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Improving customer experience

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by Budgie_Blevins on ‎05-30-2012 04:48 PM



As Best Buy works toward expanding and maintaining its customer base, I would like to suggest a way to help.  Why not use technology to create a more informative and enjoyable customer experience?  Since most people carry smart phones, technology should be used that would allow customers to immediately access information about items they are shopping for.  Say, for example, a television set is being considered.  A shopper could shoot the "smart tags" (see Microsoft Tag) to access information about the televsion.  Best Buy could go a couple of steps further and devise a system that would allow customers to see available inventory of nearby stores, return rates for the object considered, related customers reviews, comparable products, a tech glossary, etc.  Also, smartphones could be used to access trailers to movies and samples to songs before purchasing a compact disc.  Best Buy should empower shoppers to make the best decisions.  This will set the company apart from big box stores, as well as online sites.  The emphasis must be on the "best" when shoppers think about Best Buy.

Status: Acknowledged
Our Smartphone app should do much of what you are asking for. Thanks for the idea.
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Back in January, Apple announced a "SIM-free" unlocked model that their retail stores would be the sole, exclusive carrier of.  I think there's a large opportunity (especially in the southern U.S. markets) for Best Buy to sell Verizon iPhones without a contract. Verizon iPhones are shipped unlocked and can be used in countries where carriers use GSM-based SIM cards. At present, most Best Buy stores will refuse to sell iPhones without a contract or comparable NEXT, Edge, EasyPay plan because the stores don't profit as much on the back-end; However, I'd be willing to bet that Best Buy is leaving a lot of money on the table in terms of revenue from customers that would otherwise shop at Apple to get this device. Another plus for Best Buy is that Best Buy easily outnumbers the total number of Apple Stores by at least 3x the volume. If you put this in markets where there are no Apple stores, you fend off online sales of this model and redirect those customers into your stores (especially if you take into consideration that on a large purchase like this you get rewards at Best Buy whereas at Apple you don't).  

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. We already do sell the iPhone in our stores for full price without a contract or installment billing plan. The iPhone would still be locked to the carrier, but you would not have to sign a contract or installment billing plan in order to use the phone on the specific carrier’s network.

It has been made clear that Best Buy wishes to expand the Geek Squad name to be more globally recognized and to utilize the brand for increased profits.


I believe Best Buy/Geek Squad is missing out on an opportunity to get into the competitive gaming scene. Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends is pioneering the world of competitive gaming and legitimizing it as a real sport. The United States government already recognizes it as a legitimate sport, providing travel visas for professional players.


Best Buy/Geek Squad should invest in sponsoring a professional team and/or creating an official Geek Sqaud team to put the face of Geek Squad in the competitive gaming scene. Not only would this give an incredible boost for advertisement and marketing but Geek Squad would have the potential to developer their own brand of PC Gaming gear to be sold.


In case you aren't aware of what League of Legends is, you can visit their official site at and you can visit the League of Legends professional gaming site at


Just to give you an idea of how big the competitive scene is for gaming, League of Legends sold out the Staples Center in California for the World Championships with a prize pool of over 1 million dollars. With thousands viewing the event live and hundreds of thousands viewing it via online streaming at



If any company higherup wishes to discuss this further in a serious matter, I encourage you to email me back.



Thanks for your time.




Status: Tell Us More

Intriguing suggestion. Would anyone else like to see us sponsor a competitive gaming team? Why Geek Squad instead of Best Buy? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

It's a 'Best Buy' brand, so why can't we use our gift cards or store trade in credit with them. Same company, right?

Status: Tell Us More

I hear where you are coming from on this, and would love to see if others would like to see this happen? Make sure you vote for this idea if you like it.

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Rethink Theft Strategy

Status: Acknowledged
by gadgeteer on ‎05-06-2015 12:04 PM
First, I want to reiterate that I've worked in retail for almost 15 years. Theft or shrink as Best Buy calls it, is a major issue on its own, but the way that a lot of retailers try to "combat" it introduces more problems than it solves:

