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I think there's an opportunity for Best Buy to both create value for it's Elite+ members AND increase attachments on it's protection plans on laptops if it were to offer Elite+ members of it's rewards programs that purchase laptops over $999 with Total Assurance plans a loaner laptop in the event that something were to go wrong with their computer that would require it to be checked in over a 24-hour period. The program would NOT have an additional cost, you'd just have to meet the criteria. 


The hows and whys:


(1) The person would need to be Elite+ (spends over $3500 in a calendar year. These are your customers that have proven themselves "loyal" to Best Buy and are less likely to try to defraud or abuse the system.


(2) The customer must have purchased a computer $999 and up with Total Assurance. This would mean the cusotmer spent at least $1200 on the computer purchase alone which would warrant the argument for a loaner in the first place. Someone spending that much on a computer probably can't afford downtime. Average turn around times for repairs are usually WEEKS not days for computers. 


(3) You could require a credit card hold for the amount of the loaner computer to cover any possible "incidents" - similar to what a hotel does when they loan you a room. The loaner computers can be generated out of open box computers versus reselling or sending them back to the manufacturer. You don't have to have a ton of but maybe keep half a dozen of each model on hand and make them available on a first come first serve basis. Like a car dealership, you're not expecting 4 dozen defective same models in a day, but you're pacing yourself for the rainy days and the loaners are only out until the computer returns from service in which the customer has 24-48 hours to return the loaner or pay a per day rental fee (extra revenue for Best Buy and encouragement to return these on-time to the benefit of other customers). These loaner computers could be previous generation models (i.e. Surface Pro 2, Lenovo Yoga 2, 2014 MacBooks, etc.).  In most cases, if you're using a protection plan your computer is 1-3 years older anyway.  The unique situation that came out of this for me at Fry's is the loaner computer was faster than MY computer.  The more time I spent with it, the more I realized I've had plenty of issues with my machine (it had been in for service for over-heating 3 tiems) and this new ones faster, lighter, better battery and I'd be hard pressed to hear the fan ever come on (veruss mine which could give your leg a farmer's tan with how hot it got)  etc. etc. and all of a sudden I went from waiting for my computer to come back from service to considering a new one (DEFINITELY a win). 


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Given the financial investment, and that these loaners most likely wouldn't be treated with the same care as the customer's own unit, I doubt we would put this type of program in place. With that said, I would like to hear if any other Elite Plus members would like to see this program put into place. Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

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I need to know if there is a forum where I can share some revolutionary, paradigm shifting ideas, that if properly implemented, the products that Best Buy determines are the right ones, will with the proper approach for all practical purposes shut down that segment of Amazon sales that keeps Best Buy on edge.


The goal isn't to shut down Amazon but to determine what Products if handled properly will remove Amazon from that segment of the sales market. The ideas I have for the most part are primarily centered on a paradigm shift in what we used to call customer care and it is something that online sellers like Amazon are by their very nature stuck with the old model. I have a great deal of experience (practical) in this area that has to do with how Best Buy will re-create a whole new concept of genuinely "connecting" with the customer.


If Best Buy were to determine that this would be an approach to business that it wants to pursue, it would also mean that Best Buy will have to decide what products will fit this new model and the rest Amazon is free to have. Right up front we can all agree that Best Buy will not be selling Bathing Suits! And items that are peripheral to the bigger money making products that Best Buy must identify, Best Buy will then gone on to research these items that companies like Amazon will sell and can guide "Their Customer" to that link which will save them money; money Best Buy isn’t after.


So If you are interested Best Buy, I believe that survival will be a thing of the past an competition will not be an issue, for Best Buy alone, is the only "Store Standing" that can make this happen; shut down the Amazon's and therefore gone is the constant effort to continually redefine yourself primarily by reacting. Discovering what you know you can be the best at, with a determined passion to pursue that one thing that you know you can do better than anyone else as you create a connection with your customers will set you apart and Amazon will no longer be a foe to contend with.


I will stop hear and would be willing to share with Best Buy how this is all within your reach. It is exciting to think about it and I hope to interact with those that are serious about the bigger purpose, not just someone taking a few items here and there and trying to implement them without ownership of the necessary concepts, and without the needed and driving passion.


