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There are over 23 million small businesses in America account for 54% of all U.S. sales. Small businesses provide 55% of all jobs and 66% of all net new jobs since the 1970s. The 600,000 plus franchised small businesses in the U.S. account for 40% of all retail sales and provide jobs for some 8 million people.


Best Buy is missing out on a very large opportunity to cater to this crowd.  If a small business customer comes into Best Buy today, the only point of sale solution that is offered in-store is the Square reader or Square Stand.  If a customer does not already own an older iPad the Square Stand is useless as it only operates with an embedded 30-pin connector.  


The solution is for Best Buy to become a Lightspeed POS reseller.  Best Buy would be able to demo how a small business customer could use a Mac and/or an iPad to run their retail store.  If you have ever priced out an actual point of sale system they are incredibly expensive (typically in excess of $4,000 each for a full setup with computer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, etc.) and Lightspeed allows customers to create a feature-rich, scalable point of sale solution for as low as $300/mo for TWO full iPad POS terminals with barcode scanners, thermal receipt printer, cash drawer, credit card attachment and all. Not to mention customers could use a Mac mini ($599 or less) as a back office machine to be able to pull sales reports, manage employees or inventory, etc. (this could also be done from another iPad to keep expenses down).  


Outside of having an in-store demo, it would be beneficial for Best Buy to have knowledgable people around how all of this operates and how to set it up and I think this would present an opportunity for Geek Squad services as most small business retail owners have a lot of on their plate and tend to just care about the solution working more than the actual setup and installation process.  Just a thought. 

Status: Tell Us More
I don't know enough about Lightspeed vs. Square to really make an educated comment to this idea. I would be curious to hear from other customers on this. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Pre-orders for iPad Pro & Apple TV

Status: We Did It!
by gadgeteer on ‎10-05-2015 06:31 AM

I have a rewards certificate burning a hole in my pocket and I would love to be able to use it towards an iPad Pro and/or a newer 32GB/64GB Apple TV; However, Best Buy is not doing pre-orders for either of these items (yet you did for the iPad mini 4 which is just beyond me). 

Status: We Did It!

The new Apple TV was made available for pre-order yesterday 10/27/2015. Both the 32GB version and the 64GB version can be pre-ordered now on

     Best Buy does not seem to have a lot of Mid-Night releases, but it does for major titles in order to keep up with the competition. Last year I went to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Mid-Night release at my local Best Buy, and all I can say was that it was a total mess. I understand you guys are fairly new to this game, but I believe there are several things that can be done to make this process a little more efficient for both you and the customer.


      First idea would be to allow customers to purchase the game in full prior to the release date. This can be done the day you pre-order your game or the same day you plan to pick up prior to the store closing and re-opening for the mid-night release. I believe this would speed up to whole process when it comes to picking up your game. I tried paying for my game in full last year, but was told I could only do $5. I just don't see how this would hurt any store, if anything it would benefit locking in that purchase.


     My second idea would be to add a line for your Silver Premier Members. We spend a lot of money at your stores and online stores, why not give us preferred service. This would further encourage customers to want to attain that Silver Premier status and those who already have it to want to retain it.


     Some feedback would be very appreciated, and I hope some of this is considered and implemented. What do you guys think?

Status: We Did It!
A customer can now pay part or all of the cost of a game they are pre-ordering in our stores. Keep in mind that if you choose to pay only part of the cost you can't fully pay for the game until it is released.

I fully understand why it WAS necessary to have to wait 30 days for RZ points to post but there's a simple way for this to be resolved without putting BB at risk for fraud/exploitation.


Add an option to the site that would allow a customer to forfeit the ability to return it completely in return for the RZ points posting immediately. Also, there should be a way to complete this in-store as well. Exchanges however should be allowed but only for the SAME PRODUCT & it would have to be DEFECTIVE. In cases where the defective item is no longer in-stock it would still require a managers override anyways so they would need to use good judgment in both protecting BB & providing good fair customer service. Store credit towards for an equivalent product for an even exchange or towards an upgraded product in which the customer would be responsible for covering the additional remaining balance would suffice. But since the managers SHOULD have been trained correctly in the matters of customer service this really shouldn't be an issue should it?


The system should require NO LESS THAN 4 CONFIRMATIONS(2 to begin the forfeit process & 2 more to accept the RZ points). This way there's ZERO EXCUSE that can be made of a person accidentally completing the forfeit process & not being aware of what they were doing.


I think this fairly protects BB's interest along with offering another reason to shop @ BB for convenience, customer service & overall value..

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for all the input on this idea. We will not be moving forward on it.

