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I just bought an unlocked phone

Hello, everyone!


I just bought an unlocked Huawei 6X from BestBuy. I have inserted my SIM card from my old phone into the new one I just bought. It will only let me make emergency calls. Do I have to do something else beyond just inserting the card into my phone? Do I have to call the company I have service with to notify them I bought a new phone?



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Re: I just bought an unlocked phone

Hello libradaocha,


Great choice with on the 6X! SIM cards are in my mind a bit like cell phone cords. They work across a wide variety of devices and are generally pretty reliable. The most common cases why a SIM card won’t work in a new phone can include:

  1. The contact points have become a bit worn or dirty over time
  2. Your SIM card may not compatible with the new devices network
  3. Even something as simple as the card not seating properly causes issues

In most cases you can visit your local carrier store and they will give you a replacement either for free or at very low cost. Calling the carrier shouldn’t be needed as they always remain activated as long as your account is in good standing. I hope this helps!



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