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while advertising for the companies that has the best rep representing the product it also brings i a million or more people in to your place and on top of it you are advertising companies product so that they get the product out, and you both come otu on top of it because they get there product to the right people and you get the people that you need to get in your place to buy all the rest of the products its like killing ten birds with one stone. While your a electronics store you give free products to buyers at your store who purchase products, and than you are making money from the advertisement or building business relationships with no cost that brings tons of more custoemrs that you ne4ed to your store, and you could do it every week and probably be the biggest electronics store again and make more profits than frys electronics. Because every business needs incentives because of the amount of competition and its the only way to get the customers to the store and if the prices are right and good and at the right location you have sold your business to you rcustomer and know they are only going to go to your store, but since you ar giving free products each week , for advertisement for the other company. You are able to sell them stuff at a ok price and still get them back because of the great things you do and offer so either way it goes with the idea you come out on the top of the situation. And since the company that want sto advertise there product to the right people so it spreads like wild fire because it only takes a couple thousand people to spread your business to a million people with a couple months. I think it would be a great incentives, with business relationships, and advertisement idea with other companies and offers a guaranteed customer ratio every week for the business so you now at least it will pull oy uthrough the hard times either way, AS TO SAY IT WILL KEEP YOU RUNNING IN ANY RECESSION. Alright thats my first idea within a year.

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Thanks for the idea.

We Don't Want A "PROMOTION!" We Want A Benefit!!!

Make the $20 Reward Zone For Game Club Members, a permanent benefit.

The concept is simple and easy as one, two, three. 


1.) $20 Reward Zone On Select New Releases For Gamer Club Members Only.

2.) $10 Reward Zone On Select New Releases For None Game Club Members.

3.) New Titles To Be Added Regularly For All Current Gaming Systems.


See, It doesn't need to be complicated.

Follow up links to related information:
Status: Acknowledged

Hi Gamers! Victory Can Be Pre-ordered was definitely an awesome promotion and I can certainly understand people being upset with the changes to that program. That being said, things do change and we feel they are changing for the better.


While our loyal gamers may no longer enjoy this great benefit, there are still many great benefits from Best Buy to enjoy for being a gamer with us. Gamers Club Unlocked members still can revel in the many benefits that the program has available. Throw in our pre-order exclusives and the Reward Zone Get $10 program, which still grants gamers a great benefit, and things look excellent for our gaming community!


This is just the tip of the iceberg as we continue to look for other awesome ways we can reward Gamers Club Unlocked members for providing us with their gaming business. We do listen to feedback from our customers, and while this particular promotion is going away, there is nothing to say that at some future point it might not raise its head again. Thanks for all the input!

Gamers Club Unlocked No More Limits

Status: Acknowledged
by LucentBeam on ‎05-03-2014 03:11 AM

Limits for Gamers Club Unlocked should be removed. By removing limits, Best Buy will be more profitable while keeping repeat buyers happy. There are many reasons why a person would want multiple games (sometimes you sell a game after beating it and want it again later, there may be a new addition, or you want gifts for family & friends). Regardless, it shouldn't matter what the customer does with the item after purchase as long as it's legal. 

Status: Acknowledged

I paid for the protection plan for a TV.  Because of the shortage of repair techs, scheduling an appointment for them to show up and diagnose the issue takes time.  Then (as it happened in my case) they may need to order a part.  Takes time.  Then another appointment needs to be scheduled.  More time and money.


Wouldn't it make more sense to just have the customer show someone remotely what the issue is and then when the repair tech comes he can come prepared and reduce the number of appointments and time (which is money)?  Skype.  Record video on your phone and upload.  There are plenty of ways to do this.  


I really think this would reduce customer frustration with a prolonged process AND save Best Buy some money.

Status: Tell Us More
Being that I am not an authorized service technician, it's hard to say for sure if this could work. We would still need to hire technicians to look at the defective units remotely, and I would guess that some problems cannot be diagnosed without physically taking the unit apart in some way. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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BB in Griffin, GA

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by Valued Contributor on ‎03-20-2014 11:44 AM

I would like to suggest that BB consider opening a store in or around Griffin, GA. As some of the more active members here knows I am a digital fanatic because of that issue of there not being a near by BB. I wasn't entirely sure where to post this but I guess it's a suggestion overall so posted here.


I doubt this will get enough votes up considering well... probably not that many georgia forum viewers so yeah. I just wanted to throw out the suggestions either way cause I really do get sick of hearing people say "just go to BB store" the thing is... I CAN"T and I WON"T go to one with such a far distance away. 