Online integration

Status: Acknowledged
by seanmorgart on ‎12-31-2012 11:56 AM

We sell people the "life of the future, today." (my slogan is my explanation to others abotu what we do), but we can't quite seem to get into the whole "internet thing".  It's almost like we're afraid internet's a fad or something.  


Our problems are:


*We're missing a Google Chrome Browser app and Windows Live Tile for Windows Phone (the one out there is horrible) and for PC.  IOS and Android have one and the last time I checked, the Win 8 Live tile for BB was awful (I think it wasn't even our design).


*We underutilize tablet technology (we have such small selections in store, we don't use them to assist customers in store, and we have yet to develop a Geek Squad Branded Internet Security app for PC/Android/IOS to cater to the customers who have under $299 tablets and don't want to pay more than $20-30 a year for an AV/IS product)


*We're driving customers to Geek with no link back to the Best Buy site!  Our BB site is the face of our company!


In an internet based society where technology can help people live the "life of the future, today", we seem to be just passing 2004 in our abilities.  If we're a tech minded company, let's show each and every customer what we can do with the stuff we sell, then show them how they can do it too!  

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea.

Secure smartphone charging stations

Status: Tell Us More
by CMVII on ‎05-09-2017 04:02 PM

Best Buy should consider secure smartphone charging stations as a customer amenity. The smartphone "power gap" is real. Snap, tweet, pin, igram, Facebook, Vimeo, youtube, games and shows all on a smartphones make it so. Incremental traffic, longer dwell times and bigger baskets may be a by product and those are good things. 

Status: Tell Us More

Interesting idea. So is this somewhere in our stores a customer can securely lock up their phone while it's charging, and at the same time go shopping? Does anyone else want to see this as a reality? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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Best Buy UK

Status: Acknowledged
by Mista_T on ‎06-21-2014 02:25 AM

Here is an idea.....






We miss You Guys Smiley Sad

Status: Acknowledged
Being that it really wasn't that long ago we left the UK, I can't imagine us going back anytime soon. Sorry for the disappointment.

Awhile back I had purchased a pair of Logitech Speakers and I am absolutey enjoying them! However I did not like the wide style AC Adapter that came with the speakers and I wish I had known about this upfront. I think all images of the computer speakers on Best Buy should show what the plug looks like as some people don't have that kind of real estate on their power surge strips and it may be a frustrating experience for customers and could result in a return to the store. 

Status: Tell Us More
I hear ya on the power-strip real estate. Would anyone else like to see this type of photo on Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

More Steam/Product deals

Status: Tell Us More
by Valued Contributor on ‎07-01-2014 09:54 AM

I assume the Deathadder/Steam Wallet Deal of the Day was a  test run to see how much activity could be won from it. From what I saw from the boards at that it was a nice hit!


I would love to see more bundles in the future. I would like to point out though to bestBuy keep in mind you can't do mouses everytime heh.or even keyboards. You need to add actual games to the bundle to sweeten the deal maybe game membership cards to places such as RuneScape etc. Some examples of what I mean:




-$50 steam card

-$25 Call of Duty: Ghosts - WIndows ( Digital and also physical copy ) 


-$10 steam card

-$Any $10 or below game at regular price.

-Have the sale for $15. This way it will provide $5 for the consumer to buy another cheap game for.


-$50 Game ( no pre-orders ) 

-$25 Steam Card 

-Any one DLC for free ( of the same platform ) Most DLC only cost up to about $20-25 max but most you can get for less than $10.

-Could be a sale for like what? $70-75? 

Status: Tell Us More
Would anyone else like to see us take action on this idea? Any other feedback on this? Remember to vote for this idea if you like it.
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Yeah. We get the MyBB points for purchases(not those made with gift cards/trade in credit though) as a free bonus of the My BB program. But making it so people have to buy...what is it...$2500 worth of e-junk in a given year BEFORE they get even the most basic 30 day return period is a bit ridiculous.


With some exceptions WalMart gives you 90 days on most stuff. Target gives you at least 30 days. Not to mention for items bought during the holidays they do like Amazon and start the return period on the day after Christmas or at the least extend it.


So how about it? Extend the return periods for EVERYONE and not just the big spenders, who I'm sure corporate could come up with some new benefits for to make them feel more valued.

Status: Acknowledged

I hear where you are coming on this, but it is unlikely we will be changing our return or exchange policy any time soon; this is especially true given we are now entering the holiday shopping season.

I'm a member of several different gaming/deal communities and on each there were reports by the members of using copies and scans of the March @Gamer coupons. Not to mention some users on SlickDeals reported having the cashiers allow them to use only the SKU's from the coupons without having to present or surrender the physical coupons(which some of them didn't have in the first place).


