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As a consumer and frequent Best Buy customer I think it would be fair if BB could update their product inventory more frequently. In the search for the newest, most advanced, and safest products, BB is slacking, unless of course it is a new electronic device. When it comes to TV stands and accessories they only provide a limited, outdated, and overpriced selection of products. In my recent search for a shelf I found this Peerless Shelf as the cheapest product Best Buy online sells. This shelf is been discontinued, and is no longer being made. This tactic BB is using is outright decietful! 


Instead BB should update ALL of their products, like Video Games, Televisions, Computers, Phones, and Tablets, when the newest products become available. Or do not sell the product at all. Now I am forced to either use my BB rewards points for one measly, outdated, and discontinued shelf, or go to Amazon and buy a shelf made buy the same company with updated engineering, saftey features, and more shelving. Most of the shelves are also


Guess I will save my $15 in rewards for some candy and soda in the store and take my cash to Amazon. 


P.S. I am no English major, but this spell check does not work well.

P.S.S. Spending more money on products should not justify an extended warranty. 



Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. I can assure you we are always working to have the most updated inventory possible.

Far too often I've gone to Cowboom to check out the pre-owned PS3 slim models that're available for sale and found that most of them are missing everything but the console itself and/or they look like someone tried cleaning them with a hammer.


For stuff like game console trade-ins, everything should be required and any accessory values should be baked into the set price for the console(s).


As it stands now a controller for a console is NOT required for trading in a console and if someone goes to trade one in it's only worth about $10. For $10 I know I would NOT trade in my controller with a console either. 


There needs to be a set price for all consoles for trade-in and REQUIRE that all accessories are included or the value drops to a low price to allow for finding and including the missing items before repackaging it for sale.


Right now on Cowboom there's only 3 listings for a 160gb PS3 slim. They're all FAIR condition and between $199.99 and $209.99 and ALL are missing everything but the console itself and/or a power cable. That's insane when you can buy a new super slim(12gb model) for $200 and get a controller and everything else it's supposed to come with.


I could actually get better looking consoles from the local flea market and they'd be complete for probably less than those prices. 

Status: Tell Us More

I hear where you are coming from on this. Would anyone else like to see us require these accessories when accepting a gaming console for trade-in? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

I would love to see Best Buy take on a more proactive approach to encouraging people to recycle used ink & toner. I understand that, as of now, Best Buy currently does offer a recycling program, but I would love to see them roll it into their rewards program to really encourage people to take advantage of it.  This could implemented in a few different ways:


(1) Offer a coupon for an extra 5% off ink and toner for recycling.  This would be the easiest to implement because if one is recycling ink or toner one would most likely be looking to purchase replacements, so for Best Buy this would offer the quickest ROI on this type of program.


(2) Offer 250 points for each toner or 50 points for each ink cartridge.  This is based on the fact that ink cartridges need to be replaced quite a bit more frequently than toners and in most cases, people are replacing sets of 2 or 4 on ink cartridges, depending on if the machine is a tri-color or individual ink model.  At the end of the day, every toner or 5th ink cartridge would equate to a $5 rewards certificate, which for most inks or toners is a very small discount, but it's still something to encourage people to do the right thing when it comes to disposing of used ink/toner.  


Lastly, the largest benefit to either method you decided to implement would be that you would lock the customer into buying ink/toner from Best Buy and handily pull customers from office store competitors.



Status: Tell Us More

I really like this idea, and I can see both versions working. Would anyone else like to see us implement this idea? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

Remove thumbs down on

Status: Tell Us More
by gadgeteer on ‎02-16-2013 06:51 PM

When people post reviews online, they are posting their personal experience with a product.  When people go onto their reviews and down-rank them just because it's not something they would personally purchase it actually creates an environment where people don't like leaving feedback/product reviews.   Why not keep things positive and have a thumbs up option and if you don't agree, you don't agree.



Status: Tell Us More
Thanks for pointing this out. I hear where you are coming from on this, and I would be curious if other people share your feelings on this. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Could we please have all versions of new game releases, normal, special, deluxe, collectors and so forth supported online and in stores for all pre order, promotional and reward zone offers.


As a passionate game enthusiast I always try and get the collector's edition when ever possible.  Currently when you order online any links for any extra incentives only appear for the normal edition and in stores they typically go by what ever is listed online.  A pre order, is a pre order and regardless of what version you ultimately decided to purchase all versions should receive and qualify for the same benefits.  Why this has not been setup this way all along makes no sense to me.  This would eliminate any confusion and eliminate all required support concerning these issues.


