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Cell Phones Bought for International Use at Best Buy

Purchasing a phone is always exciting! If you travel a lot, you are also likely looking to ensure your devices work with an overseas carrier. With phones though, it can be a bit tricky due to network compatibility issues and devices being locked to particular carriers. Thus, phones don’t always work as anticipated in other countries. Below is some information you should keep in mind when shopping for a phone with Best Buy that you intend to use in another country.

Most cell phones fall under Best Buy’s 14 day Return & Exchange Promise regardless of your My Best Buy membership tier. Furthermore, many returns or exchanges for cell phones will incur a $35 restocking fee. Should you find the need to return a phone to Best Buy but are already outside of the United States, please know that we are unable to accept international return shipments. You would either need to personally return to the US to return the phone with a receipt, or ship it to a friend/family member in the US with the receipt to return on your behalf.


Please also keep in mind the information mentioned on our International Orders page applies to store purchases as well, including that we assume devices purchased with Best Buy will be used within the United States.


For information on unlocked and universal unlocked phones, check out our page here.

Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Unlocked iPhone 7Plus Activation

Hi, I purchased an unlocked iPhone 7P 128G jet black at the blackfriday night, and I used lycamobile SIM card when I was in US. But I came to China for a training program 2 days ago, my iPhone doesn't work with any Chinese carriers, can I ask why and how to fix it? Thank you.
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Unlock iPhone

Hi, I bought an iPhone 7P and it's unlocked inU.S. but not working with overseas carriers. For this problem, I just contacted with T-Mobile which the original carrier I found in my iPhone's setting for unlock it. BUT!!! They check the IMEI and told me my iPhone's IMEI doesn't in T-Mobile's database. Then I called Apple service line, they said yes my phone got T-Mobile network lock. All Apple and T-Mobile tell me to contact with the reseller, I got bestbuy receipt it also has IMEI on it, now what???
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Unlocked phone turned out ot be locked...!!!

I bought an Iphone 7 for my daugher and specifically asked for an UNLOCKED one as I live in Sweden. When I gave it as a present to my daughter we had an unpleasant surprise. The phone is NOT unlocked and is designed for AT&T. I called Apple and contacted Best Buy cusotmer services but no solution. Best Buy customer service does not answer my emails for 2 weeks now. I am very upset - more so my daughter is not happy at all. Why is it so difficult for Best Buy to get back to its customers and suggest a solution to a problem which is clearly a mistake made by the sales person at Best Buy?


I hope this forum will help me identify the wringht address to deal with my issues.

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Iphone 7 locked by T-Mobile

[ Edited ]

Dear Best Buy,


I bought an Iphone 7 in november(2016). At that time, I requested an iphone 7 unlocked in a Best Buy USA store. However, it is locked by T-Mobile as Apple told me when they check IMEI from this device. I contacted T-Mobile to unlock the devide as Apple's reccommendation. However, T-Mobile asked me account data, such as password, social security etc. When I answered that I have never used T-Mobile service, they told me that they can not cancel or unlock an account that doesn't exist. 


I am trying to use this mobile outside of USA. 


Hope you can support me. 


Best regards,

Fabricio {removed per forum guidelines}



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Unlocked Moto G4 does not work in India

I purchased an Unlocked Moto G4 for use in India.  Before purchase, i checked the frequencies provided by this phone and that of GSM providers in India and it seemed to match and should work. 


But after taking it there, it doesn't work with any GSM provider in India. I feel this is a defective product that is either locked or does not work with all the frequencies that it is advertised for.  This is highly disappointing as I did my research before making the purchase. 

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Unlock iphone

I was tourist in ;USA and I have bought iphone 7 plus as unlock one from best buy ;and i want to us it in my country but after i return to home it dosent work with my conutry simcard and it said the sim card is not supported and also it dosent work with At and t simcard and only works with tmobile simcard ,it seems that it is locked one ,w hat is the problem 
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Activation of Iphone 7

Hi my brother has bought for me Iphone 7 in US Bestbuy shop. He paid full prise for it but now Im unable to make calls from it because there is a problem with Russian operatior SIM reading. I guess it might be locked. 

What should I do to unlock it?

I have a bill and Iphone information (IMEI serial and etc.)