I'm sure such fraudulent use of the coupons and SKU's from them will only lead to the deals being lessened or eliminated due to such abuse if it were to continue. This is why my suggestion is to print the coupons on the same type of reflective security paper that I believe was used for the Gamer's Club Unlocked unlocking coupon that was mailed to people who signed up in store early on in the program. By using such paper for the coupons it should eliminate the scanning and copying of the coupons that was reported repeatedly on sites such as SlickDeals as any attempt to scan or copy the coupons should produce copies that say VOID across them due to the reflective paper.


However, the cashiers working at each Best Buy store would also have to be instructed to not only take the coupons with each single purchase(as some apparently are not), but also what to look for in regards to an official coupon and how to spot a fake. Moreover, some cashiers have been apparently entering in the SKU's from the coupons without the customers actually having the physical coupons on hand. This was because four of the coupons from this month(Batman: Arkham City, Bulletstorm, Mass Effect 2 and Rage) were all scanned into a site called the KeyRing App, thus further facilitating the fraudulent use of the coupons.


Anyway, this is my proposed solution to stop the loss of magazine and Gamer's Club Unlocked subscription sales by making the coupons unique and easily recognizable as legit versus their scanned/copied counterparts. Hopefully by implementing this idea Best Buy can cut down on the fraudulent use of these coupons and keep these amazing gaming deals coming for months(years) to come.

Status: Acknowledged
Given how old this idea is I am changing it to Acknowledged status.

A bit of the angst I see is people not getting a pre-ordered game on release day.

For me personally this has never been an issue when I have pre-ordered at lease a week in advance.  And there seems to be fewer issues with standard versions of games.  


My suggestion would to remove the date you should get it a few days before release and simply put release day.

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. I can say we are always working to make the process as smooth and pain free as possible for our customers.

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Emails to Customers

Status: Acknowledged
by robbiegd on ‎04-15-2012 11:16 AM

So as a Best Buy Employee from the moment I have joined, I never stop finding myself creating things that not just have benefited my district but my store. 


With the great success of all my ideas, I've had a primary focus of the customer end of our business. Its what drives me. However this idea, isn't something I can start at my store level like everything else. It pretty much has to come from above. 


My Idea is the emails to customer about weekly deals. The concept is that we tailor our emails to the customer and provide services based off that purchase.


Similar to Apple's and Amazon's Model, we have what they don't. Solutions. For Ex. 


I purchase Macbook Pro at Apple Store. I am sent an email specifically tailored to my purchase with info and start guides about it. 


If we followed that model we could better achieve customer satisfaction not just online but instore with these emails providing information and what other customers have bought with it and quick guides we have on our site. This can go hand in hand with tablet video trainings we have when some one buys a tablet. (Makes sense doesn't?)


Following off that Amazon's great model is its special deals. However Best Buy won't be able to match some of those offers and lets face it. However If we tailored customer purchases with deals they could get for their product in an email. That, would be a great benefit for the customer.


I don't shop for TV's. So when I get a "Great Deal on TV's". Frankly, it doesn't tailor to my benefits. However sending me emails about deals on External Hard Drives and Flash Drives. Well then as a customer I would know more deals for something I would want.


Problem with our current model is that its generic. That sucks. If I treat customers I interact with a unique tailoring to what they need then why not their emails? 


Bottom line, my proposal is we change our email delivery system not by generic email's but by purchases and services based off the products. Even more importantly services. 


Tech Support for a purchase of 2 PC's and a tablet and it isn't on the reciept? Either it wasn't what a customer wants or they didn't understand its great benefits, regardless giving them the option to see their choices is us as Best Buy saying " We care, so heres how we can show you"




Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input.

Is it possible that Best Buy in the near future will allow you to pre-order Xbox One games via Xbox Live digital codes? Newegg already does this feature. You are pre-ordering the game and when it comes out, you are emailed a code for $60 to redeem on the Xbox Store to purchase the game. I'd love to see this option at Best Buy. Being able to have the $10 promotion for certain games, any pre-order bonus (extra content, etc) and being able to buy a digital version instead of a physical copy.


Now I understand that I could walk into Best Buy, buy a $60 Xbox Live credit, go home, redeem the code and then buy the game, but I am missing out on any pre-order incentives.


PLEASE take this feature into consideration Best Buy! If you guys offered this feature, I would not see a reason for me to shop anywhere else to pre-order a game. You already do a great job with the $10 pre-order incentive. It would just be nice to be able to pre-order a digital copy of an Xbox One title and still get all the pre-order bonuses.

