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Sell the pre-owned Trade-in products on Bestbuy Outlet

Status: Acknowledged
by buyadeal on ‎03-19-2016 02:07 PM - last edited on ‎03-19-2016 02:25 PM by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist

Since Best Buy has now closed its used goods outlets (Best Buy Private store and Auction and, there is no place for consumers to be able to purchase meaningful used or pre-owned product through best buy's marketplace.  The only items listed under pre-owned is 1 laptop, and 1300 video games.  


What happened to selling items that come back from the trade-in program, or used items that 3rd party sellers want to sell on Best Buy's Marketplace?    The comparison is Amazon's site where they ask "got one to sell" on almost every item, and list the new and used prices available from other sellers on the marketplace.  see: {removed per forum guidelines}


There would need to be a way of decribing the condition, items included, and possibly pictures, if the item is not in perfect shape.


Consumers want to buy used / preowned items.

Status: Acknowledged

We merely moved these site's inventory over to our Outlet store on

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Wasteland 2 for XBOX ONE and PS4

Status: Acknowledged
by villy_tha_great on ‎08-24-2015 05:29 PM

Can u guys add this game to for pre-order? Comes out Oct. 2015

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion!

I think it would be advantageous for Best Buy to really review Protection/Replacement Plan policies and how they work with their employees.   Most employees realize they're tracked on attachment and will say just about anything to attach one of these because, let's be honest - they probably won't be there in 2, 3 or 4 years (if/when) the product breaks down with the turn-over in retail, but for today, they look like a rock star.


When I was purchasing a vaccum last night, I was offered a plan on the vaccum.  I specifically asked the employee - "well this model is on clearance, so do they give me my money back if something were to go wrong?" And she said "Oh yes, we'd give you comparable but not to exceed what you paid or issue a store credit for what you paid tonight."  I ALWAYS ask for protection plan terms and conditions BEFORE I commit to purchasing one and upon reading it that's not how the plan works.  It states you get FAIR MARKET VALUE.  Simply put, I get whatever Best Buy deems the value on my vaccum is in 2-4 years, which let's be honest - IT'S A VACCUM.  


Had I had an issue with the vaccum and taken it back to the store, this would've caused a huge dispute (and I get the feeling this probably wouldn't be the first time if you have employees selling protection plans that they don't properly understand the terms and conditions on).  As employees of Best Buy, they represent the company and you do acquire a bit of responsibiltiy and liability for what they are telling people to sell these plans so please take time and have managers quiz them, etc. to make sure they understand how they work.

Status: Acknowledged

We should already be making sure our employees are knowledgeable when it comes to our Geek Squad Protection plans. Thanks for the suggestion.

Just as I titled it: I think it would be great to have Geek Squad Protection on computer hardware such at processors, graphic cards, and so forth.


I have had personal experience where a warranty has saved my butt financially when a computer component has failed. Just a few months ago my power supply "blew up" in my PC and luckily it was insured- but when my power box went out, it damaged my graphics card which was not insured.


Now I am debating whether to buy a graphics card at Best Buy where I can get it cheaper than anywhere else thanks to being an employee but not having it insured... or spending full price on it and adding a protection plan with it from New Egg and covering myself in case it goes out. I'm a gamer and video editor in my spare time so graphic cards don't come cheap- it's a major bummer that my one is failing.


Adding a protection plan on PC hardware would be super beneficial in my honest opinion. I have helped many customers who were building or upgrading a computer and while my store doesn't have a great selection with components... having it insured in case something like what happened to me or others really takes a lot of stress off of our shoulders.


Sure customers could purchase their components elsewhere- but being able to have the product in hands and examining it while knowing you can walk out with it that very day can be a huge deciding factor- why not have them walk out knowing they can get a free replacement (If you purchase the protection plan for it of course) in case it fails?


Status: Tell Us More

This is an interesting suggestion. Would anyone else like to see us offer Geek Squad Protection (GSP) plans for computer hardware? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

There are quite a few games that could be added to this promotion. These are just some ideas. Granted, not all of them are going to come out this year but at least five are going to for sure.


The Order 1886


Uncharted 4

Kingdom Hearts 3

Metal Gear Solid 5

Borderlands The Handsome Collection

Just Cause 3

The Division


Rise of the Tomb Raider

Forza Motorsport 6


Quantum Break


Status: Acknowledged

The gaming team does review these requests, but I should say that it is not exclusively up to us as to what titles become part of this promotion, and often times it is up to the developer as to which titles become part of this promotion. Thanks for all the input on this idea.

