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How does a hot spot work and can I add it to my ZTE smart phone?

I travel for business and need something that will allow me to access the internet in "dead" spots. I have a smart phone. Will a hotspot solve this problem?
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Re: How does a hot spot work and can I add it to my ZTE smart phone?

Hi there LauraJSmyser, 

A mobile hotspot is a great way for a non-cellular device, such as a laptop, to tap into your phone's data and connect to the internet. It's incredibly handy if you have cell service but no Wi-Fi available!


Some phones are capable of creating their own hotspots with a simple change of the settings. Generally, you just have to turn the hotspot on in your phone's settings, and you'll likely have an option to set up a password as well. Then, simply connect your device to your phone's hotspot like you would any other Wi-Fi. With that said, you should keep any data limits you may have in mind! 

If you wish to actually share the exact model of your phone, I would be happy to look further into your phone's capabilities. 


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