Status: Tell Us More
Would anyone else like to see this as a reality? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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Status: Acknowledged
by Julie8115 on ‎12-27-2015 12:25 PM

One day I went to Best Buy in Danbury, CTand I needed some questions answered from the Geek/techical staff. I was in the wait line for about 15 minutes (not good when you have back issues).  I believe there needs to be a good number of seats for customers to sit down.  Possibly (as someone else had the idea in a previous post), the customer should be given a round disk that lights up or buzzes or vibrates when you are next to be attended to. This would give the customer the flexiability to walk around, visit the bathroom, or go browsing elsewhere in the store.  The other idea, BB needs to hire part-time Geeks or get volunteers from the colleges around who are studying the area of technology because that time I waited in that line more than 15 minutes, there was only one tech guy servicing the long line.  It's all about "customer service" and how you treat the customer which makes them return.  Best buy could also develop a customer satisfaction survey for those customers who enter the store and once filled out they could give to a BB employee or drop it in the dedicated boxes for the surveys.  Thanks for reading.  Woman Very Happy

Status: Acknowledged

I hear where you are coming from on this. I can assure you we strive to staff all of our stores in order to make sure each customer gets served in a timely manner.

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More VHS

Status: Acknowledged
by ksjsjs on ‎12-13-2015 11:00 AM

We want more VHS

Status: Acknowledged

We will not be carrying more VHS.

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Information Sharing

Status: Acknowledged
by BeauGregg on ‎06-01-2012 01:27 PM

Knowing that Best buy's credit card is serviced and proivided by Capital One, i believe the information from these forums would be valuable in servicing the credit card portfolio as it would give a glimpse of the customer's experiences, opinions, thoughts, etc. to Capital One so that Capital One and Best Buy can work to do the right thing and provide excellent products to the customer.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea
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There are many items from Best Buy that are available to ship to my home but are not eligible for shipping to store for pickup.  These are not marketplace items but Best Buy items.  I find this confusing.  If you can ship the item to my home, why can you not ship it to my local store for pickup?


The reason I prefer to pick up items in my local store is because I do not like the idea of my package sitting on my front porch while I am at work.  This is a big advantage you guys have over online stores like Amazon.

Status: Tell Us More

Interesting. Can you give me an idea of a specific item that can be shipped to your home, but not to your local store?



I noticed for this year (again) Best Buy offered free 2 day shipping to ALL customers.  Can this be changed next year since I spend $3500 a year to receive such a perk?  This should be changed to free next day or Express shipping for all elite plus / elite members.  I just don't see how a perk such a free expedited shipping is given to all customers and those who actually spend $3500 dont receive bonus points or free next day shipping.  I hate to say this isn't "fair" but truly it isn't.  I hope other Elite members agree for some sort of change or a much higher perk for Elite members such as 5X the points on all purchases or allow for free next day shipping.  merry christmas!



Status: Acknowledged

As the next holiday shopping season is a long way off I would ask you to repost this idea closer to next year's holiday shopping season.

Lens Bands for SLR Camera Lenses

Status: Acknowledged
by sweetaromany on ‎05-22-2012 04:01 PM


Model: 2752B002 | SKU: 9065174

This lens is compatible with a wide variety of Canon digital cameras and features 4-stop optical image stabilization to ensure that each shot comes out looking clear and sharp. Learn about different types of lenses ›

Sale: $560.99

As an avid photographer and self-proclaimed camera junky I was disappointed to find out that your store doesn't carry any LensBands. I recently purchased a Canon 18-200mm zoom lens from one of your stores in NYC. If you've ever used one of these you know that the main issue with most zoom lenses is that they have a tendancy to slide out on their own; causing the lenses to either disrupt your focus. Not to mention that it's just plain annoying!!! That's exactly what's happening with mine!!


Best Buy is usually really good at carrying the necessary accessories. This is one of them! Lens Bands are the perfect solution and it helps that they are relatively inexpensive. I called a few times to find out if Best Buy carried it at any of their stores. When I wasn't sure, I decided to just head on over.This is what I found out.


Down Side: Best Buy doesn't carry Lens Bands

Up Side: The sales associate there was so helpful. He wanted me to be happy so he referred me to another local photography store in NYC ( __ & __ Photo Video in Midtown) . Needless to say, they had it in stock! So cheers to Best Buy for displaying true customer service. Most places would have just told me that they didn't have it and then moved on. It's the extra steps that SOME employees take that really make it a great place to shop. So, BEST BUY... get some LENS BANDS and you'll be perfect! At least in my book... lol. Then I can have a one stop shopping experience and buy my lenses and accessories in one shot.






Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the product suggestion
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