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iPhone 5 pre-order, please help!

I preordered my iphone the day after preorders started (so I won't be getting an email tonight obviously). However, what if I just came into Best Buy and wanted to buy it right then and there? Could I cancel the pre order and will there be penalties?


I've been reading that some pre orders won't be in until beginning of October. I've also been reading that a customer has 3 days to pick it up after notice. Well, what if you are going across the country for a trip and you can't pick it up during those 3 days??!



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Re: iPhone 5 pre-order, please help!

Good questions all the exhibit the customer support that Best Buy offers its customers. I used to thing it was great until well at least solidly good until how I was treated tonight.


There is competition and when I can I will look much closer at them instead of running over to blindly buy stuff from best buy.


That blind loyalty had to do with points and the feeling that I would be treated well. That has been disproven.


Oh well sorry for the rant but good points.