Status: Tell Us More
I have to agree that it's unlikely posting this will result in us opening a new store in Griffin, GA, but it never hurts to put it out there. Given our current business objectives I really can't see us opening new stores anywhere, but I would love to hear from other people in this area if they would want to see a Best Buy store near them. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Email oneself or friend

Status: Tell Us More
by Grtgatz on ‎01-22-2014 10:11 AM

If I see a product - new or unboxed or clearance - online then allow me the option to email it to myself or others I might think would be interested in it.  I do NOT text, twitter, facebook or other social media.  I do email.

Status: Tell Us More
I like this idea. Would anyone else like to see this as an option on Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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I’ve been following the business for a while, Best Buy has been in somewhat of a slump in the past few years with cheaper prices on the internet and all.  It’s no surprise, when I have personally walked into the store searching for something (a phone charger) only to see that the one I needed was 30 bucks, then searched for a similar product on my phone, only to find I could have it delivered for free for less than 15 bucks.  Now personally I love the business.  I think it is very aesthetically pleasing, the Blue coloring and perfectly tilted yellow price tag logo.  Your associates are often very knowledgeable, and when I walk into one of your stores it is always very neat and seems very “futuristic.”


However let’s get back on topic.  You guys are having problems, due to lower prices on the internet and the fact that you guys basically ARE an enormous showroom.  People walk in, check out the great electronics you have, and go home to make an order on a website with another company.


My idea to help turn around your business?  Rather than “matching competitor prices even those online” which will still potentially lead to your downfall simply due to the fact you guys probably have much higher overhead than an online dealer, why don’t you change the focus of your business?


By changing focus I don’t mean change what you guys sell, but change how you guys do it.  Keep the stores, but try to build better relationships with customers.  I’m talking about find technically savvy, salesmen who know how to design the interior of a house.  Perhaps you guys could team up with a furniture company, buy them out, and change your goals.  Instead of just selling a television set, have someone personally go to a potential customers home, whether it be free of charge or at a fee, and help design a very aesthetically pleasing room.  Even if you don’t hire people, perhaps simply teaming up with city furniture, to sell not only an entire living room, you offer a television with an xbox and sound system that is aesthetically suited to their home furniture. 


That is the one thing the internet can not offer, human interaction, and advice on what can be aesthetically pleasing for a home.  Now here are a few problems I can predict.  First you have to hire people with even more skills, not just someone who knows computers or cameras, but someone who also knows how to organize a house or room.  This could potentially cost more money with turnover and all.  Second, you guys will have to expand your market to furniture, and in doing so, you may have more issues, but if you team up, their will be someone to take care of the other aspects of the business. 

Have a team of people ready to enter peoples homes, who can analyze the room size, space capabilities and find the best product that you can have and set it up in their living room, bedroom, and maybe even bathrooms.  You need good salespeople too, because then the problem lies with, what if my salesmen goes, and they look online to find a better price?  Well it is possible for a good salesmen to close the deal, regardless of “prices” as long as it’s within somewhat of a fair price range.

So there it is Monsieur Hubert Joly.  The idea that could potentially change the face of Best Buy forever.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input.
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So I just posted a rant in the forums about a recent best buy purchase attempt and part of my frustration dealt with the in-person service I received at the store.  The lady who was trying to help me must have gotten interrupted more than a dozen times by incoming phone calls to the store while she was trying to help me place an order.  At one point, the distractions caused her to lose my order just as it was about to be placed and we had to start the process all over again.  Each time she would appologize and I could tell that even she was getting frustrated with the situation.  When she asked for another associate to help out by taking the incoming phone calls so that she could focus on getting my order completed, they just gave her that look with a "you want me to do what" expression and were very hesitant to assist because it wasn't part of their job.  As we all know, it is impossible to have two meaningful conversations at the same time.  You either need to have your employees dedicated to helping the customers in front of them or dedicated to answering customer calls on the phone.  Not both, especially at the same time!  This really pushed me away from wanting to come back and shop in the store, especially if I was going to get second or third rate service even though I have a representative right in front of me.  And to be honest, if I have to shop online there is a high likelyhood that I might not shop at for my intended purchase...  I observed a number of other customer service issues as well while I was standing at the customer service for an hour trying to get my order processed.  If I were in a management position at your company, I would perform the old "mystery shopper" technique on your customer service counter approaching them with different types of questions at different times of the day to see major inefficiencies, inconsistencies and opportunities for service improvement.  The same can be said for your customer service line (which I also had the painful experience of investing over 2 hours of my time to end up with no resolution).  Your customers are what keeps your business alive and if you don't make an effort to serve them better than the competititors will, you are going to lose them and end up as just another struggling retailer with a grim outlook.

Status: Acknowledged

It sounds like this store was understaffed that day. We already have a dedicated person for phone support in our stores. This person does sometimes help with other tasks, but they shouldn't be trying to do both at the same time.