    - 3DK

Status: Tell Us More
I would guess that some of these "extra incentives" are actually provided by the manufacturer, and they would be the ones determining which version of each game gets them. With that said, I would like to hear from other users on this. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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I've had two negative experieces with Best Buy stores here and I want to start off by mentioning I'm an Elite Plus member so I'm not somewhat that frequently returns things but I do, however, spend money at Best Buy. 


I think it would be in Best Buy's best interest to really get employees familiar with the returns policy and to avoid situations that pit customers against the company:


[for example] I purchased a MacBook Pro at the My Best Buy Shopping Event last night.  It was marked as "scratched" and "missing a power cable."  I figured for the price (35% off) this wouldn't be too bad as I have stuff to remove scratches and a power cable is around $50-80.  When I get it home and start cleaning it up, I come to find out it's actually not a scratch it's a crack in the glass.  Now the Best Buy employee told me to purchase the plan and worst case scenario I couldn't get the "scratch" out they would just replace it.  This was incorrect; the protection plan paperwork states that Best Buy, at their discretion, may decide that the cost to repair the item exceeds a reasonable expense and can decide to issue you a store credit for the amount instead.  In this case, I would be without a computer (because the store credit will be issued for the amount paid) AND out the $200 extra I paid on the service contract (because at this point, it has "done it's job" per say). 


So this morning I made an appointment at the Apple Store to take it in to see just how much it would cost to fix and they quoted $900 alone for the screen and they also informed me that the body on the computer is "warped" which is why when I have it on a flat surface it has a little bit of a rock to it.  Mind you, a customer service agent took this as a return AND the store misadvertised this as a scratch.  After hearing that, I knew if it went out to service through Geek Squad it would most likely end with them deciding not to repair it and instead replace it and that means I would be without a computer (this same model would be 35% more at that point) and out $200 for protection so I opted to return it.


I purchased this computer over by where I work (about 30 minutes from where I live) and I tried to take it to the store right down the street from my apartment and the store tells me that "we wouldn't sell something like this, with this kind of damage, so my manager is refusing to allow you to return it here." And I'm SHOCKED (to say the least).  Best Buy stores are NOT franchised - so the fact that they would pit a customer against the company (not to mention inconvenience me to drive out of my way 30 minutes to go return a defective item that they sold me - referencing once again that they are NOT franchised - is ridiculous).  If one of your stores sells someone a lemon like this, another store should take the return because at the end of the day it's all Best Buy. 


Similarly, I had an experience like this with an iPhone 5S.  I purchased an open box iPhone 5S 32GB in Space Gray on launch day, as that's the only phone they had for AT&T.  I took it home and I honestly just didn't like the color so I decided I would go get a 64GB in Silver (and mind you I purchased this outright).  So Best Buy took no loss (they would have to mark the open item down again, but it would most likely be at the same price as before) AND the made a huge revenue gain when I purchased the new phone outright.  I tried to return the Space Gray (mind you I had it for 3 days at this point) and the guy tells me they can't return it because it's "scuffed" - for the record, "scuffed" was pocket lint that got trapped between the case and the phone.  Ironically, took the phone 2 minutes down the street to the Best Buy mobile stoer and they took it without instance.


Please train your employees on proper return policies and etiquette;  Especially for Elite Plus members returns should be no hassle - but more importantly, if this had been a first shopping and returns experience with Best Buy it would probably be my last.  You're not just competing with online retailers on price anymore, they offer phenomenal service. Anytime I've returned something to Amazon it's been without fanfare, instance or followup and smooth as melted butter. At the end of the day it should be about making the customer happy and making sure they have a positive experience because this is what gets customers to spend more in-store.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for your feedback. I can assure you our employees should already be familiar with our return or exchange policy, and should always be nothing but professional.

Right now i'm very disapointed in Best Buy. I just achieved my rewards elite status in November of 2013 and just found out that the elite membership experies at the end of Febuary of every year. So today March 1st 2014, I come to find that I am no longer an elite member. 




How about this Best Buy.,. Once a My Best Buy member is automatically upgraded to Elite or Elite Plus membership, they have 12 months from the day they achieved this status to maintain the status by meeting the current requirements.


In my case this would mean that since I achieved elite membership in November of 2013 I would have until the end of November of 2014 to spend $1500 hundred to maintain my membership.


