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ATT/BB Early Upgrade Price Difference?

My Iphone4 was stolen last night. I checked ATT and I can get the early upgrade for $399 *16GB. I then logged into BB and used their upgrade checker and it said I was eligible for the early upgrade discount but the price is only $199...I went through all of the steps up to actually putting in my CC# for payment to make sure the price never changed.


So here's my the BB upgrade eligibility checker accurate, or is this just a mistake that will be caught when I go into the store to pickup my phone (considering I place the order online). I just do not want any surprises, but also want the cheaper price.


Also, I have only had ATT for 3 months (2 yr contract) so I am no where close to an upgrade deal anyway. 



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Re: ATT/BB Early Upgrade Price Difference?

The normal upgrade price of the 16GB iPhone 4 is $199.99, but doing an Early Upgrade tacks $200 onto that price. So the price will be $399.99 plus tax on the full price of the phone.

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