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Samsung 8 or 9 or whatever

Anyone heard anything on when the new Samsung 8 is coming? I assume that will be the new model as the 7 was a crash and burn!! I have the 5 and want to upgrade really bad. Been looking at the LG V20 I think it is called? I like it alot but Best Buy always seems to tie gift cards to Samsung sales. I have no need for a 32" tv that they are offering when you buy the LG phone.


Got my wife a Samsung S7 for Christmas and she loves it. Upgraded from a S5 and what a difference!! The camera is awesome, phone is so much faster, has more memory and will hold more memory via the micro sd card. She is just filling it up with grand kids pics and of course the kitties and then there is the dreaded Amber!! Just kidding Amber is our Red Doberman pup that we added about a year and a half ago. She is known around these parts as the chewing machine!! There is nothing safe around her. She has given my neighbor a flat tire, chewed a hole in their above ground pool, eaten their lawn chairs, their son still cn not find his football since we got her. The list goes on and on...we are going to have to buy all new runiture thanks to sweet little Amber. She knows her name real well. As that is all I am yelling these days is Amber No!! Of course by the time I say it, it is too late lol. Got to love her otherwise I would just shoot her. Just kidding.


Someone give very precise instructions on how to upload a picture from my hard drive on the Windows 10 Desktop and I will do it.



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Re: Samsung 8 or 9 or whatever

Hello Bob - 


While we have no official information to share at the moment regarding any upcoming releases, history would suggest Samsung should be releasing a new Samsung Galaxy S and S edge device in March, while the Samsung Galaxy Note devices are released in September. 

Good luck with the chewing pup! 

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Re: Samsung 8 or 9 or whatever

If you are talking about the Galaxy Note8, the rumored release date is September 2017.  The Galaxy S8 is looking like April or May of 2017.

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Re: Samsung 8 or 9 or whatever

Ugh I do not want to wait that long!! I am like the kids these days. I can't wait for the new products to hurry up and get here, but want the lower pricing as I will not pay retail as one lump sum. Need the monthly payments.