I live and worked in Taiwan, China, and Nepal for 17 years and when I watched the special on Best Buy- the Box store, and saw how you opened four stores in China and then explained away each one's failure by saying it was a good learning situation, I watched the show again and took notes and drafted a document as to why it was obvious from the beginning you were going to fail; Best Buy's response to that failure spelled a shrinking, not a growing group of loyal customers. I said to myself, had they simply called me and said, "This is what we are thinking of doing in China", I would have said you are going to fail if this is how you plan to proceed.


I hope to hear from someone that has the authority to not only entertain the strategies I will share, but also has the necessary connections to bring these ideas to those that are interest in a long over-due paradigm shift.


Thank you and know that my greatest motivation is to bring the customer and the company to a mutually beneficial place. I have had enough of quality stores having to close their doors as the Amazon's have, via massive "quantities" has appealed to customer greed offering prices that business’s cannot offer, and it is done at the expense of something each of those customers really values more.

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Thanks for the idea.

Remove thumbs down on

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by gadgeteer on ‎02-16-2013 06:51 PM

When people post reviews online, they are posting their personal experience with a product.  When people go onto their reviews and down-rank them just because it's not something they would personally purchase it actually creates an environment where people don't like leaving feedback/product reviews.   Why not keep things positive and have a thumbs up option and if you don't agree, you don't agree.



Status: Tell Us More
Thanks for pointing this out. I hear where you are coming from on this, and I would be curious if other people share your feelings on this. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

I've noticed that stores no longer carry 64GB and 128GB Cellular iPad or iPad mini models;  I think this is an unfortunate mistake on Best Buy's part to make these items online-only as you're going to be walking a lot of business to mobile stores like AT&T, Verizon & Sprint and Apple Retail locations where they co-exist in areas around your stores.  What creates a demand for these items is that fact that iPad storage cannot be expanded.  There's no incentive for a customer to wait 3-5 days for shipping when in most cases they can go to an Apple retail store or carrier store and get the item for the exact same price but on the same day. I would love to think there's got to be a better way to execute this strategy or at least offer expedited shipping to decrease wait times for products.  After all, that's the whole reason people shop in-store. 

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I hear what you're saying on this, and I would have no idea why we stopped carrying these models in our stores. My best guess would be we weren't selling enough of them. I can assure you we would never stop carrying something, we were selling a lot of in our stores, if at all possible. Would anyone else like to see us carry these two models again in our stores? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Digital Downloads Update

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by Valued Contributor on ‎10-17-2013 07:38 PM

I am suggesting that somehow Best Buy make it so if Best Buy is out of a certain keycode for a digital download ( game etc ) then that product should be listed as "Unavailable"| or "Out of Stock". From personal experience, I have waited OVER A WEEK for a keycode from a "vendor" As of yet, I have not received this keycode so that tells me right there that the system is flawed. 


What REALLY confuses me is that the vendor is Activision. I called up Activision and they make out like they send Best Buy codes on a daily basis so they don't understand why there would be any issues on my part. 


So yeah that's my suggestion get your system right!

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the suggestion, but it is my understanding this should already be happening. If you need help with your specific concern I would suggest posting to the Gaming Support board.

Open Box/Clearance Logistics

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by gadgeteer on ‎10-28-2013 02:00 AM

I had a few suggestions for open box/clearance: 


(1) I wish there were a way for me to purchase open items or even clearance items and have the option of having the item shipped to my home or to my local Best Buy store for pickup, perhaps using the My Best Buy status to determine shipping price;  For instance, if a store in Fort Worth has an item on clearance/open box, a lot of the times you'll see a grayed out "In-Store Pickup Only" displayed but what if I'm in Austin?  It would seem that if an item is on clearance, it's most likely not selling so it doesn't make sense to have a store just sit on it when you have a customer that's willing to buy it, but is geographically challenged.  At the same time, this should be a mutual relationship: I understand you want to protect margins, so most of these items have between a 10-15% markdown, but any value is gone from the deal if I have to commute to go pick it up.  


(2) Best Buy used to send out coupon books to Premiere Silver members that had savings on random items;  How about using this as a tool to reward loyal customers AND get rid of clearance/open box?  Why not have a coupon that offers and additional 10% off for Elite or 15% off for Elite Plus members for all open box/clearance items for a set period of time?  


