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Unlocked Phone Purchasing Help

I am currently a customer of T-Mobile. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 that is completely paid off and ready to trade in. The only issue I've been having with the phone is the charging port doesn't always work and I've read online that it usually isn't fixable, so I'm looking into purchasing an unlocked phone from Best Buy. My question is, if I were to come into the store and purchase the phone, will you be able to activate it in store for me, or would I need to take it to T-Mobile for them to activate it?

I have never purchased an unlocked phone so I'm curious.
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Re: Unlocked Phone Purchasing Help

You will want to make sure the phone you purchase is for T-Mobile. 


It should not be an issue to set up a phone on T-Mobile.  The instructions are pretty basic.  You should be able to power up the phone and enter your informaiton and it will activate to your T-Mobile account.


However, you may want to compre how much you pay for a phone on a 2 year contract compared to paying for it outright.

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Re: Unlocked Phone Purchasing Help

Greetings MeaganD1,


In most cases you can purchase a phone outright and just pop your old SIM card into your new phone to activate it. The biggest thing to consider before buying a phone outright is making sure the networks are compatible. Just because a phone is unlocked, it still has limitations to the carriers it can work with. Since you’re with T-Mobile you want to make sure the phone you purchase is GSM compatible. If it meets that criteria you should be good to go!



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Re: Unlocked Phone Purchasing Help

Hey Javier!


I was able to connect with someone at T-Mobile and they confirmed the phone I was looking at will work just fine. Thanks for replying!