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Decision Support for Customers

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by graysilk on ‎07-29-2013 12:47 PM has standard text-search, filters, and a few configurators, but no real customer “decision support.” Filters/search are useful if you know exactly what you’re looking for. If you don’t, they’re not helpful, they’re not friendly, and these resources are no better than what’s available on other sites.


Most often, people just want the answer; quickly, easily, and instantly. They’re not looking for advice, reviews, or general “many people seem to like this” recommendations. They want to know what item(s), exactly, are best for them, personally, reflecting their needs and priorities, and key issues like connectivity/compatibility. Particularly if this relates to things they already own. They don’t want every purchase decision to become a research project.


We’ve complete worked-out how to do this. For just about everything Best Buy sells. We’d love to communicate the details.


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I'm fairly certain we are constantly working on making our search capability the best it can be, but of course would love to hear your specific thoughts on this. To communicate the specific details of your idea just comment back to this idea. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Your competitors Walmart and KMART are putting weekly circular ads in the paper for their weekly deals that they have and they have competitive deals on electronics. I can't afford the weekly paper to see the Best Buy ads. While I can view them online, sometimes a paper ad feels much much better and helps me even more with an educated purchasing decision.


Wonder if anyone else with with me on this.


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Being someone that doesn't want paper advertising I can honestly say this is something I wouldn't want to see happen, but that doesn't mean others don't feel the same way you do. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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We have an issue with Canon cameras that I do not have with Sonys, Canon cameras do NOT have any internal memory and when you are trying to demo the camera you can not see the pictures you just took.  This is a 3-5 times a day issue that needs to be fixed if they want to sell more Canon cameras. A simple fix is sending the stores a very very small SD card (memory) to put into the cameras while we are putting them on display. How do we contact Canon with this idea?? Thanks

Status: Acknowledged
I hear what you're saying, and it seems like this would be a good idea. I would suggest you send this to Canon via their Contact us link on their website.

@gamer accessibility

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by djahomies on ‎09-02-2013 06:01 PM
Hello people i have started a new gamers club unlocked subscription and i noticed its fully digital. I tried out the sample issue and found it far from accessible. I use a windows phone and i would like to request that @gamer issues go back to physical or it becomes more accesible for people like me. Thank you and have a good day.
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It sounds like you are having problems viewing the magazine on your Windows Phone. What are the limitations on your phone? Anyone have any additional thoughts on this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Price match online orders

Status: Acknowledged
by Browninggold on ‎11-26-2012 12:05 PM

Price match when purchasing online

Status: Acknowledged already does Price-match under specific circumstances, and only when requested over the phone. To get more specifics on this just go here on


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by slidrbauch65 on ‎11-29-2012 10:33 AM

Best Buy needs to get on board w/ all the other retail establishments.  Rewards should be able to be redeemed without having to kill trees.  Either by showing your rewards on your cell phone or just by giving the cashier your BB Rewards #.  It is absolutely crazy in this century to make the consumer print out the rewards.  BB needs to jump on board w/ others such as Groupon or Macy's!


Status: Acknowledged
Being the Recycling/Sustainability advocate for my team I can say I personally couldn't agree more. I did look into this, and I found out that our stores should be able to scan the barcode of a created certificate via our smartphone application. Another option is you can just provide the store the certificate number for your created certificate, and they can manually enter this number. In both instances you would not need to print out a certificate in order to redeem them for a purchase.

I paid for the protection plan for a TV.  Because of the shortage of repair techs, scheduling an appointment for them to show up and diagnose the issue takes time.  Then (as it happened in my case) they may need to order a part.  Takes time.  Then another appointment needs to be scheduled.  More time and money.


Wouldn't it make more sense to just have the customer show someone remotely what the issue is and then when the repair tech comes he can come prepared and reduce the number of appointments and time (which is money)?  Skype.  Record video on your phone and upload.  There are plenty of ways to do this.  


I really think this would reduce customer frustration with a prolonged process AND save Best Buy some money.

Status: Tell Us More
Being that I am not an authorized service technician, it's hard to say for sure if this could work. We would still need to hire technicians to look at the defective units remotely, and I would guess that some problems cannot be diagnosed without physically taking the unit apart in some way. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Wedding Registry for the fellas!