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Best Buy,


I love shopping at your store. But it seems when I have a little bit of extra money to spend, the items I want are not readily available in your store and when I want to be able to pick up in the store, it says Pickup in 7 to 10 days. I don't have that many days to wait. Today I was particularly interested in a surge protector for my dining table area because my office work space is expanding and I noticed that you had a great price on Surge Protectors from Dynex. But while the price was cheap the accessibility to the product was not. So either I'd had to wait 7 - 10 days , or pay a shipping charge plus tax which would make a cheap item even more expensive, or as a last ditch effort which I'd really hate to do, go to another store and purchase a like item at a comparable price. Find a way to fix this because Best Buy is the closest electronics super store to my area and while there is another one that has the name of a food on a fast food menu, it's too dangerous traffic wise to travel to that store and I only do as a last resort. 

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. I can assure you we are already doing our best to have each store stocked appropriately

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Status: Tell Us More
by CG176 on ‎12-29-2014 07:26 PM

i think best buy should find a new, more efficient way to find there movies. for example. i know for a fact that the minute i go into a bestbuy store the first thing im looking for is the bigger better deal. in my case i mean i like going in and finding movies in my PRICE RANGE. $10-$5. $15-$20. etc. not only can this benefit the consumer but bestbuy in general. i believe im not the only one who feels this way when it comes to the movie section of the store at least. i would love for bestbuy to take this idea into consideration and really give it a try and see how it works out for them and the consumer such as myself. i personally know that i would love going straight to a section where i know the prices of the movies and the amount i want to spend. instead of going around looking for that ONE employee who works in the movie section to price check the movie for me. or looking for one of those computer kiosk that allows customer to search for prices. at least for the movie department i believe it would be a GREAT idea. Try it out bestbuy! it cant hurt! and see if your movie sales dont go up ;-) *Former assistant manager of a retail establishment*

Status: Tell Us More

I guess I'm not entirely sure what your idea is, but it seems to me you are asking us to organize our movies by cost instead of subject or title. Am I reading this right? Who else would like to see us do this? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.


Status: Tell Us More
by MadDog760 on ‎08-15-2014 03:38 PM

I bought a Canon Pixma MG7120 printer from another store because you didn't have the printer in black in the stores at that time. I can get a discount from Best Buy on ink and toner. The problem is that Best Buy doesn't carry the XL size of ink cartridges. I can not even order them online. Please carry the XL size of ink cartridges.

Status: Tell Us More
Thanks for the product suggestion. Would anyone else like to see us carry these? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
I think it would be to Best Buy's advantage to add the 13" MacBook Air (Z0P0-MD7614B) to your in-store assortment.  The Intel Core i7 with the 8GB of RAM is an extremely popular configuration and would bring in an additional $200 per unit on the most popular Apple notebook (hence the reason Surface Pro 3 is aggressively marketing against it).  It would also be in-line with what other premium ultrabooks (like the Lenovo Yoga Pro 2) have spec-wise. 


  • 1.7GHz Intel Core i7 Dual-Core (Haswell)
  • 8GB of 1600 MHz LPDDR3 RAM
  • 256GB PCIe-Based Flash Storage
  • Integrated Intel HD Graphics 5000
  • 13.3" LED-Backlit Glossy Display
  • 1440 x 900 Native Resolution
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Dual USB 3.0 Ports, One Thunderbolt Port
  • 720p FaceTime HD Camera, SDXC Card Slot
  • Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
Status: Tell Us More
Would anyone else like to see us add this MacBook to our assortment? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Currently the Mac Pro is only available online.  I could understand, when it first came out, making it online only, as you could not get your hands on them because they were back ordered by several months; However, with improved availability, I would love to see Best Buy expand it's in-store assortment to include the Mac Pro.  I find it weird that Best Buy would carry the $2500 MacBook Pro with Retina but all of sudden the Mac Pro is not worth carrying even though it's the most powerful and customizable Mac Apple's built-to-date.  


I would love to see Best Buy pilot selling the base model Mac Pro in select stores - maybe start with the top 50 or 100 Mac-selling stores and see how it does and expand from there?  


Entry-Level Mac Pro | Model: ME253LL/A | SKU: 2680016

3.7 GHz Intel Xeon E5 Quad-Core; 12GB of 1866 MHz DDR3 ECC RAM; 256GB PCIe-based Flash Storage; Dual AMD FirePro D300 GPUs (2 x 2GB); Six Thunderbolt 2 Ports; Four USB 3.0 Ports; One HDMI 1.4 Port Supports up to Three 4K Displays; 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi; Bluetooth 4.0; Unique Compact Cylinder Design; Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks


Status: Tell Us More
Would anyone else like to see us carry the Mac Pros in our stores? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

