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Customers should be able add products that they want to purchase into a queue and then have open box/refurb option sent directly to their email or a mybb section in their accounts. This will allow non local stores to sell though stock to customers outside their local shopping areas.
Status: Tell Us More

I really like this idea. Would anyone else like to see this as a reality? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.


Status: Tell Us More
by wtomsheck on ‎02-15-2016 03:50 PM

I'm a truck driver you could have a lot more GPS sales if you would give us truckers a place to buy the truck rand McNally GPS. this is a $300 sale or more and with over 50,000 truckers looking for the best place to buy them, i do feel you could do very well!!


thank you!


Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see us have more sales on GPS units? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

Website Security Concern

Status: Acknowledged
by bbSANS on ‎12-16-2013 01:41 AM

This idea may be most appropriately forwarded to Information Assurance or Website Administration personnel.


I have observed that Best Buy member accounts do not allow the use of special characters in their passwords.  This key piece of information can be easily obtained by attempting to create a new account, and subsequently observing a notice which informs the visitor of an alphanumeric-only password requirement.  Knowing this information provides a malefactor with a significant advantage when attempting to crack user passwords, assuming one were to obtain the password’s hash.  Most known capabilities demonstrate the ability to crack entire databases of accounts, with similar password complexity requirements as the BestBuy website, within hours.


It is perceivable that if a system was compromised, that the passwords could be determined and unauthorized activity could occur before the wrongdoing was initially detected.  This may have a larger impact on the business than the customer (who would certainly be absolved of any responsibility).  At a minimum, having more complex passwords offers a layer of protection that may delay the exploitation long enough for an organization to respond and mitigate additional loss or damages.


I understand that legacy constraints may limit the system’s ability to accept more complex passwords or that special characters may not be within the programming range of your software.  However, as a customer and concerned professional, I would hope that this issue is being addressed and that a solution will be available in the near term.





Concerned IT Professional



Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the suggestion, and I can assure you that we are continually working to keep all data as safe as possible.

Add a Bluetooth filter for Car Stereos

Status: We Did It!
by srfndave on ‎02-23-2012 04:51 PM

Bluetooth availability in car stereos is very important these days, allowing for streaming music from smartphones as well as hands free phone calls.  Yet it is very difficult to determine what car stereos being sold by Best Buy support Bluetooth.  An option to be able to filter for this would be extremely helpful.

Status: We Did It!

It looks like we do now have this filter in place. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Best Buy should get the Kanex USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (MFR # KU3CGBT) into its stores as soon as possible. Here are some arguments FOR this:


(1) Demand for the new MacBooks is at an all-time high. A check for availability of these are various Best Buy stores shows them unavilable with extended backorder times. I know from people that work at Best Buy that as soon as stores are receiving these they're selling either by online purchase or in-store pickup. 


(2) Apple does not make a competiting adapter and the price ($29.99) of this adapter is in-line with other third-party (Belkin, Insignia) adapters.


(3) It is an essential adapter for business custmoers and students alike. My local store is located near a University and I can tell you that they do not allow students to have ANY wireless devices enabled in on-campus housing. This means that the Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter and this adapter are both going to be in VERY high demand. Judging from last year, you could not find a Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter within a 150-mile radius of where I live because neither Best Buy or Apple Store was prepared for the increase in demand on this SKU and were both consequently sold out.


(4) Kanex accessories generally have 4-5 star reviews which shows they are of sufficient quality and are well-received by customers. 


(5) You will see USB-C showing up in other non-Apple devices like Chromebooks and PCs as adoption picks up later on this year and next year (example: Google's new flagship Chromebook, the Pixel, is already supporting it so I don't anticipate other OEMs being far behind on adding it to their newer models too). 


Status: Tell Us More

This product is currently available on, but I can certainly see where carrying a product like this in our stores would have advantages. Who else would like to see us carry the Kanex adapter in our stores?


Remember to vote for an idea if you like it!

To better serve customer service Best Buy should implement a live chat customer support feature on to help handle problems/general questions in regards to orders, adjustments, and price matches.


The phone support system is very dated and always problematic due to constant disconnects when transferred and then several reps not understanding what we are trying to explain in certain situations. And in regards to price matches and adjustments it would make the process more smooth, faster, and less painless for the consumer. There are several pros to having a live chat support feature on the website:


  • It would give Best Buy another option to customer support taking some of the burden being completely on the phone reps decreasing wait time to customers.
  • Customers could reference specific pages or policies on website to the live chat support rep by being able to link the pages in the live chat session.
  • Price matches and price adjustments process would be more efficient and less time consuming by the customer being able to post the best buy item product page and the product page of the store they are price matching much faster and more convenience by being able post the link of those pages inside of the live chat session with the best buy reps.
Status: Acknowledged

We do provide live chat on our website, and these agents can provide policy information and post-purchase price matches.