Status: Acknowledged
by Cristy on ‎11-01-2014 09:22 AM
Hi my name is Cristy, I worked for Best Buy for several years and I still bleed blue, love the company and I'm a loyal shopper! Recently I got married and when doing the whole gift registry thing with my now wife we hit the usual spots, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware... You get my drift. And though those places were great one thought kept entering my head...why doesn't Best Buy have a Wedding Registry? I mean I'm a girl but I would much rather have gotten a Big Screen TV or Xbox One vs. the bread maker and new sheets. I would imagine a lot of guys must feel the same way! Heck, I can see the commercials in my head now ... Guy running through store with a cool scan gun, zapping things like laser tag having the time of his life! I mean it's like making a wish list and having the possibility of getting it or at the least getting a bunch of BBY gift cards to go towards it. I can see the little registry cards in wedding invitations, Linda is registered at Bed Bath and Beyond, Bob is registered at Best Buy. Weddings are made out to be her day, but what about the fellas? They shouldn't be forgotten! And with all the legalization of gay marriages in many states there will be a significant increase in weddings for 2015, my career now is a marketing manager and I gotta tell you in my opinion this is an untapped gold mine BBY is missing out on. This is one way to cater to a growing industry and grow as a company. That's my idea, thanks for your time.
Status: Acknowledged

Back in 2012 this same idea was posted here, and on 10/22/2014 I updated that idea to We Did It status after we recently launched our Beta Wedding Registry.

Why has Best Buy taken away points earned for special financing?  I made a purchase for $249.99 and never recevied points due to selecting 6-month financing.  Why is Best Buy taking away points from its customers and not making the store employees aware of such a policy?  This policy is not posted anywhere on the store fronts or by the registers.  How is this ethical?  Til this policy is made known in the store and online, points should be given to customers accordingly.  This now makes me want to cancel everything I have with Best Buy move to buying straight from the manufacturers.  Please fix this Best Buy, or show your customers the policy!

Status: Acknowledged

@vaan285, at this time we will not be providing My Best Buy points for Special Financing purchases.

Bestbuy™ for Xbox™ and Windows 8™

Status: Acknowledged
by Vershawn on ‎12-04-2012 08:22 PM

BestBuy should make an application for the Windows 8 store front and the Xbox 360 so that BestBuy customers can buy product's off of the Xbox 360 and the Windows 8 store front.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea.
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black friday



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I'm fairly certain our Black Friday advertisements are pretty set in stone at this point. Would anyone else like to see this poster used? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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Since the there is a tier system, why don't Elite Plus members get earlier access and access to more items than just standard Elite customers?


I understand not releasing door-busters early, but shouldn't Elite Plus get access to the full rest of the ad?


I'm sure this can't be a terribly new idea, would be nice if the higher tier got something on the biggest ssales of the year.

Status: Acknowledged

I believe this idea has been posted in the past. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Assistance for special needs childrens and adults project

Status: Acknowledged
by advocatemom on ‎12-15-2012 08:31 AM - last edited on ‎12-17-2012 01:16 PM by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist

I would like to start by intrudicing myself, my name is Maria {removed per forum guidelines} and I'm from Miami, Fl.

My project is to help those children and adults with special needs get the technology and devices they need

that can help their daily lives and education.

No one should have to go without. Many children and adults can't afford the required technology, and it would be

beneficial for them. Many are students. Their are so many needs. Please help me make this project become a reality

our special needs children and adults get the technology they need.

Status: Acknowledged

As a company we partner with the United Way each year, and I believe the United Way has programs in place to assist individuals with special needs. Our stores are also empowered to make donations to groups in need of assistance.

This past Black Friday, I had over $30 in pending points that I really would have liked to use on my purchases, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I undertand that BB makes you wait for your points to be redeemed so that people don't just use rewards points and return the item. But that wait time is very inconvenient for people like myself who barely ever return anything. Loyal customers should have an option to speed things up.


I think it would be great if had an option that allowed you to forfeit your return/exchange privileges for certain items in exchange for redeeming your points faster. Every time you make a purchase and it shows up on your BB account, you should be able to click an option that gives you your points instantly, but also doesn't let you return/exchange the item. 


Best Buy already has something similar built into their policy: when you open a product, you forfeit your return privileges (though you can still exchange). I think for this idea, exchanges should be excluded too, just so people don't abuse the system. I also think this should be an earned privilege, so that's why I said Elite & Elite Plus only.


I think this would be a HUGE improvement, and would make me shop at Best Buy much more and other stores much less. This past BF, there were a good number of items that I purchased at Target instead of BB because Target's 5% Redcard savings were instant. Had my pending points been available to me instantly, Best Buy would have been the only place I shopped this Black Friday.


Really hope you strongly consider this Best Buy!

