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Revive Gamers Club Unlocked!

Status: Acknowledged
by Thetanaman on ‎05-18-2018 10:01 PM

To whom it may concern,


I think I speak for thousands of Best Buy employees and customers across the United States/Canada who depend upon Best Buy for our gaming necessities. As a best buy employee I even found enthusiasm in offering Gamers Club Unlocked to my customers. We as a community of enthusiasts implore Best Buy to re-institute Gamers Club Unlocked or an updated membership with similar benefits. Without this membership to unite gamers to Best Buy, I see no link to keep gaming customers purchasing from Best Buy. Thank you.

Status: Acknowledged

I merged all of these ideas into the first idea on this since they were all one version of the same idea of bringing back the Gamers Club Unlocked program in one way or another. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. At this time we will not be bringing back our Gamers Club Unlocked program. Current members can continue to receive their benefits until their membership expires.

by mbrowner8782
on ‎05-26-2018 03:10 PM
Do not get rid of GCU. This is the only reason I use Best Buy. Before GCU I never shopped at B.B. Now I often purchase other products while in store to pick up my games. I’ve been an Elite member the last several years due to these purchases. It was bad enough when you cut the reward points earned per dollar spent in half. Without GCU (which expires in December 2018 for me), I have absolutely ZERO reason to shop at B.B. Your non-sale prices on items other than games are laughable at best compared to Amazon
by StraightUpLazy
on ‎05-28-2018 05:24 PM
Just want to add my voice. GCU was the reason I initially shopped at best. Then it became my go to stop for early all my electronics and appliances, even if they might have been a bit cheaper elsewhere. Store location, and points earn are what kept me shopping at Best Buy. I held a status of elite or elite plus for the past 4 years carried by large electronic purchases, not by the discounted games. A moderator can search my order history to confirm. Today I used the last of my reward certerficates and don’t plan on shopping at Best Buy any further. It be to my benefit as well as I will end up saving money. I’ll just wait for games to be discount elsewhere (with GCU I essentially purchase every game I wanted Day 1), and get my electronics and appliances at target using a family members employee discount. Limiting GCU to elite and elite plus members as previously mention seems like a good idea.
by SMaRtguy381983
on ‎05-30-2018 03:27 PM
I think adding into TTS would be a win for everyone. Just a humble opinion from a humble employee.
by Dchoward89
on ‎06-09-2018 08:55 PM
As a Best Buy Elite Plus member, I’m absolutely floored to learn that this program is ending. I switched from buying games at Amazon to exclusively buying games at Best Buy when this program was rolled out.
To top that off, this program opened me up to the idea of returning back to shopping in person at a big box store. Gamers Club Unlocked is the only reason I started shopping at Best Buy again, and as my membership level shows, I go a lot more than just for games. I’ve already locked in Elite Plus through the end of 2019 with spending in 2018 YTD. Before looking on Amazon for anything, I check to see if Best Buy carries it first. I can say without a doubt that if this program never existed, I would not be the loyal Best Buy customer that I am today.
Time can only tell if the ending of this program will affect my shopping habits across the board, but I definitely will not be doing any more game preorders through Best Buy, as Amazon still has 20% off preorders.


A disappointed Best Buy Elite Plus member.
by SierraM363
on ‎06-10-2018 05:47 PM

I have to agree with the people here. I spent thousands of dollars in TVs and Appliances in Best Buy just because Gamers Club Unlocked allowed me to get my games here cheaper. As an Elite Plus Member I am severly dissapointed.

by TheJadedGamer
on ‎06-13-2018 06:43 PM
As a gamer who stopped pre-ordering games in 2013(with GTA V on PS3 being my last one I ever pre-ordered) and who only hunts for clearance deals on games and consoles now the older version of the GCU was far, FAR more useful to me than the 20% off discount(that they blocked from working on Black Friday/Cyber Monday after the first year). The coupons from the AtGamer magazine took games I was on the fence about down to more palatable prices. Either way the way Best Buy has handled cancelling this program just goes to show how much they care about their customers. Unless you're a whale(aka big spender) who keeps ordering all these cheaply made Chinese electronics at MSRP or close you're an expendable customer to them.
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