This would make the rewards membership so much more worth while. Right now I'm just going to stick with buying everything from until my idea is implimented. I'm sure many others are already doing the same.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea, but I should point out this isn't accurate. If you qualified for Elite status in 11/2013 your account would remain in this status until 2/2015. If you re-qualify for this status in 2014 your status won't expire until 2/2016 and so on and so on.
There`s already an existing way to report missing points from purchases that don`t have the Mybb(MBB) info attached to the receipt. Is there a way to get this added for trades when a rep forgets, doesn`t know we should or how to correctly input the MBB info that triggers the 10%.

I know the employees SHOULD be doing this already but lets be real for minute, check the gaming sections forums you'll consistantly see customers requesting this. Putting this feature in place removes a large portion of those posts freeing up staff to assist with harder issues in a more efficient manner.
Status: Acknowledged
If a Gamers Club Unlocked member didn't get the 10% bonus when trading in a game.they should be able to contact us via Social Media, Phone, or email to get this resolved.
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There is a trend going around where people on various sites are ordering games now and waiting for the day of the sale,they kiow that bestbuy will adjust the price the day of the sale.This is another way stock to get ate up for online orders.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea.

After installing with Best Buy for about a year and a half now I have found myself multiple times watching clients walking away from Best Buy unable to get the product they want because we either do not carry it at all or it is not here for them to try out and listen to before they spend a couple thousand dollars. As everyone know, we are not commission based employees, but having a true passion for good sound quality and quality products, I can relate to customers that want products that produce better sound that what we carry. Many years ago when we carried Rockford Fosgate and such brands, mobile audio was at a high point. People could come into the store and see WHY they should invest more than $150 into a subwoofer and what that extra money is really doing for them. I can point out one product line that we carry on line but nobody has in store that I can truly speak to and that would be Alpine's Type-R line. I'm not sure if it was a department in corporate that decided we would not carry these products in store anymore, or if it was a situation with the companies that made the product. All i am saying is that carrying higher end product in store and making it available for purchase or to listen to would increase productivity for car audio and would make many more customers happy.

Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else want to see us carry higher-end car audio components in our stores? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

You could do it as a once a month e-mail sent out to GCU members. They could be some of the usual ones from the former @Gamer magazine(that ended in May 2014 Smiley Frustrated ) as yet another perk of being a GCU member. You could have the usual ones that became(unfortunately) a staple of the magazine's coupons towards the end like the extra percentage off pre-owned coupon.


As it stands the Gamer's Club offers that the company is releasing as of late are nowhere near on par with the offers we used to get.


Right now the ONLY Gamer's Club offer on the page I have bookmarked for it is 50% off a headset audio controller for the PS4:


Not only that but when these Gamer's Club offers pop up if they're for games and are a flat $X off said game(s) then the coupon and the current 20% discount perk don't stack correctly. 


So how about it? Bring back the @Gamer styled coupons to stack with the 20% game discount? It might actually spur me to buy something gaming wise from Best Buy for the first time in 2015. 

Status: Tell Us More

Who else would like to see GCU members receive coupons similar to what was offered in @Gamer magazine?


Remember to vote for an idea if you like it!

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I just had an idea that with the renew blue going on, I feel that we all need a refresher on what our stores should look like. And to do that, there could be a segment based off of the series "Hoarders."


As a Sales Support Sup, I am constantly picking up after the team, and in my mind I always think about why people feel the need to keep certain things (or don't clean out their answer centers, down stocking, or making sure the stores are dust-free). I think that calling out this issue to the sales teams (and not having us SSS's having to yell all the time) via a fun and interesting way; would go a long way in backing us all up and making our stores more shoppable for our customers.

Status: Tell Us More
Sounds like a pretty interesting Tag TV segment. All of our employees should already be doing what they can to make sure their work environment is kept clean, but I guess it never hurts to provide a refresher. Do any other employees have anything additional to add here? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Store Greeter name suggestion

Status: Tell Us More
by Longhorn on ‎03-02-2013 03:52 PM

SInce we already have a "Host" role in our Connectivity Business Group, why don't we just call the greeter the "Store Host."


Simple, easy to remember and adapt to.

Status: Tell Us More
I'm not quite sure why it would be important to re-brand this position, but would love to hear from others on this. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Edit reviews

Status: Tell Us More
by bryfiddle on ‎03-25-2013 08:19 AM

Not a new idea, I'm surebut I'd like to be able to revise reviews on my purchases.  The time allowed to post them is too short to really get to know the products before reviewing in the first place.  Bruce

Status: Tell Us More
This is most likely not an option in order to preserve the integrity of the review at the time it was posted. I do hear where you are coming from on this though. Would anyone else like this option? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

PayPal payment on the app for android

Status: Tell Us More
by kyle123 on ‎05-20-2013 02:19 PM

I think you should be able to pay for things useing PayPal on the best buy app for android just like how does besouse I think every thing that offers the app should also

Status: Tell Us More

Mac platform gaming

Status: Acknowledged
by Xander4523 on ‎10-15-2013 04:17 PM - last edited on ‎10-16-2013 10:18 AM by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist

Mac games, whether physical in-store copies or digital downloads, are hard to come by. As you already sell Macs and video games, why not sell Mac video games? Best Buy would be one of very few stores that offer such services for a growing market of Mac users!