For instance, in my local store, everything from cameras (even point and shoots) to basically anything Apple is basically little laminated paper tags that say to take the card to a cashier to get the item. Now it sounds simple on paper but recall that Best Buy restructured a year or so ago and the number of key holders in the store shrunk considerably. So now, something simple, like me wanting to pickup something like a Time Capsule (most recently) - something that should be a quick grab and go process has now gone from a 5 minute task to a 15-20 minute task. After multiple calls someone finally showed up, but in reality not everyone's going to wait 20 minutes to buy a $300 router/hard drive do the reality is you've taken one problem and "solved" it but introduced 3 new ones:
(1) the customer experience suffers. I make sure to fill out the surveys on my receipts and give feedback to the stores. But this means the store receives a lower customer satisfaction rate too.
(2) because of the extra complication, you may be negatively impacting sales on Apple devices. In other words, there were plenty of Netgear, ASUS and Cisco routers over $200 in cost and NONE had these same tags. Physical, actual product was available on the floor, so there's always the risk that I go with a cheaper, easier to buy item.
(3) Best Buy could be sending first-time customers (that would normally shop at an actual Apple Store or specialist store like Simply Mac near me) away as none of these stores punish me as a customer for problems that relate to them as a retailer.
Status: Acknowledged

I can promise you we are always working towards the best balance of caution and convenience when deciding how to sell our products.

Can you all stop sending me notifications on Silver Member Benefits that infer something has been added.  It is getting somewhat ridiculous to get an email, get excited to see what has been added as a benefit, only to find out there is nothing new.  It would be really great if you guys used the power of your database tools to come up with a really special offer that only silver members could get, based on their preferences. 


Here is how my idea would go:


You win the right to be a silver member(normal rules).  At the iniatation point you are asked a series of questions of things that you like, future purchases that you are considering.  For example I have been watching and waiting for a deal on the Beat By Dre speaker that connects to the iphone, or the higher-end bose speaker.  If you asked me I would have told you that.  Then during the course of your membership you get a special promotion that is designed for you based on the assessment.  So as a silver member, I might recieve an offer in my email that said, " Just for ______(name) 20% off Beats speaker." order in store or online today with this special code, or coupon."  Some other silver members might be into games, or waiting on that big screen tv. (another one of my watch list items.) etc.


Really tighten up your relationship with the silver members.  We are not show roomers. We have already purchased a considerable amount of items from your store.  Draw us back for more with a special just for us!


Thanks- David

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea.
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Status: Tell Us More
by abdouprof123 on ‎05-14-2015 06:17 AM
Status: Tell Us More

I have no idea what you are specifically asking us? Could you elaborate?

While visiting my local Best Buy, I saw a notice that says Best Buy will now charge a $25 TV/Monitor recycling fee because of increasing costs for providing this benefit.  How about lowering this cost (to maybe about $10) for Elite members?

Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see this cost lowered for Elite members? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

Cell phones

Status: Acknowledged
by Hopeforthedrc on ‎05-31-2014 09:01 AM
Label new cell phones as free from conflict mineral from the DRC .
Status: Acknowledged
I'm fairly certain that phones don't come from the manufacturer with a list of where the materials used to make them came from. I would suggest reaching out to the manufacturer on this.

Add movie preorders to the gaming kiosk

Status: Acknowledged
by Dval on ‎08-17-2012 11:44 PM

We rarely ever have any customers place pre-orders for movies in store since they have to go through the media kiosk which is the exact same thing they would do from home.  So, why don't we add the capability to process movie (or even all media) preorders through the same one currently used for gaming?  I feel that it would definitely increase our preordering throughout the stores as well as draw more attention to the gaming preorders, too. 


And to top it off, if there was a tie-in to the Gamer's Club Unlocked, that would be even more awesome. 


Yay or nay?  Vote up ideas if you would like to see them implemented.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input.

The Blueprint Lounge is a web application design center where customers can configure their ideal spaces using the existing Best Buy products. This idea is similar to the IKEA’s planner with the focus on Best Buy. The customer will have the experience of building their dream living room, home theater and even kitchen. For Best Buy, interactive information bubbles will inform the customer about GSP options, tech support, financing options and installation information.


Once the customer has completed their design they can save it on their personal systems, print or even email it. They will also have the option to share with friends using social media such as Tweeter, Facebook, Instagram and Pin-it.


The idea will help driver internet traffic to Best Buy’s websites while promoting Best Buy’s products and services all the while creating a greater experience for the customer to interact with the best Buy virtually.