(3) Open item tags indicate the date an item was returned/the open item tag was generated;  Yet there are some open items that are going on 60-90 days old with no further markdown.  It would seem to me the longer an item is held onto, the more it should be marked down as most core items like televisions, cameras, computers etc.  have a warranty that's NOT reset if the product is registered (in most cases) without the customer having to jump thru hoops.   There are also times when an item has gone on sale and the open item tag is so old the price advertised on the tag is actually more expensive than the sale price advertised on a new in box item which further indicates that the item has been there a while and Best Buy is not actively updating the price or putting much effort into moving the item(s).

Status: Tell Us More
These are some interesting ideas, and I could see the value to our customers here. Does anyone else have any insights on these ideas? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Parity in Customer Experience

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by Fourty on ‎01-29-2014 01:17 AM - last edited on ‎01-30-2014 12:50 PM by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist

Having been a BB customer for over 15 years I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. The past few years I have seen this company survive in a market that is becoming increasingly competetive with companies that are more diversified and can take a short term loss to dominate the market. Still, my need for instant gratification draws me to the stores so that I can see and touch the product. This has resulted in more impulse purchases than I care to admit to.


When I walk into a store I can depend on a consistent customer experience. Always a little variance, but that's to be expected. Shopping online is the same, consistently good with some minor hiccups here and there.


In my latest experience with the call centers it was painfully obvious that they don't all subscribe to the guiding principles outlined in the Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report.


  • Call back system only works if someone picks up the phone when I am reconnected. I was greeted with a message then nothing but silence until I finally hung up 3 minutes later. Next time I will be more inclined to wait on hold although it isnt my preference.
  • 5 transfers total and only one person in Mission Control (Tyler #{removed per forum guidelines}) understood what I was asking for, set my expectations about what he was going to do, then called my local BB to help me find an answer.
  • My issue requires for me to go to my local BB tomorrow, but why couldn't the first person tell me this without an hour and seven minutes of hold, transfers and redials?
  • Each contact meant that I had to repeate my issue while they patiently listened then told me that I was not talking to the right department but they knew where I needed to go.
  • I felt like each department was a different company. It wasnt even different shades of blue, it felt more like completely different hues.
  • 4 of the five contacts had a very poor audio connection. Kind of expect better from BB since I go to you for my tele and audio needs.


There's no need in posting empty threats of never going back to BB or boycotting the company. I still want my instant gratification. But what you lose out on is an advocate to support brick and mortar stores in an area that is enamered with Amazon.


My ideas are:


  • Take a good look at the investments you are making in your call centers. Are the dollars saved really worth it? What is the cost of lost loyalty? Are the hiring profiles for these agents the right ones? Are they capable of make me feel like a valued customer, or am I just another metric in a call center pivot table?
  • Expect each and every agent to embrace your sustainability mission on each and every call
  • Create parity in the vision of a good customer experience at the store, online, in the call center and in your corporate offices.


I am not providing these ideas because I want kudos or achievements. I am not interested in anyone contacting me to apologize for my past few expereinces or offer me discounts to make up for them. Amazon's strategy on predictive shipments and their network of distribution warehouses is what BB has to compete with over the next few years. Dont let your weakest link be a constant detractor for future business. If your competetive edge is to offer the best customer experience in the market and have leaders that deliver extraordinary resutls, then you have to make sure that the channels customer choose to contact you during the "make or break" part of their experience is in line with what other channels of your company.


HA! Only two beers in and I managed to ramble on this long. PM me if you want to hear more.





Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the thoughtful and detailed idea, and I can promise you we are already working towards what you are asking of us. We truly do appreciate your continued patronage.

Preorder And get it 3 hours early

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by pacuacho on ‎12-07-2013 02:53 PM

hello i like my best buy and been shopping there a lot i got my xbox one from best buy as well. i was on line for 8hr and yes i preoder. now my idea would be if you preoder ANYTHING game console movie phone whatever you should be able to get it at least 3 or 2 hrs early why not? now a days when you go to the movies they let you whatch it around 9pm thats before realease which is midnight! why not take advantage of this opportunity if you preoder at best buy get it early you will have so much sales for preorders. its almost 2014 and we as customers have a lot of options for buying items amazon walmart etc.also now you can buy digital games on lauch date over microsoft store xbox live or psn playstation  that means no line no waiting  no driving also you dont get robbed besides you got to preoder at best buy i have to wait come in pay taxes do another line  get my game and wait to get out by midnight get to the car and get home and then... wait for the game to install! thats a lot of waiting please make this a reality please