Thanks for your time!


-Xander {removed per forum guidelines}

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. We should carry some video games for the Mac operating system, and I can assure you we try to carry as many as possible when cost effective.

I used to buy ALL my DVDs and blu ray discs at Best Buy.  In fact, I bought so many every year it was enough to keep me a Premier Silver member.  Well, no more!  I have mentioned on MANY occasions that you need to stop putting the sticker on the outer cardboard cover.  Yes, many people simply throw this cover away.  However, I'm a collector and keep mine.  You used to use a sticker that was easily removed.  Sometimes, removal still damaged the cover.  I made a suggestion to lose the unnecessary sticker but Best Buy chose a different route.  You simply went with a new sticker that is far worse.  The new stickers are impossible to remove without damaging the cover.  If the cover doesn't get torn, it leaves a horrible, gummy residue that takes a ton of work to attempt to remove which is rarely successful.  So, not only did you not stop putting the unnecessary sticker on the package, you made the situation EVEN WORSE!!!  I'm done.  I'm not buying any more DVDs or blu rays at Best Buy.  My idea, which you did worse than ignore, might retain other customers or get me back.  Until the stickers are gone, you've lost another customer.  A Premier Silver customer. 

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the input on this idea.

Hello all,


Lately I've noticed that more and more employees are being held accountable for their availabilities not meeting company standards, however, the reverse has been untrue. Employees have no ability to push back when they are scheduled outside of their availability! To remedy this issue, employees need to be given the opportunity to accept or decline a shift in TLC before TLC can actually post a shift outside of your availability! Let's face it, Best Buy claims to care about the employee experience however there is an obvious gap between what Best Buy demands of its employee's and what employee's demand of Best Buy and right now, Best Buy has the ability to schedule an employee outside of availability with total disregard for what the employee and Best Buy agreed upon when the manager accepted a given availability. I would love to know what everyone else thinks. Thank you for your time.

Status: Tell Us More
I think the best approach would be for each employee to discuss this with their management first. It's possible the management simply forgot about a particular employees needs when scheduling them. I'm not sure if allowing employee to deny shifts would work, but I would love to hear from other employees on this. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Allow searching customer reviews

Status: Tell Us More
by gadgeteer on ‎12-27-2013 01:44 AM

A feature that I've seen on NewEgg and Amazon that I find exteremly useful is searching of reviews.  When I'm looking for RAM or other computer components, as a Mac user, I can usually type in "Mac" or "MacBook" and see what types of experiences other people have had with that particular component but there's more of a universal use for this feature as well.  For instance, if you're reading a review and you want to know if an issue mentioned in the review is isolated or not, you could type that into the search field.  And sometimes it can even be a great way of finding troubleshooting tips.  Just a thought. 

Status: Tell Us More
I hear where you are coming from on this, and would be interested to hear if other customers would like to see this? You could use Ctrl F on a windows machine, or Command F on a Mac to search each page of reviews for a specific phrase or word. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.


Status: Acknowledged
by _X_avier on ‎04-05-2012 10:38 AM

What's up BB!!!


Long time fan/customer here.


Alright, down to business...


I believe there are several things that can be done, in addition to what you guys are already doing (well, for the most part).


But first.  INCREASING trade in credit is not something you guys should feel pressured to do...Gamestop on average, already gives people less...and their credit can only be spent on the limitedness of what Gamestop carries.  AT LEAST, you guys have more than just GAMES to spend our credit on.


For sure, it would help to have more attractive trade deals.  I personally come when there is an extra boost of about 30% or more when I trade in games w/o having to pre-order....(simply because I don't want to pre-order a game, BUT the pre-order specials are really good).


As for another other deal promotions aside from trade offers, you guys are banking it really well.  (Keep in mind, I'm comparing you to the only real competition to you, GAMESTOP; GS).  Gamers now a days are trying to hit the best "value for my games" spot.  GS is only relevant because it's been around longer, and quite frankly, people are still unaware you guys do trade ins...and not just games, but other electronics.  YOU EVEN PROVIDE A TRADE SITE WITH ESTIMATE CALCULATOR!!!  With GS, you lucky if your phone call isn't received while busy or with attitude..and GOOD LUCK getting trade values over the phone LOL.