Status: Tell Us More

I believe this idea has been posted in the past, but I do find it an interesting idea. My feeling is there might be some sort of consumer protection law that requires us to have a return or exchange period for every purchase. Would anyone else like to see this as a reality? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

First off let me say that I love Best Buy.  I grew up with this blue big box store.  When I was a tween, Best Buy was my idea of a great Friday afternoon.  Other people went fishing with their fathers, I spent quality time browsing technology.  I remember the days when there was a giant "statue" of Mario and Sonic in the store, when video casettes and CDs ruled the floorspace.  I want this store to survive and grow, and I'm saddened  by how far it has fallen.  Thus when I say harsh words it is out of love, and desire to see Best Buy be a "best buy" again.  I know my opinions and suggestions are just the ramblings or a random guy on the internet but I can't help throw in my two cents. 


I think the elephant in the room is that is eating Best Buy's lunch and eyeing its dinner.  It's round 8 and Amazon is hungry from the knock-out.  I would hate to see BB go out of business not just for the nostalgia but also because I love to physically play with the electronics.  There's something cold and sad about buying everything online.  However, let's be real.  BB cannot compete with Amazon on price.  Just not going to happen.  After most states start forcing Amazon to collect sales tax it will be a little better, but Amazon still does not need to pay for as many employees or maintain physical stores.  Thus BB's only option is to compete on service. 


The problem with BB's service is well-known.  Numerous blogs and countless customers have complained about how frustrating, unprofessional, annoying, and pushy the average blue-shirted guy or gal is at your local BB.  This needs to change.  Everyone has heard stories of a customer trying to get help and trying to flag down an employee only to find a group of them hanging around, not doing anything, just chatting and shooting the breeze, not interested in actually doing anything to help the customer.  On the other end of the extreme is the pushy, annoying employee trying to force the customer into a service plan he/she doesn't want. 


The reason for these two opposite-end phenomenon is clear, at least to me.  What kind of customer service do you expect to provide as a corporation when you hire a legion of part-time, minimum-wage twentysomethings as the face of your company?  What motivation does that employee have to provide superior service when he/she is just hoping for the clock to run out so he can go home and get some sleep until tomorrow when he has to switch gears and wait tables at the Olive Garden?  You get what you pay for, in all realms of life. 


I accompanied my wife recently during a hospitalisation at the Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, and the most memorable thing about that entire hosptial stay was not the medical care my wife got (which was excellent) , but the absolute impeccable service we received.  Every employee, from the check-in clerk to the surgeon were super curteous and bent over backwards to make us feel like VIPs.  Why is this?  Because these employees are paid living wages, paid well, and rewarded for providing exquisite service, not completing some arbitrary metric like how many extended service plans they dooped the customers into buying that month.  They are given generous employee benefits, and generally very well-treated.  They fell like they matter.  These employees feel like their employer cares about them, and they felt PRIDE that they worked for Cedars, and were honoured to serve the hospital and do everything they can to uphold the reputation of their employer which they represented. 


Going to Best Buy, I should feel the same level of hospitality and pride from the employees.  I would start by having much, much fewer employees, but the employees you do have should be salaried, full-time customer service specialists who have college degrees and have been extensively trained and WEEDED.  Anyone with an attitude or shown to be lazy should be promptly replaced.  These employees should be PROUD they work at Best Buy, and should bend over backwards so that you, the customer, will feel the same way about Best Buy that they feel.  BB in return should give them generous benefits, pay them well, and value their input, and maybe have Taco Tuesdays or whatever is necessary to build teamwork. 


Equally importantly, these salespersons should NOT be pushy.  I know extended service plans were once the cornerstone of BB's profit margin, but the landscape has changed, and I think I speak for many customers when I say we are very irritated by being almost threatened into buying these plans.  If we want an extended service plan, we will ask for it.  You can discretely ask, ONCE, and if I say "no", then DROP IT. 


One last non-customer related issue to bring up:  I think BB's biggest strength over online retailers is the potential for instant gratifcation and ability to pick up (especially large) items directly from the store.  If I'm buying an HDTV I don't want it shipped to me at a random time when I will be at work.  I want to pick it up and put it in my back seat.  The online interface should be improved so that the website should accurately represent how many of an item are in stock at a particular store.  If I buy something online to pick up at my local BB, it should be there when I get there.  It should NEVER be the case that when I get there, the store tells me the website made a mistake and the store is out of stock.  There should be a centralised inventory system. 


Finally I think the return policy needs to be rethinked and revised.  It should NOT be easier to return an item to, an online retailer with no physical stores, than to BB, a store in my neighbourhood. 


Thanks for reading, this became much longer than I expected, but I guess a lot of my frustrations have been bottling up.  Like I said in the beginning, BB has been one of my favourite stores growing up and it has always been a lot of fun window shopping (and when finances allowed, actually shopping) for electronic toys.  I want BB to remain strong and provide a viable alternative to

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for all the input on this idea.