Status: Tell Us More
I can't imagine anyone that pre-orders with us not liking this idea. I should point out that often times when we can provide a customer what they have pre-ordered with us is dictated to us by the vendor, and is not actually up to us. Any other thoughts on this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
I love my gamers club unlocked account but I do not agree with the purchase limit of 3 copies of each title. I think that there should be a annual purchase limit of 3 per title per year and not not a permanent limit. Let's say you bought a multiplatform game such as Tomb Raider or Boarderlands. You may buy a copy for your xbox and ps3 then the inevitable Game of the year edition or &quot;definitive edition&quot; comes out for the next gen consoles or they release a handheld version of the game (Boardlands 2 is being released for the vita almost 2 years after it was released on the other systems. There are several more example Rayman Legends and Batman Arkham Origins are perfect examples. Batman still has a Wii U version that is supposed to be coming out but some people may have already played the game on three other systems so they won't get to enjoy the game on the wii u.<br>I am not saying that you are going to buy all these titles on day one but when the game goes on sale or a year or two down the road you pick it up during a Black Friday sale and then best buy closes your account? I think the limit should either be 3 per console per year (same as the video game trade in limit) or the limit should reset annually.
Status: We Did It!

Thanks for all the input on this idea. We have made the following changes to our Gamers Club Unlocked Memberships.


The limits for using your Unlocked membership will be three copies of a New (i.e. not pre owned) gaming software title per platform, per year. Collector’s and Limited Editions count toward that title limit. Game of the Year editions, usually released much later including additional content do not count toward that limit but would essentially start as a separate game and limit.

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I've had two negative experieces with Best Buy stores here and I want to start off by mentioning I'm an Elite Plus member so I'm not somewhat that frequently returns things but I do, however, spend money at Best Buy. 


I think it would be in Best Buy's best interest to really get employees familiar with the returns policy and to avoid situations that pit customers against the company:


[for example] I purchased a MacBook Pro at the My Best Buy Shopping Event last night.  It was marked as "scratched" and "missing a power cable."  I figured for the price (35% off) this wouldn't be too bad as I have stuff to remove scratches and a power cable is around $50-80.  When I get it home and start cleaning it up, I come to find out it's actually not a scratch it's a crack in the glass.  Now the Best Buy employee told me to purchase the plan and worst case scenario I couldn't get the "scratch" out they would just replace it.  This was incorrect; the protection plan paperwork states that Best Buy, at their discretion, may decide that the cost to repair the item exceeds a reasonable expense and can decide to issue you a store credit for the amount instead.  In this case, I would be without a computer (because the store credit will be issued for the amount paid) AND out the $200 extra I paid on the service contract (because at this point, it has "done it's job" per say). 


So this morning I made an appointment at the Apple Store to take it in to see just how much it would cost to fix and they quoted $900 alone for the screen and they also informed me that the body on the computer is "warped" which is why when I have it on a flat surface it has a little bit of a rock to it.  Mind you, a customer service agent took this as a return AND the store misadvertised this as a scratch.  After hearing that, I knew if it went out to service through Geek Squad it would most likely end with them deciding not to repair it and instead replace it and that means I would be without a computer (this same model would be 35% more at that point) and out $200 for protection so I opted to return it.


I purchased this computer over by where I work (about 30 minutes from where I live) and I tried to take it to the store right down the street from my apartment and the store tells me that "we wouldn't sell something like this, with this kind of damage, so my manager is refusing to allow you to return it here." And I'm SHOCKED (to say the least).  Best Buy stores are NOT franchised - so the fact that they would pit a customer against the company (not to mention inconvenience me to drive out of my way 30 minutes to go return a defective item that they sold me - referencing once again that they are NOT franchised - is ridiculous).  If one of your stores sells someone a lemon like this, another store should take the return because at the end of the day it's all Best Buy. 


Similarly, I had an experience like this with an iPhone 5S.  I purchased an open box iPhone 5S 32GB in Space Gray on launch day, as that's the only phone they had for AT&T.  I took it home and I honestly just didn't like the color so I decided I would go get a 64GB in Silver (and mind you I purchased this outright).  So Best Buy took no loss (they would have to mark the open item down again, but it would most likely be at the same price as before) AND the made a huge revenue gain when I purchased the new phone outright.  I tried to return the Space Gray (mind you I had it for 3 days at this point) and the guy tells me they can't return it because it's "scuffed" - for the record, "scuffed" was pocket lint that got trapped between the case and the phone.  Ironically, took the phone 2 minutes down the street to the Best Buy mobile stoer and they took it without instance.


