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iPhone 5 visual voicemail not working

So I picked up my phone this morning.  Its the AT&T version.  I didn't think that I would have to set up voicemail, I thought it would transfer over.  Or at very least be an easy set up.  Not exactly.  I click on voicemail and it automatically starts calling voicemail box.  I'm prompted to either leave a message for the 10 digit number I want to call or to press pound if I have an account.  So I hit pound and entered my cell number with area code.  Not recognized.  I tried the 1st prompt option and number not recognized.  I looked in the setting on my phone and it doesn't even have a voicemail password option.  I reset the network settings, still nothing changed.  Called from my landline and still nothing, except it reset my voicemail password.  Okay that doesn't do me any good since I can't access it.


Can't seem to figure it out.  Not sure if the upgrade went through okay.  When I log into my AT&T account it doesn't show my data as being able to view but my other stuff is there.  May give AT&T a call tomorrow.


Any suggestions, ideas or help?  DanK can you help? 



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Re: iPhone 5 visual voicemail not working

SameSs me thing here can't get my vm to work


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Re: iPhone 5 visual voicemail not working

I got it all cleared up.  Called into AT&T this morning and they tried a little trouble shooting and even called Apple a couple times.  Turns out it was a data plan issue.  When the upgrade happened it didn't keep the VVM with it.  She reprocessed that part of it and voila all fixed.  


Side note I had one of the older data plans they no longer carry 200MB with VVM $15 bucks a month.  They tried to tell me I would need to come to the current 300MB with VVM at $20 bucks a month.  I said I'm in exisitng customer and I've had this plan for the last 2 years, there shouldn't be an issue with me keeping it.  I mean people with the unlimited data plan are still grandfathered in.  She put me on hold and came back and said, yes we can do that for you.

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Re: iPhone 5 visual voicemail not working

Glad to hear AT&T was able to resolve this for you Smiley Happy

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Re: iPhone 5 visual voicemail not working

Had a customer call me last might with the same issue! After he upgraded his plan features lost his VVM. Took care of it in seconds by adding it back! Smiley Happy so just a heads up mobile kids! Fix it in ATT POS!