Gamers Club Unlocked

Status: Tell Us More
by diamonddisc on ‎08-08-2014 01:56 AM

I think that this is an idea that Best Buy should consider greatly. I am a hardcore gamer and probably purchase ten games per year or more from Best Buy and that is just for me. I buy plenty of games as gifts as well. So I would say I buy about 15-20 $60 games per year. That a lot of cash ($1000+). I have recently been considering taking my gaming business elsewhere due to the current state of GCU. It used to be such an amazing deal and a great way to reward your most loyal customers. You would get a monthly magazine and $10 for every $150 spent, not to mention the amazing "5 for $100" and "Victory Can Be Pre-Ordered" promotions. Now, the only thing of mention is 20% off new games. While this is an amazing deal, it also is not. Lets take a look. Lets say you buy 5 games per year. Under the old system you would pay $15 for the membership and get $20 per game in certs, plus an extra $20 for spending $300. That's $120 in certs - $15 membership cost = $105. Under the new system, you get $12 off per game plus $10 in certs. That's $22 per game or $110 but the membership costs you $120 instead of $15, so you lose money. Here are my proposed changes to the program. If I don't see a positive improvement to the program soon, I will be switching to Amazon most likely.


1. Change the membership cost to something a bit more reasonable and add a one year option. $59.99 per year or $99.99 for two seems fair. That way people are saving money by going with the two year option.

2. Get rid of the magazine. It is pointless now that it is no longer print. I mean, it was nice to get a magazine in the mail every month which is why I still subscribe to GI, but now that it is digital only, it is dumb. By the time the magazine is available, I have known all the "news" for weeks or longer thanks to the internet.

3. Extend the 20% discount to accessories.

4. Keep the $10 pre-order bonus for free My Best Buy members but make it $15 for Unlocked members. Why are the people that pay $120 for their membership getting the same bonus as those that don't? Also, add new games to this list on a regular basis. A good way to do this would be to add new games every quarter. So say, add new games for Jan-Mar, then April-June, etc. There are so many games that I would purchase if they were part of this promotion.

5. Give bonus points for pre-ordering and picking up ANY game within a week of release, not just the ones on the $10/$15 promotion. Say if a game isn't on that promotion, you at least get $5 bonus.

6. Bring back the $10 for every $150 or maybe even $5 for every $100.

7. Get rid of the ridiculous 3 game limit and only ban someone if they are clearly abusing the discount for resale purposes (i.e. you notcie them buying ten copies of every game that comes out). I don't want to have to keeo track of my game purchases and worry that buying a gift for someone might put me over my limit and get my account deleted.

8. Have prizes like GameStop does with their Epic Giveaways (signed games, chance to go to E3, etc.)

Status: Tell Us More

It seems like there is much more than one idea here, but I would like to hear what others think about this idea. I believe we did just change number 7 on your list and you can read about the change here. Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

Promotion page for games

Status: Tell Us More
by Valued Contributor on ‎09-09-2014 02:30 PM

I am going to use the Batman Arkham Knight one for an example to hlep explain what I mean cause it would be exremely difficult otherwise.


As you can see it doesn't list the digital versions of the game ( or at least they probably won't unless I start trying to get it suggested ) 


Same with the Destiny Promotion page the digital console versions aren't listed on the promotional page.


So my suggestion as you can probably tell now is this: 


1 ) Somehow redesign the promotional page while keeping it looking nice to show all current bundles/and versions of the game. 

Status: Tell Us More

Thanks for the suggestion. Who else thinks this page could be improved? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

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Recommended Products page

Status: Tell Us More
by Valued Contributor on ‎11-05-2014 07:43 AM

I don't normally view this page but one thing I noticed from the start is that what it was suggesting for "top picks for Allison" was totally off the wall as far as correct picks for me. 


I feel a remake of this with better cookie analysis could be useful. Just to give an example


-It was suggesting dualshock controller chargers for don't even own a PS4 nor have I ever searched for PS4 information. 


My suggestion: When it reads the cookies of browsed items, have it to cross reference to previous orders. For example: I browse PC related items, have it cross reference my order page to see if I have ever purchased PS4 console/or related products. 


Also this one isn't so bad, but again a deeper analysis would had made it more realistic. In this example yes, I do browse smart tv's but I always use the site filter to go to the larger televisions as I am always looking for a good price on a larger one. The top pick for me was suggesting a small 38'. by having it showing what was under the filters I use, and the price ranges I look for it could had provided better outputs.


Status: Tell Us More

Thanks for the suggestion. Does anyone else feel like we are recommending the incorrect products to them? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

Any chance you can do bigger packs that have more then 25 discs in them? I love the price but would love to see an offer from Dynex competitive to what other manufacturers of blank media have at BBY, 

Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see Dynex do this? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

As a consumer and frequent Best Buy customer I think it would be fair if BB could update their product inventory more frequently. In the search for the newest, most advanced, and safest products, BB is slacking, unless of course it is a new electronic device. When it comes to TV stands and accessories they only provide a limited, outdated, and overpriced selection of products. In my recent search for a shelf I found this Peerless Shelf as the cheapest product Best Buy online sells. This shelf is been discontinued, and is no longer being made. This tactic BB is using is outright decietful! 