Please train your employees on proper return policies and etiquette;  Especially for Elite Plus members returns should be no hassle - but more importantly, if this had been a first shopping and returns experience with Best Buy it would probably be my last.  You're not just competing with online retailers on price anymore, they offer phenomenal service. Anytime I've returned something to Amazon it's been without fanfare, instance or followup and smooth as melted butter. At the end of the day it should be about making the customer happy and making sure they have a positive experience because this is what gets customers to spend more in-store.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for your feedback. I can assure you our employees should already be familiar with our return or exchange policy, and should always be nothing but professional.
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Back in January, Apple announced a "SIM-free" unlocked model that their retail stores would be the sole, exclusive carrier of.  I think there's a large opportunity (especially in the southern U.S. markets) for Best Buy to sell Verizon iPhones without a contract. Verizon iPhones are shipped unlocked and can be used in countries where carriers use GSM-based SIM cards. At present, most Best Buy stores will refuse to sell iPhones without a contract or comparable NEXT, Edge, EasyPay plan because the stores don't profit as much on the back-end; However, I'd be willing to bet that Best Buy is leaving a lot of money on the table in terms of revenue from customers that would otherwise shop at Apple to get this device. Another plus for Best Buy is that Best Buy easily outnumbers the total number of Apple Stores by at least 3x the volume. If you put this in markets where there are no Apple stores, you fend off online sales of this model and redirect those customers into your stores (especially if you take into consideration that on a large purchase like this you get rewards at Best Buy whereas at Apple you don't).  

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. We already do sell the iPhone in our stores for full price without a contract or installment billing plan. The iPhone would still be locked to the carrier, but you would not have to sign a contract or installment billing plan in order to use the phone on the specific carrier’s network.

Digital Download Delivery Kiosk

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by Trusted Contributor on ‎10-01-2014 01:16 PM

I try to avoid digital downloads of games/software.  In large part becuase sometimes the servers are very slow.  It can take a very long time.  Sometimes the download was corrupt and it goes belly up after a couple hours etc...


I have a good internet connection, but sometimes I simply takes a long time from a lot of factors.  I can download a 5 GB game directly to my Xbox in less than 30 minutes direclty from MS.  Cannot do that when downloading from BB or GameStop.


What I would suggest is that Best Buy stores have a Digital Download Kiosk. 


Customers can buy a game in the store and download it directly to a USB Drive or an SD card.  Along with the intall files it also sends a .txt file containing the Activation Code, which is also printed on the receipt and or sent in an email.


This could have other benefits such as extra sales of large USB Drive and SD cards.  Point of Purchase as it were.


Customers could have a hard copy back up of their software


A kiosk could be linked to Best Buys Servers via a T3 or faster for very fast transfers

A kiosk could be loaded up with thousands of titles for download.  

Best Buy could see increased sales of older games without taking up shelf space.


A Customer could purchase a number of games on line and then come into the store and get them all at once.


Now I don't know if you can install a game to PS or Xbox from a jump drive.  If you cannot then this would diminish the value.

Status: Tell Us More

I like this idea. What are others thoughts on this idea? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

It's 2014 and I cannot fathom the reason why you cannot purchase an open box item, such as a laptop, online and pick it up in store.  Here's some reasons why this would be beneficial:


(1) Increases store sell-thru:  it's probably not good for a store to sit on a bunch of open items.  When I check my local store's open item page they show they currently have 251 open items.  Offering online purchasing with shipping would help to move product that is just sitting in a store into a customer's home.  With the speed that technology moves, it's never a safe bet to sit on anything too long because before you know it, a refresh is occuring and new models are coming out and the stores have to sell these open AND now older items at a steep loss to move them.  Looking at the dates on some of the open item labels in-store some stores sit on open items for excessive amounts of time (the laptop I'm using now I just purchased a few weeks ago and it had been open item since February!).  


(2) Increases customer satisfaction: Online accuracy is sketch;  I've had times where online it shows "in-store only" and after commuting to the store I've had associates tell me the items been sold or even worse, they don't know where the item is but they're aware it's still showing up as available online (but have yet to fix it). 