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 What do you experience when shopping in Best Buy vs. What you experience when you shop at


I come into this having worked for Best Buy for almost 6 years throughout college. I enjoyed working in the store, made a lot of friends, and met some wonderful people. I believe that with these certain times, the webpage should reproduce what is it like inside of a store.


I know a lot of people shopping online "already know" what they are looking for, but I also know that there are many who have no idea what they are buying/ purchasing, or how to use it, etc.

The experience when you go to a store is friendly, unbiased, and knowledgeable information on the3 subject, product, or service that Best Buy provides to the consumer - this is not matched with the experience.

I feel as though the website is secondary to the brick and mortar store, which it used to be like that, but with the changes in the economy, adding a feature to the webpage to become more useable, as well as unique. And being unique is not only what Best Buy prides itself on, but it would also help pull itself away from competitors online.


The way i could see this being incorporated into the webpage is providing an image of a salesperson on the side of the page saying "Anything I can help you with?" or  "What can I help you find?" or another attention grabber that states "I am here to help you with whatever yo uare doing on the webpage"

This image is then linked to a system that provides a sales representative, by messaging system/ phone system/ email system/ video system. Bringing the knowledgeable consultant to the webpage.

These Online Sales Consultants will ask the same questions they would to the consumer if said consumer was in store, unbiased information provided, with links to items, or if you want to go crazy, even provide external links as sources.


The consultants could work from home, or from a new office, and could be moved from store positions into these new roles.

Only thing is, Best Buy must ensure that they are knowledgeable on all types of products, or have it departmentalized as it is in-store.


I am not saying to give up on your brick and mortar stores, i believe they do have promise in the future and some roles may change in that, but this online update would bring that same friendly, knowledgeable service to web users.

People looking for help can get the help they need, those not looking for help do not have to click the link/ image to speak with a representative, and also don't feel like they are being forced to use a representative.


What does the internet/ Best Buy think of this? Let me know! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Status: Acknowledged
We do currently have chat support for different products. Thanks for the idea.

The Dark Knight Rises--Limited Edition BatCowl Display Case should include Reborn documentary

Status: Acknowledged
by godofcinema on ‎10-24-2012 06:09 PM - last edited on ‎10-25-2012 03:58 PM by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist

Dear Best Buy,


According to the website, "The Dark Knight Rises"--Blu-ray + DVD Combo with Limited Edition Bat-Cowl Display Case will NOT include "The Dark Knight Reborn", which is a documentary on the making of "The Dark Knight Trilogy". So Far, "Reborn" will only be available with "The Dark Knight Rises"--Best Buy Exclusive Limited Edition Steelbook.


We the fans of the Trilogy and the loyal customers of your great store respectfully request that the Bat-Cowl Limited Edition be made to include the coveted "Dark Knight Reborn" Blu-ray Disc. While Steelbook packaging is cool, we many serious collectors will definitely much prefer to have the Bat-Cowl displayed on our shelves. But we do not wish to have to double-dip and buy both the Steelbook and Bat-Cowl, just to have the most prestigious packaging plus the documentary.


This kind gesture of including "The Dark Kinght Reborn" along within the Bat-Cowl edition will make Best Buy the essential and only  place for us afficianados to purchase "The Dark Knight Rises" and will further implement Best Buy's long-standing reputation as America's finest electronics retailer and most unique purveyor of Blu-ray and DVD exclusives. If it is too late in the manufacturing process to have the "Reborn" BDs inserted into the Bat-Cowl boxes, then they may attached to outside of the box within a simple cardboard sleeve or else distributed in limited quantities to the first-coming customers. I am confident that Best Buy can think of a way to resolve this problem.


Thank You So Much for hearing us!


Ryan {removed per forum guidelines}

Status: Acknowledged
I am confident that we are not the manufacturer of these products, and as such would have nothing to do what is included in each product. You would really need to reach out to the manufacturer if you would like to see this disc included in the Bat-Cowl packaging. Wish I we could be more help on this.

I recently took a trip to my local Best Buy. My wife and I had bought a new oven there in December and she racked up plenty of rewards points on her account from that and I have my own rewards points that I wanted to use. I printed off her rewards certificate and went in to get something yesterday. I handed the rewards certificate to the cashier, and then went to show her my certificate on my phone, to which I was promptly told you can only use one rewards account at a time. This seems very counterintuitive to me. I am more apt to purchase something, especially of greater value, if I am able to use two rewards certificates from two different rewards accounts. There needs to be some way to combine these. Needless to say, I did not end up making a purchase yesterday because without being able to combine the two rewards certificates, the item was out of the price range of what I was willing to pay.


Then I thought, well maybe I can purchase a gift card with my wife's rewards cert and use that along with my rewards cert. And come to find out, you can't use a rewards cert to purchase a gift card. This too seems counterintuitive because you can use the rewards cert as currency to purchase something but not load it as currency onto a gift card?