Instead BB should update ALL of their products, like Video Games, Televisions, Computers, Phones, and Tablets, when the newest products become available. Or do not sell the product at all. Now I am forced to either use my BB rewards points for one measly, outdated, and discontinued shelf, or go to Amazon and buy a shelf made buy the same company with updated engineering, saftey features, and more shelving. Most of the shelves are also


Guess I will save my $15 in rewards for some candy and soda in the store and take my cash to Amazon. 


P.S. I am no English major, but this spell check does not work well.

P.S.S. Spending more money on products should not justify an extended warranty. 



Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. I can assure you we are always working to have the most updated inventory possible.

I have recently Pre-ordered a wide variety of games for my Xbox One (over $1000 MSRP worth) at Bestbuy and currently have them all under the same payment type (my bestbuy card).


I think my bestbuy card will be expiring soon now that Bestbuy is switching to Visa cards, meaning my pament type will soon be invalid. There is currently no option to change the payment type for my Pre-orders, and some of them are sold out with no chance of coming back in stock (Black ops 3 Juggernog Edition). So I am really hoping that these orders don't get canceled due to there being no option to change the payment type, Please consider adding this option as it would really come in handy, another great option would be adding the option for a 2nd payment type.




If there is already some way of doing this please let me know.


Thank You!


Status: Tell Us More

So to be clear;  you have open pre-orders that you placed with a Best Buy Mastercard, and you believe your pre-orders will be cancelled when your card changes to a Visa branded card?

Hyper X Cloud

Status: Tell Us More
by Sxrax on ‎08-17-2015 06:53 AM
Now here. You might not know this but from a gamer's standpoint people seem to go crazy over this one headset. A load of gamers want to have this headset but want it at their local Best Buy because of the warranty you guys add to the product which I'm greatful for. So try adding some HyperX Clouds to your collection and see the gamers go wild with it.
Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see our stores carry this headset? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

With Best Buy being a Electronics/Technology/Media Store, a Customer Service Department dedicated specifically for gaming needs through it Toll-Free Phone Customer Service that deals in only Gaming should be created and established. Since Video Games are always a high selling products and with Best Buy having the Gamers Club Unlocked Program, it would be a way to push it more. This Department could help Best Buy Customers in many ways and help fix problems such as:

  • Any problems with Pre-Order bonus's or other digital orders/items (EX: Codes not received)

  • Price Adjustments of video games when best buy lower the price, especially with keeping GCU Discounts in mind on top of the adjustments.

  • Problems with GCU Activating correctly at purchase or not applying to games correctly

  • Problems with Pre-Order $10 Certificates not showing up on accounts when they should

  • Any potential Trade-In Problems

  • Not receiving Welcome coupons from GCU when signing up

  • Any Gaming Promos not applying correctly to a order

  • A big one is also the hassle of dealing with a majority of both phone reps and in store reps who after a year still does not know the in and out of the GCU Program

  • It will help keep the work off of the Forum mods since a majority of the problems on here are for adjustments problems and also GCU not apply discount right and the normal everyday phone reps and in store reps are giving false or informed information since it not there specific department.

  • and many many more reasons


Others customers probably can also input very good reason to make this happen. Especially since due to the normal everyday employees who have not much knowledge of many of best buy special programs especially GCU there is more frustration and problems that the customers must burden with constantly having to keep trying over and over until they get that single employee who is informed.







Status: Under Review

I have forwarded this idea onto the business team for review.

Bloodborne Strategy Guide

Status: Acknowledged
by AlphaNoodle on ‎03-27-2015 11:01 AM

With all the sccuess I'm sure BB is having with Bloodborne's recent release, why isn't the strategy guide available? I know it is going to be released next week, but there is no indication that BB is considering selling it at all. Especially with with a game known for it's unreltenting difficulty, I feel that the strategy guide would beenfit those who've bought Bloodborne.

Not to mention they are currently adding another 100 or so pages to the guide which brings to about 500 pags, defintely a good guide worth considering.

Status: Acknowledged

I did hear back on this, and at this time we don't plan on carrying this guide. This could change in the future, and my best advice is to keep checking

Currently, the only way to purchase PSN credits through is to purchase the physical card and have it mailed to you. Doesn't really make sense to waste the postage and the customer's time when BB could simply sell the code and deliver it via email like most other online retailers.

Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see this happen? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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