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In-store pick up

Status: Acknowledged
by dferreira2 on ‎08-04-2012 08:04 PM

Best Buy needs to find a way to allow second-party pick up of items at stores purchased through their web site.


I live in Hawaii, and my sons, and grandsons, all live in the eastern US. Like their dad/granddad all are techie/gamers. I like being able to purchase something and then tell them, "It's waiting for you at Best Buy. Go pick it up." The immediacy is great. However, many of the products I'd  most like to purchase are restricted from this convenience.


My middle son recently graduated from college. He had been wanting a new tablet, and I told him that I'd get him one as a graduation present. However, tablet computers are not available for pick up by second parties. The only way to purchase it and get it to him was to order on line and have it sent to his address.


To be blunt, as an Amazon Prime member, for on line purchases and delivery Best Buy cannot compete. When forced to purchase for delivery, I switch to Amazon, which I did for this purchase.


Best Buy's strength and market edge is that it's a click-and-mortar store with a physical presence. I will gladly pay a little extra for an item in order to have it available for immediate pick-up by my sons. But if I have to have it delivered, Best Buy is not my first thought.


My suggestion:

As a Best Buy Silver member, why not allow me to register certain people through my account, with name and address. Then,  when I make a purchase, I can designate a second-party to pick up the item from my pre-verified list. (Amazon does something similar with deliveries where I can keep a list of names and addresses of people I regularly send to and just select them as a recipient when I order an item.)


I fully understand the need for security when it comes to fungible items such as tablets and laptops, but there needs to be a way to fulfill the security requirement and still service the customer.




Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea.

Original idea posted by tdpolo26.  For the second year in a row, Best Buy has failed in its attempt to "thank" Premier Silver members with the Early Access Black Friday Event.  Maybe the first year Best Buy was caught off guard and couldn't handle the demand on their site.  But why was Best Buy not prepared this year?  The idea is:  Extend Premier Silver Membership for 1-year to those memberships that are expiring.  I know many have stated that the Early Access is one of the top reasons they wanted to keep the Premier Silver membership.  Because of business reasons, new quantities of products cannot be ordered or unfulfilled transactions made right again.  But with a 1-yr extension Best Buy can make amends with most customers who are very frustrated. 

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea.

Best Buy,


Please make the return policy so it is standard and one clear policy for everyone regardless of membership status.


Electronic items such as digital cameras with memory cards included in this due to the nature of memory cards, computers and tablets and other things should have a 45 day return and exchange period. Must have a picture to prove it is you returning and exchanging the item.


Non electronic items: The kind of the items that are low dollar such as cords and cables, wall chargers, camera cases, computer cases, tablet cases and other types of things that people buy and use, should also have a 45 day return and exchange period. With no picture needed as proof to return and exchange.


Please make it one clear policy for everyone. One standard policy no matter what your membership status is.


It needs to be a set standard for everyone.


You might even gain back custumers and gain new customers.


Status: Tell Us More
I very much doubt we will ever move forward on this idea, but I would like to hear more feedback on it. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Fry' is a legit store/site on par with Target/Wal-Mart most would rather price match them vs buying from them. That keeps all the MyBB pts coming.

Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see us price match Fry's website? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

Best Buy needs to maintain a data vault for every SKU of PC that they sell containing the ISOs for the recovery disks.  Geek Squad agents should be able to search by Make/Model or SKU to find the recovery disk ISOs to be able to restore a customer's PC.


Currently, turn time is one of our measuring sticks.  On a unit where the customer has to order the recovery disks from the manufacturer, the turn time could easily reach 10-14 days or more.  If we sell something, we need to reach an agreement with the manufacturer to be able to download those ISOs free of charge.  I'm not talking about product keys so it wouldn't be in violation of anything Microsoft.  It only makes sense if you want to keep turn time down, quality of repair up, and customers happy.




Status: Tell Us More
I like this idea, but it does seem like there could be a significant investment getting it set up and maintained. What do other employees or customers think of this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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Re: Walk Out Gifting Our Stuff (WOGOs)

Status: Tell Us More
by Cartogra on ‎07-27-2013 07:37 PM
Referring to offer in July Black Friday sale iTunes 100 gift card. Per price match guarantee, will not match gift card offers in store. Requires buyer to wait 1 week or more to get card. Gift cards (including BB Gift cards) are good alternatives to people who want to get gifts for someone hard to shop for (sometimes QUICKLY). In the case of iTunes cards, they can buy more products, which can require upgrading storage or even iPads, which can drive sales for stores even more.
Status: Tell Us More
Interesting idea. Would anyone else like to see this happen? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Making it easier to buy

Status: Acknowledged
by Suttonfr3 on ‎12-21-2012 10:58 PM

As someone who normally would not use online purchasing. I was in a Best Buy location today and wanted to make some purchases. After not being helped and not a person in site decided location did not want my business. So I figure I would just go ahead and make my purchases online this evening. So selections were made and proceed to check out. At check out online I am unable to make my full purchase due to my total being 1.39 over my Best Buy credit limit.  Here's my issue the data processing steps in which the program can be loaded into the system to allow customers to check out with multiple forms of payment is not very difficult to load a bring into the web sites ability. Why have I decided to make such recommendations. As a Best Buy stock holder I am finding this very disappointing. When brought up to Customer service rep for the company the recommendation was made to buy gift cards the manipulate the system that way to make my full purchase. So in turn I cut my purchase in half. Food for thought how many people shop online and have to buy less because of this data processing issue with the inability to split payments to make a full purchase.

