics (soldering irons/solder, wire, breadboards, resistors, capacitors, etc).  I'm mainly thinking of the most popular items in the community, like Arduino/shields, Raspberry Pi, Little Bits, Lego Mindstorm, etc.  Also, an online shop would be nice, especially if orders could be shipped to store.


If they had them in stores, it would also be cool for Best Buy to hold community events where someone explains/showcases something that can be made with one of the kits.

Status: Tell Us More

I'm not sure if that's the market we want to go into, but I would like to hear if others have any input on this idea. Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

Allow Product Reviews to be updated.

Status: Tell Us More
by flagrant99 on ‎04-08-2015 12:12 PM

1. Add a link to all reviews submitted under an account. Link the reviews to the account rather than an unlinked handle.

2. Allow reviewers to update a previously submitted review.

Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see this change to our product reviews? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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Any way to get this game for Pre-Order on Playstation 4 and Windows?  That'd be awesome!

Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see this game open up for pre-orders? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

Camera testing area

Status: Tell Us More
by fuzzylogic218 on ‎01-12-2015 10:57 AM - last edited on ‎01-12-2015 11:22 AM by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist

This weekend my wife and I visited your store in Cherry Hill NJ. We are shopping for a new point and shoot camera. We looked at your display of camera and played around with a few of them. I asked the assistant Josh (who was wonderful and very knowledgable) what his opinion was and what help can he provide me and my wife about the Samsung camera. He explained the camera in great detail and made my wife and I comfortable about making the purchase. Yet here was the issue I ran into. After playing with the cameras zoom and other options we could not test to see how it would work in low lighting such as a bar or wedding that has very dark envirnments. So I asked Josh if he could let me take the camera into the Home Theatre area and take some photos to test its low light abilities. Unfortunately he was unable to remove the camera from its security locks and let me test the camera. My suggestion would be this.


Create an area just for testing specific products such as the cameras.It doesnt have to be a large area just big enough to test. Or at least let customers (supervised of coarse) take the camera into the Home Theatre area where they can test low lighting conditions. 


If your true intention is to make the sale of a camera I think letting the customer test the product like that will help them with making a better purchase. Let them test the camera in a similar environment they might find themselves in after purchasing. Just a thought you do as you please. Thank you.


Brett {removed per forum guidelines}


PS. In the end I purchased the camera thanks to Josh. Sorry didnt get his last name but he is a new hire as of 1.12.15

Status: Tell Us More

I'm not sure how we would guard against theft, but I do like the idea. Would anyone else like to see this as a reality? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

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Customer Service Giftcards

Status: Tell Us More
by eda303044 on ‎03-26-2015 12:23 PM

I was given a bestbuy gift card that i could redeem at I normally dont purchased nothing from bestbuy, if I need something online my first choice is always I spend 30-50 minnutes finding what i wanted and when i go to paid with my giftcard it tells me that i cant paid with the giftcard because the items are marketplace.  I went to to purchased merchandise. When i did the search, i did not knew i had to choose bestbuy or market place just so i could redeem the giftcard. When i chat with live operator, with i think that is pretty cool, she could not find ALL the items i was looking in bestbuy.  I end up getting nothing, i thought it was waste of my time. Money supposed to be Money and it should not matter in what form does it come. If you are not going to take your own bestbuy giftcards in your own website, then dont sell them. When i get an amazon giftcard, i dont get this run around to try to find out if i can pay for it with a gift card or not. If you are trying to do what amazon is doing then do it right or better or dont do it at all. I'm very dissapointed with this experience. I think this problem could be fix by simply changing how you pay your sellers. Any giftcard should be honor in your own website regardless if is a marketplace or not and then you can pay who ever, how ever you want. Where is your customer center focus at? I hope Hubert Joly can focus on what should matter most. YOUR CUSTOMERS

Status: Tell Us More

I'm not sure what the reasoning is for not being able to use Best Buy gift cards on Marketplace orders, but I would have to guess there is a legitimate reason. With that said, I would like to hear if others would like to see this as an option? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

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Target, Gamestop and ToysRus all have/are getting exclusive Amiibo`s but not BB and you have GCU? Package the sub with the figure to boost subs.

Status: Acknowledged

Best Buy does have an exclusive Amiibo figure Meta Knight. While it's currently sold out keep an eye on as it's possible we will have more available in the future.

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Led Switch Les Lights

Status: Acknowledged
by averma on ‎07-18-2017 05:47 PM
My name is Anish Verma and I am almost 15 years old. Right now I am at a business summer camp at Stanford  trying to figure out ways to make switch-less led lighting more effective. I was writing to you to hear your thoughts about the idea about switch-less led lights, and what you want them to be. My team and I are thinking of mood lighting or heat detectors to sense what color the light should display on its own. Lastly, I was wondering if you would have something like this in your stores. 
Anish Verma (CIO/CMO of the team)
Status: Acknowledged

Interesting idea. It's not really an idea for Best Buy, but I could see us possibly selling some version of this someday. Technically there is no such thing as a switchless lights that aren't always on. I looked at your website and it sounds like you are talking about lights where the switch is some type of detection device. Interesting future product.

LG laptops

Status: Tell Us More
by jdjax on ‎04-24-2017 11:59 AM
Best Buy sells a lot of LG products but no laptops for some reason. The LG Gram seems to get high marks. Please consider getting with LG to market their laptops. Thanks
Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see us sell LG Laptops? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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Adapt Technologies, LLC is an American made manufacturer of LED lighting located in the Philadelphia area.  I would like to see about having our T8 lamps installed in Best Buy stores.  Please put me in touch with someone I can talk to about this.  Thanks.  Bob Stecker - Sales Support Specialist - Adapt Technologies

Status: Acknowledged

Anyone wishing to be a vendor partner of Best Buy needs to visit our vendor partner website Once on this website click on the start here under the "If you are interested in becoming a Partner with Best Buy".

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