(3) Better pricing accuracy: you don't know how many times I've been inside of Best Buy and seen an item that's on sale and there happens to be an open box, yet it's priced at MORE than the item is NEW on sale.  Allowing online purchases Best Buy could have a system that auto-updated prices.  This would not only ensure pricing accuracy but would also ensure that pricing was uniform across stores.  For instance one item I was viewing earlier had 6 different price points at various locations even though all of the items shown were in the same condition level.


(4) Demand generation: Best Buy could use open boxes as a demand generation engine.  I remember way back when my local Best Buy store would have an open box night where all open box items in-store were an additional 5-15% online.  With competitive drive-times at NewEgg like Shell Shocker Deals and similar offerings at Tiger Direct, Amazon, B&H and other online competitors this could give customers anothe reason to choose Best Buy.  If you want to save margins on open boxes instead of direct product discounts why not offer double or triple reward points since you can only use them in Best Buy - recycling the revenue while taking care of the customers that keep your stores open.


Status: Acknowledged

At this time we will not be adding any additional tiers to the My Best Buy rewards program.

Cell phones

Status: Acknowledged
by Hopeforthedrc on ‎05-31-2014 09:01 AM
Label new cell phones as free from conflict mineral from the DRC .
Status: Acknowledged
I'm fairly certain that phones don't come from the manufacturer with a list of where the materials used to make them came from. I would suggest reaching out to the manufacturer on this.

There are over 23 million small businesses in America account for 54% of all U.S. sales. Small businesses provide 55% of all jobs and 66% of all net new jobs since the 1970s. The 600,000 plus franchised small businesses in the U.S. account for 40% of all retail sales and provide jobs for some 8 million people.


Best Buy is missing out on a very large opportunity to cater to this crowd.  If a small business customer comes into Best Buy today, the only point of sale solution that is offered in-store is the Square reader or Square Stand.  If a customer does not already own an older iPad the Square Stand is useless as it only operates with an embedded 30-pin connector.  


The solution is for Best Buy to become a Lightspeed POS reseller.  Best Buy would be able to demo how a small business customer could use a Mac and/or an iPad to run their retail store.  If you have ever priced out an actual point of sale system they are incredibly expensive (typically in excess of $4,000 each for a full setup with computer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, etc.) and Lightspeed allows customers to create a feature-rich, scalable point of sale solution for as low as $300/mo for TWO full iPad POS terminals with barcode scanners, thermal receipt printer, cash drawer, credit card attachment and all. Not to mention customers could use a Mac mini ($599 or less) as a back office machine to be able to pull sales reports, manage employees or inventory, etc. (this could also be done from another iPad to keep expenses down).  


Outside of having an in-store demo, it would be beneficial for Best Buy to have knowledgable people around how all of this operates and how to set it up and I think this would present an opportunity for Geek Squad services as most small business retail owners have a lot of on their plate and tend to just care about the solution working more than the actual setup and installation process.  Just a thought. 

Status: Tell Us More
I don't know enough about Lightspeed vs. Square to really make an educated comment to this idea. I would be curious to hear from other customers on this. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
There is a new market that is rising quickly and it seems only radio shack is aware of this, and this is the DIY hobbyists sector of the market. With the growing popularity of such products as arduino and the raspberry pi, it has become cheaper than ever to build whatever people want but there is a problem with this sector of the market and that is radio shack seems to be the only brick and mortar (with limited products on the shelf) that I can find to get small items such as resistor or wire with online shopping the only other place to purchase these type of items, usually having to pay $5 shipping on a $.50 item. This seems to be an untapped market that has yet to be touched by any big retailers. I also feel that if best buy were to market and sell this market segment, then it would allow more people to become aware of these products and purchase the items. When I tell my friends about electrical hobbyists stuff, the biggest turn off seems to be the online searching for all of the little items needed, but if all of the major needed products were in one place then this would allow more prototyping by the general market such as kids to learn and older folks easier access. By far the biggest advantage best buy is comparable prices to online shopping but no shipping cost to the customer and immediate access to the items wanted. Items would include but not limited to: arduino products, raspberry pi (I know it will take some time) products, remote control (rc) products, electrical wire, resistors, led's, breadboards, switches, buttons, battery packs, lcd screens, capacitors, and ohm meters. Please add items I have forgotten in this list.
Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea.

