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Sprint Plan Discount?

Recently my verizon family plan expired and, upon examining the competitors noticed that my wife receives a 20% discount on her plan through sprint. 


It seems, however, that buying phones through sprint requires a lot of effort(mail-in rebates that aren't exactly reliable) and that best buy would be a better choice in buying phones. My question is, when signing up for a plan, will we be able to get the 20% discount off of our plan, or would we need to contact sprint, or would it even work at all? 


Any information is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Sprint Plan Discount?

Mesopotato -


Welcome to the forums!


Generally, when it comes to discounts through employers for the service, we generally recommend that you have the carrier set up the discount, as it's generally easier, and not every store will do so. It wouldn't show up on your bill for the first few billing cycles, but many times the carriers will post date it from the time you set it up on the plan.


But yes, even if you purchase the phones and set up the plan at a Best Buy location, Sprint will allow the employee discount on the service.


Hope this helps out!




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Re: Sprint Plan Discount?

Miranda, I believe their discount is already on the plan. They just want to know if they'll be able to keep it.


mesopotato, yes, you will be able to keep it.

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Re: Sprint Plan Discount?

No, I meant that i'm considering switching from Verizon to Sprint via Bestbuy, and wondering if I would get the 20% employee discount my wife gets through her company. Sorry if I was unclear Smiley Happy

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Re: Sprint Plan Discount?

It is possible to get the discount at Sprint but we sometimes have an issue with finding the proper discount code.  


I usually activate the lines, then call customer care and have it added after the fact before the customer leaves the store.  It will take a few bill cycles to kick in, but totally go to a Best Buy Mobile and we can hook you up!