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Phone Bloatware

I am currently looking to replace my old phone that is filled with Verizon crapware which is not only mining my personal data but bringing the phone to a slow annoying crawl with a new LG G6.  If I buy from Verizon they load it up with all their garbage.


If I get the phone through Best Buy, will it be free of the bloatware?  I know it will have the standard Google stuff, I am ok with that, I just don't want all this crap I don't need like sports and news feeds, games and other trial or privacy invading software.




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Re: Phone Bloatware

The unlocked will have less but you can remove and disable apps. There are also ways to freeze and remove apps but it is more difficult. Check out xda developers for info on those aspects.

Just remember to research thoroughly when you go the latter route. For example I have an s5 now that's running s7 edge software on it with no bloat and it's a verizon phone. The s8 will have similar options as people begin to develop for the phone.