In fairness there maybe system issues that prevent this from coming to reality but I`d like to be able to swap a BestBuy giftcard into Mybb pts. I fully understand why BB won`t allow Mybb certs to be converted into a BestBuy giftcard but the reasoning doesn`t apply in the reverse situation. So for example, I`d take my $10 Bestbuy either in-store or via & "load it" then in 24-48 hours or less 500 mybb pts would appear in my mybb account. Because of how MyBB certs affect purchases pre-tax this would give BB a way to fight back vs online vendors who aren`t forcing customers to pay tax.

In the same process being able to "gift" or outright purchase MyBB pts would also present the same advantage.
Status: Tell Us More

I guess I'm not entirely sure why someone would want this functionality, but I would like to hear from others on this. Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

Easier Check Out

Status: Acknowledged
by RTHAgler on ‎10-27-2012 08:29 PM

The idea that someone would shop the store and check out prices online and then leave even if the price is matched because lines are too long is crazy, but if Best Buy would implement check out directly from sales clerk with check out still running could save a lot of time and effort for the customer. Maybe you would not have as many customers walking out to order online from Amazon. There are plenty of methods of payment on the go for individuals - Best Buy should be able to set up sales all over the floor from every sales staff member. Just a thought.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea.

Decision Support for Customers

Status: Tell Us More
by graysilk on ‎07-29-2013 12:47 PM has standard text-search, filters, and a few configurators, but no real customer “decision support.” Filters/search are useful if you know exactly what you’re looking for. If you don’t, they’re not helpful, they’re not friendly, and these resources are no better than what’s available on other sites.


Most often, people just want the answer; quickly, easily, and instantly. They’re not looking for advice, reviews, or general “many people seem to like this” recommendations. They want to know what item(s), exactly, are best for them, personally, reflecting their needs and priorities, and key issues like connectivity/compatibility. Particularly if this relates to things they already own. They don’t want every purchase decision to become a research project.


We’ve complete worked-out how to do this. For just about everything Best Buy sells. We’d love to communicate the details.


Status: Tell Us More
I'm fairly certain we are constantly working on making our search capability the best it can be, but of course would love to hear your specific thoughts on this. To communicate the specific details of your idea just comment back to this idea. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

The last couple of years the Early Black Friday Shopping has been nothing but frustrating.  Instead of rewarding the loyal and big spending customers the event caused nothing but misery and complaints for most.  The congestion and traffic was supposed to be handled better last year from the debacle the year before.  It was still bad if not worse.  With the addition of three invites for anyone to obtain Elite status, I don't see the Event for this year running any better.  My idea is to have a separate event or priority for Elite Plus members for this year's event.  This would reward the best customers for the year while helping with congestion and traffic for the Early Shopping Event.

Status: Tell Us More
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! I'm confident you are not the only Elite Plus member that would like earlier access than other members, but I would like to hear from other members what they think about this idea. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

     Best Buy does not seem to have a lot of Mid-Night releases, but it does for major titles in order to keep up with the competition. Last year I went to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Mid-Night release at my local Best Buy, and all I can say was that it was a total mess. I understand you guys are fairly new to this game, but I believe there are several things that can be done to make this process a little more efficient for both you and the customer.


      First idea would be to allow customers to purchase the game in full prior to the release date. This can be done the day you pre-order your game or the same day you plan to pick up prior to the store closing and re-opening for the mid-night release. I believe this would speed up to whole process when it comes to picking up your game. I tried paying for my game in full last year, but was told I could only do $5. I just don't see how this would hurt any store, if anything it would benefit locking in that purchase.


     My second idea would be to add a line for your Silver Premier Members. We spend a lot of money at your stores and online stores, why not give us preferred service. This would further encourage customers to want to attain that Silver Premier status and those who already have it to want to retain it.


     Some feedback would be very appreciated, and I hope some of this is considered and implemented. What do you guys think?

Status: We Did It!
A customer can now pay part or all of the cost of a game they are pre-ordering in our stores. Keep in mind that if you choose to pay only part of the cost you can't fully pay for the game until it is released.
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