I can't believe it's this hard for me to use some rewards certificates in combination.


It seems like it would be simple to just allow the system to use two different rewards certificates from two different rewards accounts.

Status: Tell Us More
It is correct that each purchase cannot use My Best Buy certificates from more than one membership. Would anyone else like to see this change? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

I looooooove the Gamer's Club Unlocked membership and have recommended it to many friends.  I was thinking that Best Buy should do the same with a movie buying program.  I can tell you I'd buy a lot more DVD's from you guys instead of Amazon if that were to happen.  It'd be great if they had the same perks as the GCU program where you get double the points and such. 

Status: Tell Us More

I'm with enuf on this in that I know there was a previous idea on this, but for some reason I wasn't able to find it. We might as well revisit this idea since I do think it is a good idea. Would anyone else like to see a program like this? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

Adding a "Silver" tier to the Gamers Club

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-28-2012 02:52 PM

Although I like the new gamers club unlocked program there were several perks sacrificed that used to make me get games day 1. I was able to become RZ silver based on mainly gaming deals but with the loss of the consistant $10(500 RZ points) pre-order bonuses & $10 RZ for every $150 spent on gaming I've done less & less of purchasing day 1. I know in order for these deals to continue there has to be a better give & take for BB to remain profittable so my suggestion is to offer a 3rd gamers club option that can be achieved/earned in more than 1 way.


If you were to buy 1 $60 release week game per month you'd spend $720 per year which is a large chunk of money to invest in games.


A-So say if you spend $1000 on games/accessories in 1 yr you would become GCU silver & a new set of benefits would be available.


B-Another way to become GCU silver would be participate in 12 pre-determined GCU/GCU Silver deals in 1 yr that would also warrant an upgrade since you would be supporting the program throughout the year.


C-The final way to earn GCU silver status would be to participate in 2 five for $100 deals in 1 yr with 1 major adjustment. We should be able to select the 10 games thoughout the year instead of just a list of 15. Several top notch titles would be excluded based on suits instead of customer demand which happens quite often(remember Batman Arkham Asylum was an underdog smash hit that lead to AC being blockbuster). The 5 for $100 was very very sound but the process(pre-order, issuing of $100) needed upgrades.


EditSmiley Frustratedince the current GCU can be purchased then GCU Silver status should also be allowed but since the benefits are very generous the GCU Silver should be $30 per yr if not earned through the means above. Offer both GCU & GCU Silver for $40 so more people would do this vs paying $15 for GCU & another $30 for GCU SIlver.


Some perks I would like to see would include

1-A coupon book for GCU silver members

2-Special "sponsored" editions of the @gamer mag with coupons that would be directly tied to specific AAA titles.

3-Emailed deals just for CU silver members

4-An additional 10% off ALL gaming products & the ones that can be discounted should net either an instant BB giftcard or RZ points equal to the 10%. This 10% should stack with the current GCU 10% as you would've paid $15 for the 1st & earned the Silver status through above measures.


I know there's more perks that I missing hopefully other gamers can contribute.

Status: Acknowledged

We won't be adding tiers to the Gamers Club Unlocked membership at this time.

It would be awesome if Best Buy Stores will stop putting price tags on the DVD/Blu-ray sleeves as they are a major pain to remove without ripping the sleeve apart. When ordering movies from sites online (including Best, the price stickers are never on the sleeves. Other stores sometimes have stickers on the sleeves as well but they are nowhere as hard to remove as the Best Buy one. Another electronic retailer, Fry's Electronics, puts their price tags on the plastic shrink wrap of a movie instead of the sleeve which I think is an amazing idea when I found out about it. It's just a pain if someone has a movie collection and there's a giant price tag on it that can't be removed

Status: Acknowledged

I revisited this idea as I hadn't heard anything definitive, and at this time we are not changing the stickers we apply to media. Thanks for the feedback on this one.

i have an item in my wish list that is currently backordered 4 to 7 weeks.  it would be great to see a "notify me" when the item is in stock and ready for purchase, maybe even a notification sent your phone from the best buy application saying that, "this item is available for purchase!"


i don't know if anyone else has brought up this idea or not, but would be great to see this feature implemented on the website as well as on the smart phone application(s) across iPhone and Android.


hope other customers agree and make this happen! especially around the holiday season.

Status: Tell Us More

This idea has been brought up in the past, but there wasn't enough interest for it to be moved forward. I personally really like the idea, and would love to hear from others on this. Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

Best Buy Pharmacy

Status: Acknowledged
by Sayyid on ‎03-08-2014 12:51 PM

I really think since Best Buy is a very innovative company and stays on the cutting edge of technology it should also be diversed in other areas of the market. Not only electronics but I think Best Buy should also have a Pharmacy. With the growing numbers of stores like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, I think Best Buy should try their hand in the Pharmacy arena. It woiuld be more convient for those customers that are shopping and it would bring a heck of a revenue on top of the already made revenue. I have a few ideas of how this can be done but to much to type..