Stop Carrying Netgear Products

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by wolv67 on ‎03-28-2014 07:59 PM

Here's a simple idea I hope others will back me on. STOP CARRYING NETGEAR PRODUCTS. Their support is flat out aweful. I owned their router for less than six months and it died on me. Their support (via email because they won't let you call if you've owned the product for more than 6 months) told me the error was with the product, not me so it was under warrantly. They had me email a bunch of stuff to support and now 3 days later, nothing. I have written them several times asking for follow up, nothing. 


It's basically a waiting game because they probably know I'll just go buy a new router since I'm not going to continue to go on without wifi. But my point is this, Best Buy prides itself on carrying quality products. Netgear honestly makes you guys look bad. I have read countless other complaints on the same topic of mine about them on the internet. Here's to hoping you lose a bad product and continue with quality.

Status: Tell Us More
I'm fairly certain we will continue to carry Netgear products, but I would love to hear from others on this. Have other people had poor experience with their support? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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Rethink Theft Strategy

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by gadgeteer on ‎05-06-2015 12:04 PM
First, I want to reiterate that I've worked in retail for almost 15 years. Theft or shrink as Best Buy calls it, is a major issue on its own, but the way that a lot of retailers try to "combat" it introduces more problems than it solves:

For instance, in my local store, everything from cameras (even point and shoots) to basically anything Apple is basically little laminated paper tags that say to take the card to a cashier to get the item. Now it sounds simple on paper but recall that Best Buy restructured a year or so ago and the number of key holders in the store shrunk considerably. So now, something simple, like me wanting to pickup something like a Time Capsule (most recently) - something that should be a quick grab and go process has now gone from a 5 minute task to a 15-20 minute task. After multiple calls someone finally showed up, but in reality not everyone's going to wait 20 minutes to buy a $300 router/hard drive do the reality is you've taken one problem and "solved" it but introduced 3 new ones:
(1) the customer experience suffers. I make sure to fill out the surveys on my receipts and give feedback to the stores. But this means the store receives a lower customer satisfaction rate too.
(2) because of the extra complication, you may be negatively impacting sales on Apple devices. In other words, there were plenty of Netgear, ASUS and Cisco routers over $200 in cost and NONE had these same tags. Physical, actual product was available on the floor, so there's always the risk that I go with a cheaper, easier to buy item.
(3) Best Buy could be sending first-time customers (that would normally shop at an actual Apple Store or specialist store like Simply Mac near me) away as none of these stores punish me as a customer for problems that relate to them as a retailer.
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I can promise you we are always working towards the best balance of caution and convenience when deciding how to sell our products.

There are many like I that do not get involved in many ways just to buy items to get points and in the process are trying to build up there points for more expensive items.


In the process as example I am not rich but did manage to get to Silver membership, had a hard year and could not spend 2500 to keep my membership status and was reduced back to standared member.


Same applied with trying to save my points and they were taken away within a year.


I like many have used Best Buy for years with a loyalty to this store instead of doing online shopping elseware for the majority of our electronic shopping.


This is very cold hearted on Best Buy's part.


This needs to be changed to no expiration on our points or memberships of whatever statusit mightsit at that time.


I have lost many points and my now now longer membership of silver. I am so disgusted with this store that I am about ready to go elsewhere if this does not change soon!!!!


Granted hey have a great geek squad and black tie warranty  unlike any other store but this does not make up for the losses of many points and membships for many of Best Buys members over the last few years dues to not all can afford to keep up the $2500 spending limit over a calender year.


This needs to be changed!



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With the recent changes to our rewards program, that is now called My Best Buy, we no longer annualize member’s points each year. Members, regardless of level, keep their points as long as they remain an active member of the program.
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Scannable Coupons

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by DocHolliday1 on ‎12-10-2013 06:56 PM

Almost everywhere I shop can scan a coupon code off a smartphone except, of course, Best Buy. Since your core business is selling technology, maybe you should try to keep up with it. You email me a $10 coupon that can be used in store or online and when I go to the store they have to have it printed out. This reminded me why I quit shopping at Best Buy to begin with. The $10 coupon got me to give you another chance and the hassle of not being able to use it since I did not have a printed copy turned me off to you more than I already was.  

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I truly like this idea, and would love to hear if anyone else would like to see this happen. If I was to guess I would say the biggest potential hurdle would be preventing misuse of the coupons. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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