Listen, the path to owning the TRADE IN not just marketing or expanding word that you guys do this...but you really need to lift the policy (in A LOT OF BB STORES) of having to provide a RECEIPT for the games your going to trade, providing that they were bought from a BB store, ONLY.  This is where you alienate your potential to blow "you know who" out of the water like the "you know what" they really are.  I dare say, MILLIONS & MILLIONS of gamers don't keep their receipt....heck, CUSTOMERS in general, don't keep receipts!!!


Sticking to your guns on this, not only turns away trades, but it keeps your "used" game library very minimal...and I mean MINIMAL.  And with that small used game library, it keeps away customers too.


Your GAMER magazine is great...I don't care what other may think, but your the only game magazine...and I will say this underlined; the only magazine by far to offer GREAT coupons with EVERY SINGLE ISSUE FOR ONLY 15 DOLLARS?!!?!  I say this in conjunction with the "trade/used games" because you have great coupons for used games as well (not just for new...thank god and god forbid if GS did that lol), but what's a gamer like myself to do with these coupons...if there are BARELY and good USED GAMES TO PICK FROM?!?


Another thing, your gaming sections have looked really bad/sloppy.  I come in on a week day (Mon & Wed mostly...after work) it's BARREN.  And no excuses...the weekends it should be packed, or faced/leveled...something, but it looks bad too (I'm speaking of 4 BB's in NY)  Your gaming section has to, at the very least...look attractive.  Then the next step, is actually putting games on display that make sense.


Example...for Wii (let the hating begin).  You can have you kid/family section, no problem...heck, have a used game section too, np, and of course the budget titles.  But the core section, the games that don't go in the sections I just mentioned...there is nothing?!  Now, it can be, because Wii titles, don't move in a certain make a dummy case and display it...order it to be picked up in store for the customer.  Don't try to spread 3 to 8 facings/displays of a Mario title for the sake of Mario?  LOL, that's the worst thing you can do.  You need to display the titles that a true gamer would play...things like; Metroid, Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil, Sin and Punishment, Tatsunoku vs Capcom, Red Steel, COD, Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem,...I can go on too.  But the same idea across for all platforms.  It's like, what used to be a large selection of new titles at BB, are watered down to "left overs".


And if "left overs" are a result of no, you guys should definitely hold some kind of gamers club tournaments, or gaming sessions exclusive to you unlocked members...or maybe a proposed 3rd level??? (wink wink).  GS has completely stopped doing this.  They stopped the "connection" they had with their long time gaming customers.  What was once a hub and social spot is not a straight forward "in and out".  No interpersonal nothing...ask some customers in GS as an undercover customer yourself...they'll tell you GS has changed a lot.  YOU CAN CAPITALIZE HERE.


BB has the space, and you sure as $%& have the staff (whether with full pay roll or not...GS barely has the appropriate staff numbers...2 at most lol)  I'm not saying to hold these things religiously either...but maybe monthly...every qtr...promote a special event...intertwine it with deals and promos..and of course...prize...make it store credit...keep the money within BB.  And trust me...BB credit of $50 is better spent in BB then $50 credit from GS.  And if not tournaments...have like, advance screenings of movies about to be released.  Give like 5 min teaser or etc, and do the same, throw in deals/specials.


All this of course, can't be done without proper staff.


I don't know the hiring requirements for BB.  But I remember what is was for GS, and you HAD to be fully knowledgeable about games.  With BB, they're not that knowledgeable....for example...and without being "biased", I myself was trying to convince my friend to not buy the PSP Vita, at the moment, till it excels.  Foolishly, he and a BB associate were talking and speaking of how well it's doing and even finally beating the 3DS.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?   I corrected to both of them, the associate asked if I worked at a game store...I said I used to, but it doesn't mean, because I work at a gamestore, I would know things like means I would "have" to.  Information like this is available on the web.  And just in case, the 3DS trumped the sales of the first DS (which trumped the PSP)....PSP is beating...easily the PSP Vita.  Simply mathematics.


Your game staff should be knowledgeable of the games they themselves are trying to represent or sell.  It's a huge turn off when they don't know nothing.  Like when a family comes and ask what good "pure family" games are available on PS3...they quickly assume throwing the move at them is an automatic win...come on!


This is it for now.  If you are curious why I had so much to say, or what to ask for additional ideas...hit up my email.   But most of all, thanks for allowing me to share my idea with you.


BB ALL DAY!!! Woo!

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input on this idea
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