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea, but I honestly just can't see us ever entering this market.

Expand 10% Back in Rewards Promotion

Status: Tell Us More
by gadgeteer on ‎05-31-2015 02:50 AM

I would like to start this rant by acknowledging that Best Buy does not have to offer a rewards program and I appreciate the fact that they do, but they have all but removed all of the value out of the rewards program over the years. Before MyBestBuy, you would receive 2% back for top spenders (this has now been reduced down to 1.25% back in rewards); 60-day returns and price matches (this has now been reduced to 45 days); and you had other perks like a free home theater consultation or calibration, online backup and even rewards members only event nights. Most of the latter have been discontinued or are non-existent. Yet the amount you have to spend to be in the top tier increased $1,000/year.


Best Buy could really add some value to the top tier of the rewards program by making the 10% back in rewards promotion an everyday promotion for Elite Plus members purchases totaling $599 and up on a My Best Buy credit card or 5% back for any other form of payment with non-credit rewards account.  In my experience working for Best Buy a few years ago, these kind of promotions would spark a lot of people to impulse buy and it also indirectly is a way for Best Buy to compete with places like the Army & Air Force Exchange where customers don't pay taxes (which is equivalent to a 8-9% savings in my state) or even Employee Purchase Programs offered thru various manufacturer's directly to certain employers. It also led to increased attachments because people will spend more if they know they're going to get more back in return (that's the whole value prompt in financing in the first place if you're just going to pay it off). 


Status: Tell Us More

We're always looking for new, better, and more exciting ways to reward our customers. Who else would like to see enhanced benefits such as these for My Best Buy Elite Plus members?


Remember to vote for an idea if you like it!

A great benefit for the Elite Plus / Elite members would be to give us the first opportunity to purchase the Oculus Rift.


Perhaps on release day:

Elite Plus can purchase from 8-9am first.

Elite can purchase from 9a-10am.

Everyone else can purchase after 10am.


This is a high demand product, and it would be a simple way for Best Buy to give loyal customers a perk that costs the company nothing!

Status: Tell Us More

Reward Zone POS Prompts

Status: Tell Us More
by amarcg on ‎04-25-2013 09:50 AM
The idea is simple: make it prompt, at either the register or the signature pad, that prompts saying, " You have X amount of RZ Certificates in your account. Would you like to use any certificates on this transaction?" That way, for customers who forget to print them off, they have full access to those certificates at the time of purchase, and returns/exchanges can be cut by a large portion for those who come back to use those on their previous transactions.
Status: Tell Us More
I do know that our sales associates can already use their previously generated Reward Zone certificates at the time of purchase without having printed them out, but I'm not sure if our sales associates are automatically prompted these certificates exist already. Would anyone else have any feedback on this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

As a fellow Super User, I love to help people out when it comes to policies and terms and conditions of Best Buy to ensure they get the best end user experience there is that Best Buy has to offer.


But I find myself scratching my head more often then not trying to locate the proper information that is needed to answer a question. I used a search engine to see if I could see something about Best Buy Pre-Order policy and I still could not find the information or resource I needed to answer a question. I did find some information at the bottom of the page on the official Best Buy website, but its generic, vague information. I think that there should be some buttons or categories towards the top of the page to make these policies, terms and conditions more accessible to the end user so less guesswork is required.



Status: Acknowledged
My best guess is that this process is left without clear definition in the anticipation that the process can change over time. Our standard policies should be clearly posted on, and I'm not aware of any Terms and Conditions associated with any specific policy we have in place. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

I posted something under ideas,

but then found a better place for it and reposted thinking i could come back and delete the original post from the idea section, since it wasnt really and idea but a complaint.


havent been able to figure out a way to do so, or even edit the post if needed.


would be nice if we could do both



Status: Acknowledged
Only a moderator or an admin can edit, remove, or move posts on this forum. This has been suggested in the past, but we will not be making this a reality in order to maintain the credibility of this forum. I have removed your duplicate post from IdeaX.
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Other retailers have been talking about new store locations near college campuses.  In Duluth, MN there is a development called Blue Stone lofts that is located across woodland Ave from the University of MN Duluth and Near the college of St. Scholastica. It is rare to find any Development land available near most college campuses, so Best Buy should try to build a store in that development and  test stores near campuses where students often need technical help and where buying items in a store is more convenient as shipping items is not as easy.  Best buy mobile stores would also be convenient in those types of locations.

Status: Acknowledged

This is honestly not a bad idea, but we have a very specific plan when it comes to opening new stores. I'm not aware of any plans to expand the number of stores we have at this time.

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