Status: Tell Us More
I really like this idea! Would anyone else like to see this become a reality? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

as the subject says, would be cool to have a  Best Buy GeekSquad/Black Tie website to check account/file claim etc =)


Status: Acknowledged
Believe it or not, we already do! To track the status of a repair, simply visit and click on the "Track Your Repair" link in the upper right-hand corner of the page. You can also check the status of your service plan coverage on Simply click on the "Support Plans" link at the top of the page, then on the "Log In & Get Started" link on the following page. International customers can also obtain support for their product covered by a service plan through our international support website:
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Status: Acknowledged
by ngrbnelson on ‎10-26-2012 11:18 PM

iam an employee at one of your stores in maryland i was wondering so that sores can get rid of all the open items by maybe working with an auction website like ebay or potentially make our own to sell the open items alot quicker

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea. As AMP12 pointed out we do already have some partners in this space.
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web logins

Status: Acknowledged
by emaksim on ‎06-18-2014 09:48 PM

we should be able to use our best buy employee login to have access to the web site instead of having to create an account.

Status: Acknowledged
I hear where you are coming from but for technical and professional reasons we would not be able to put this idea into place.

Sometimes for example I am looking to purchase a computer mouse. The stores near me may only offer 3 different computer mice in the brick and mortar store but dozens online. I don’t want to order online but pick it up in store after work. With the current site I am forced to first find the mice I like then click each one individually to see if the item is available in one of the stores near me.


So the filter option would allow the user to enter a zip code and mile range to only show products in the category or search where an item is available.


All the data needed is already in your databases as the site can do it but only with the user manually clicking each item. So only the new feature code would need to be created without any more data logistics.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea
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Kenny's Idea

Status: Acknowledged
by imrkenny on ‎06-21-2014 07:08 PM

Hey I have an idea I would like to sell to you guys.

Status: Acknowledged

In order to become a vendor partner of Best Buy you would need to reach out to us via

DVD Kiosks and Geek Squad Autotechs go Mobile

Status: Acknowledged
by R2BBoondocks on ‎12-04-2012 02:29 PM - last edited on ‎12-05-2012 01:37 PM by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist

     I recently sent in a packet of ideas to the Best Buy Corporate Offices and was advised to post my ideas here.  I had along with them diagrams and pictures and unfortunately I cannot post them here due to format issues.  My first idea was to implement a Red Box Style DVD kiosk into the Best Buy stores and call them something along the lines of “Blue Box”.  It would free up a lot of floor space and assist Best Buy in wanting to shy away from their previous “Big Box” store models.  Another benefit to this implementation would be more free time to help other customers (from an employee’s standpoint) instead of trying to hunt down a DVD (or CD for that matter) since they will all be loaded into our kiosks.  Finally, it will reduce the amount of shrink each store suffers. 


     My second idea was to allow our Auto-techs (myself being one at store #1086) to go mobile.  The idea will model our home theater team techs who install TVs and home systems at the customer’s home.  We can charge a gas fee based on mileage and bring our services to them!  It would be quite easy to convert an old U-Haul into a mobile shop.  A new recent change is that customers are now able to schedule appointments for their vehicles.  This is perfect timing!  The customer can pick a time, have the tech come to them, and not have to leave the comfort of their own home!  I have a much more detailed model that is already in the possession of the Best Buy Corporation and I encourage anyone with the power to do so, read it.  I feel these simple steps will propel our company into a new era of business.


Anthony {removed per forum guidelines}
Best Buy MECP Autotech
Store #1086
Emp ID {removed per forum guidelines}
College Student


Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input on this idea.


Status: Tell Us More
by Epbarber on ‎07-18-2015 10:29 PM
Since most stores have at least 1 if not 2 Samsung experience zones - would it be possible for the stores to carry a selection of SmartThings home automation devices and hubs. They are rated as one of the best options out there, Best Buys home automation offerings ciuld definitely be expanded and since they have been purchased by Samsung it would make sense that there would be a selection of their devices available. I would rather go to my local Best Buy to pick them up than order them from the internet. Thanks for the consideration
Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see us carry these in our stores? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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Wasteland 2 for XBOX ONE and PS4

Status: Acknowledged
by villy_tha_great on ‎08-24-2015 05:29 PM

Can u guys add this game to for pre-order? Comes out Oct. 2015

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion!

DECK keyboards

Status: Tell Us More
by Valued Contributor on ‎01-10-2014 10:54 AM

So as I posted in the computer section on forums I have been looking for a good gaming keyboard. While I was doing this research I started to look through googel searches and there was one brand that BestBuy does not carry that kept popping up, and that is DECK. Apparently this company makes really high grade level keyboards and any person who reads a mechanical guide will understand why the DECK company is #1 for keyboards. 


I think this would be a great brand to start selling keyboards from and could be very profitable. (they are like the astros of headsets so to speak ) 

Status: Tell Us More
Interesting. Does anyone else want us to carry this companies keyboards? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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