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How expensive is it to repair the camera on an iphone 5s?

So here is my situation. I recently found out that my Otterbox Defender casing is NOT waterproof.  Whenever there would be a heavy rain, water would get in under the casing's plastic screen.  I would then have to disassemble the casing and then dry off the inside of the plastic screen and the outside of the phone screen.  One time on the bus when I was on the bus during a heavy rain and went to open the casing to dry it off, I found that one side of the casing had already split open and that side of the phone casing itself was split open as well. So I talked to my carrier Verizon and said that I was thinking of buying a used iphone 5s on ebay to use as a temporary replacement until the current contract runs out or I am eligible for an upgrade. They said that was okay. So far, I keep getting outbid on the phones I bid on.  One order I had to cancel because I didn't realize until after I had already won the auction because I didn't carefully read the description before I bid that the phone was only semi functional. I just a second chance offer on a previous phone I had bid on and lost but when I reread the description, it said that the camera had issues. This is how it is described in the item listing.


- The phone works fine with one exception.  The outward facing camera and the flash doesn't seem to work, but the inward facing camera works fine.  At one point the camera started working again randomly, but then stopped again, so maybe it can be fixed.



I sent the seller a question about the camera but he hasn't responded yet.  Should I start bidding on another phone or should wait for the seller of the second chance offer phone to respond first?  Or should I just go ahead and accept the second chance offer and try to get the camera fixed? And if I do that, how expensive is it to fix the camera on an iphone 5s?

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Re: How expensive is it to repair the camera on an iphone 5s?

Hello MarySue1964 - 


It's discouraging to hear that your Otterbox phone case may not have been offering the protection you anticipated, and that ultimately you are in need of a new phone. While I'm glad to hear you're looking at many options, we would regrettably not be able to service the camera on the phone you are considering bidding on. Please know that we are only able to service phones through our Geek Squad Protection plans, which are sold with phones purchased from us. If you have any other questions, please let us know! 

Thank you, 

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Re: How expensive is it to repair the camera on an iphone 5s?

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One of my favorite websites is  They rate the iPhone 5s repair as moderate and can take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes.  Here are their instructions.


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Re: How expensive is it to repair the camera on an iphone 5s?

Thanks but that's beyond my skill set. And the offer on the phone I was considering has already expired. I'm still trying to get a used iphone 5s off of ebay but I keep getting outbid. I'm thinking of giving up on ebay and paying Asurion's deductible of $99 and let them send me a replacement phone.