Maybe I've missed it somewhere and this already exists, but I think it would be useful to have an easily accessible "preferences" area for the My Best Buy account page where a customer can adjust their opt-ins and outs of certain e-mail communications. Even better would be to offer some level of granularity where you can specifically select which kind of promotional e-mails you care to receive (i.e. I want e-mails regarding video games, but not mobile phones). To me this enables the customer to help Best Buy determine what is most enticing at any given time, because it varies from person to person and is subject to change. It would be perfectly acceptable if there were a waiting period for notifications to go into effect so people can't opt in after a promotion goes out and then immediately opt out after they get it.

Status: Tell Us More

I have a feeling this is not in place because we of course want our customers to see all of our marketing emails, but I do find this idea interesting. Would anyone else like to see this as part of their My Best Buy account? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

Expand services at Best Buy

Status: Acknowledged
by daibulu on ‎01-23-2015 08:00 PM
My Best Buy has made changes in appearances. Good. What they really need to do is expand services by offering various classes. Charge for these. Maybe offer 30 to 60 min sessions on products they sell. Not everyone likes to learn via a Manuel. Much of their staff is standing around and they could be productive and generate income.
Status: Acknowledged

After looking into this further I found we do offer trainings and classes in our connected stores in ten states. These are provided through our Geek Squad Solution Central located in the center of these stores. To learn more about these offerings go here.

Start Weekly Video Game Trade In Promos

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-05-2016 12:38 PM
Pretty simple concept that's long past due and has been a staple of your best rival have a weekly trade in promo beyond the 30%/50%/100% bonus. Each week have a ''10 most wanted'' titles list with 10 games for each relevant system that way you can help boost stock of in demand titles your lacking. Doing this on a weekly basis vs ''whenever'' keeps a steady stream of customers coming in and the byproduct of this means purchasing should be greatly impacted. Also, just don't list the top 10 highest valued trade in amounts as this is not the same. If you have a custom trade in page that info can simply be listed there as well. Finally, tie in previous iterations of some titles when new versions are being released to double dip the trade and pre-order.
Status: Acknowledged

I can't imagine any customer would be opposed to these suggestions. I can also say we are always looking for ways to improve our trade-in programs for our customers and Best Buy.

Reward Zone Platnium

Status: Acknowledged
by TORQUEv1 on ‎09-28-2012 05:56 PM
Best Buy Reward Zone Platnium
Imagine you were a customer and you received an email from Best Buy or saw an advertisement of this at Best Buy. When you pay the limit of $5,000 ($2,500 more than premier silver) you received the following: 20% more trade in value on cell phones, laptops, printers, etc. You get 10% any accessories as long as the accessory is not on sale. You will get a 2 month return policy instead of 45 days. Its called "BEST BUY REWARD ZONE PLATINUM" ...This idea will also be a card but its electronic that way the customer wont need to print off their reward zone certificates, it will already be on the card. When a cashier ask for their reward zone card, the customer gives them the RZ PLATINUM card and once they hit total, the cashier will see a prompt for 10% on the accessories. Since the RZ PLATINUM is electronic, whatever points they have to spend they can swipe the RZ PLATINUM card and the customer will select what points they want to use. The same selection like if they want 18 months 0% interest but it would say $25, $5, etc. Whatever points they have. "BEST BUY REWARD ZONE PLATINUM"
Status: Acknowledged
As of 9/16/2013 we have changed our rewards program from Reward Zone to My Best Buy. In this change we have added a new tier called Elite level member. I would say this new tier would be considered somewhere between Premiere Silver and Base membership in Reward Zone terms. I can say that we will be adding benefits to the new tiers as time goes by. Thanks for all the thoughts on this idea.
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New Store

Status: Tell Us More
by scompton1980 on ‎04-02-2013 09:49 AM

There is a small town in eastern Kentucky called Pikeville, KY.  Is there anyway we can look at a opening a store in Pikeville sometime soon.  There is a new shopping center going up that would be great for the small Internet store or there is a building largte enough to open a full sized store right now.  Just needs to be renevated.  They have a parade and festival every year call Hillbilly Days that we can promote Best Buy and Geek Squad in.  The only way that the people of Pikeville can get to Best Buy is to drive 2 hours in any direction and the only way that they have to buy electronics is Wal-Mart, Kmart, and somethings are sold at Lowes.  The computer repair is done by Staples.  This is a place that is in need of Best Buy and Geek Squad.

Status: Tell Us More
Thanks for the suggestion. Would anyone else like to see us open a store in this area? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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